Need ,111 To Purchase Minivan

Need $2,111 To Purchase Minivan

I already got $886 saved up….

So all I need based on my calculations is $2,111 to bring the round total up to $3,000 (the price of the minivan) to purchase it…..

You can go to my paypal here (let me know if you have any issues)….

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I can’t WAIT to get out this fucking car. In additional to physical issues it has spiritual issues that is behind the cause of the physical issues as expounded on here…..

I Gotta Get Rid of This Car

One thing I wanna note is, in addition to weird things like the window not rolling down while searching for a new minivan – this car starts to go slow and act like it’s gonna croak when I don’t drink then, if I do give into the drinking urge, it revvs up like new!

It’s got bad shit attached to it so I wanna get rid of it! I don’t even want any money for it. Just exchange it if possible for a well working minivan! ASAP!

JUST NOW this sign in thing just POPPED UP as I was writing in the link to my paypal which never happens as I am already signed in…..

Told you all this car is evil and got bad shit on it! It’s like it doesn’t wanna let me go…..


I got the king of swords the beelzebub card popping up as the cause of it…..

As evidenced by these cards here that also mysteriously “stuck out”…..

Thay basturd is already severely wounded (he is the “I’m hungry” demon I spoke about). When I get the minivan that demon basturd who has tormented me for years will be even more severely wounded…..

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