Cr1tikal aka Penguinz0 of Youtube Gets Beelzebub Cockroach ‘Woke For Posting My Hello Sexual Harassment Video

Cr1tikal aka Penguinz0 of Youtube Gets Beelzebub Cockroach ‘Woke For Posting My Hello Sexual Harassment Video

LOOOL ✊? ‘Woke


As I said here…..

White Punks Pissed Cause I Am Not A Bedwench to Homeless White Cluckerbeast

Wide folks need to (and gotta learn) to stay in their uppity, arrogant, wide entitlement, wide privilege, self righteous lane.

If you don’t wanna learn, you mess with the right one.

He messed with the wrong one posting this and now he is doomed to spending all eternity in a pit full of insects crawling all over him when he dies….. cause he fucked with me!

Now you experiencing this…..

And this…..

And looka the subliminal…. peep the demon face in this recommended video I got when looking up his cockroach issue (?=?=?)

Shoulda left me well enough alone but you and a bunch of other arrogant crakkkas like “Mr” Technical Difficult, who doesn’t appear to be doing so well (mofo was forced to flee to omegele and none of his channels have grown ? ✊? ‘woke):

….I also notice he took that “hello” vid he stole from me down ?

I remember when I first put ‘woke on him: I was thinking of going after his chile…..

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️?????? lol…. to this whigger Garrett fool…..

Don’t come on my platforms with this shit before I snatch your soul up like I did that lil half crakkka kid, too.

With that being said, this is a reminder to stay in your lane and leave people alone and mind your own fucking business. Now you’re facing – if you can get out of it ??? – an eternity in a underworld realm where you are gonna have roaches – something you hideously fear – crawling all over and in you for all eternity cause you fucked with the wrong one (I don’t forgive).

To all those thinking of doing his dumb shit, please read this before you do:

And to the dumbasses who stepped against me (who I put ‘woke on) – good luck, you’re gonna need it ?? LOL ?????????

Here me laughing at a mofo’s face for his ma for dying at the hands of my ‘woke the next day after I cursed him for not giving me a jump then celebrating ??????✨???? afterwards…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

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