Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

Turns out he is an “actor” named Toby Bronson and also goes by Toby Brownstone:

The Asshole Who Shot At Me Is A Hellyweird Child Sacrificing Actor Named Toby Bronson

This is why I am militant against men:

I have been raped, stabbed…..

And still I stand strong and stand my ground.

You will not come around here treating me like I am a fucking piece of meat, gawking at me, staring at me like I ain’t shit, like I am supposed to be objectified cause of how you perceive me!

You will not do that shit with me. Imma make you feel bad at best and fuck up your life and afterlife with ‘woke after and fuck you up with fists and perhaps my 25lbs dumbbell if need be.

You will not take advantage of me.

Imma tell you all how the shit started…. I peeped this mofo parking along here and then backing up so he could be near my car.

I then told him to reverse back that shit and this Harvey Weinstein looking ole fake jew khazar mofo…..

Here his license plate…..

Then went back further up in the direction he came. Sensing he was gonna probably do some dumb peeking shit – I am never wrong – I approach the vehicle and proceed to dominate his ass and make him feel how he tried to make me feel…..

He then throws pebbles, dust in my face, to which I proceed to throw a rock in his – then he takes off then comes back around, does a u turn and pulls out a gun – looks like a Barretta – and proceeds to shot at me.

Heaux I ain’t phased.

I think he a cop cause as you can hear here in the first around 2 mins he pulls out a badge thinking that will intimidate me (how many females living on the periphery, esp those who are not here legally he did this too?)……

NOTE how when I say call the cops note how he kinda just lingers his head and facial expressions as if to say “I am the cops.” That badge was a security badge tho. I sense he works for CHP!

Also when you watch it listen to how he says that he is “tired of my shit” meaning he some punk ass Malibu local who is familiar with me and proceeded to pick a fight with me but got the wrong one cause I’ll get ya ⚔??

He also had a nigger who was around when this all happened who proceeded to cape for him to the police by saying “She always harasssing people” who I later proceeded to ‘woke of which you can see the effects here…….

Here THAT NIGGER’S license plate…..

And here the cops come…..

That CHP dude was nice (and cute, no offense) but I knew when the sheriffs took over they won’t do shit so I got both them heauxz a different way ⚔??

Hear my thoughts on all this shit:

This is why I hate men and can’t stand and enjoy sadistically pimping and humiliating those who dare come up to me romantically…..

I mean listen to what this trick says how I shoulda reacted (I only called him cause my fucking radiator hose blew up – I think my head gasket fucked up cause I saw smoke coming from the engine ??‍♀️ and I needed a new one and someone to pick it up since I can’t drive)….

This why I don’t fuck with ya’ll, period. I couldn’t. I couldn’t deal with the shit like what this beautiful older latina was telling me some ole crakkka did to her the other day – threw her out and took off with a child of 17. I can’t deal with that shit. I will not deal with a man’s bullshit which is why I proceed to stay single and, as Missy Misdemeanor Elliot said, have that No Man Glow:

Missy Misdemeanor Ellitot No Man GLOW Proves Men Are NATURAL Energy Vampires

I deal in the spirit world. That is my life for better or for worse. I don’t want your stinky dick or you coming up to me with that stinky ass dick – as my ma would say – which is why with hellbent fury and determination I am quick to metaphorically (and if need be physically) cut that dick off ⚔?) by running your ass up the street and fucking your ass up enough to where psychologically you’ll be fearful to approach another female.

I go Monster like Charlize Theron in my favorite pic about the serial killer ex-prostitute, like me, Aileen Wuornos, who proceeds to kill off men and do females on this planet a favour by ridding us of them:

I am mean like a mofo for a reason. Again, I am a spiritualist and can tap into the universal consciousness of any and every group and the consciousness I get from them, and I talked on it here:

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

It is womb envy. They know the true Creators are women but they fear that. They innately fear their mothers cause they know females got power over life and death as Creators. They know this. They fear it and seek to dominate us to falsely deceive themselves into erasing that fact from their mind.

This is why I don’t deal with em – or anyone really – period lest on a strictly platonic basis and the ones around me are respectful of my individuality and right to sovereignity.

They treat me as a human being, have the consciousness to see me as thus and not as a piece of meat whose individuality, personality needs to be chopped up so they can have their way with me on my terms…..

This is the basis of thinking for the vast majority of men. This is how many of em see women which is why I am glad I have a bent towards keeping mofos away from me and out my shit!

As Baba Bobby Hemmitt broke:

Low key these dudes fear (and envy) but want the Divine Feminine energy of true raw strenght and power from true strong females like me ?? and seek to dominate and conquer us to “tame” us – really to neuter our egos and personalities so as to build up their innately fragile male ego (which like a predator thrives on someone having to be weak – in this case women, females) to build themselves.

You will leave me the fuck alone. That’s why knowing this I attack any dude – I honest don’t give a fuck about color – who approaches me on a sexual, amorous, romantic basis.

You will leave me the fuck alone and keep me out of that.

I am full fleshed human being with thoughts, feelings and emotions and not a fucking prop to exist for your male ego.

Fuck that and so many females give up their power for that. I honest find it sickening. They be the same jealous “pick me” bitches ??‍♀️ who be like, “I could never get raped cause I ain’t loose like that girl.” I can’t stand that fucking way of thinking – as if by you primping yourself up as being morally superior then the next womban that makes you better in your male prison guard’s eyes (I say prison guard cause as I said here they are some extension of the matrix as the patriarchy is meant to carry out the intentions of the demiurge, who he himself hates women). Bitch, women like you get raped, nuns…..

Fuck outta here!

Now the fucked up thing is low self esteem ass dudes are “attracted” to me – really they are fucking energy vampires – who see that I am very strong and independent and strong minded and they “gotta” conquer and be in my world…..

Just this past weekend that had some wetback asshole in an orange mustang with I think black or blue stripes proceed to harass me while I was sleeping in my minivan and threaten and say that “He’ll fuck me up if I go past his vehicle” after he took pics of me in an apparent attempt to taunt and intimidate me. I proceed to walk past his vehicle and then in a punk voice he proceeds to say he calling the police, but before he was loud and I peeped he lowered his voice when I said, “You fucking with me cause you can’t have me.”

I can’t tell ya how many fucking times I have come across dudes who will insist I need a man, saying “Alpha females need an alpha male” – tf, trying to sell themselves to me thinking I’ll sell myself short (I am priceless) by being with them! I have heard from lesbians insisting that, and then getting pissed off wheb the lady lets them know even amicably (this why you gotta get militant ???? with these fuckers) when they aren’t dissuaded!

This is why I can’t stand men and ya’ll mofos need to learn: stop seeing women as pieces of fucking meat and conquests for your agenda, props for your ego. Fuck that whole we your ma’s, sisters shit – we are feeling, thinking human beings – just like you and we gotta right to that – just like you!

The world is fucked up cause ya’ll run it. Alex Jones talks all that shit of “They putting estrogen in the water to change men” and I am happy they are doing it ??

Planet, Mother Earth has had enough of toxic masculinity. Look at what toxic masculinity – and men ruling shit – has wrought:

Wars, all that shit started by men! Ya’ll are the fucking problem, the parasite – just like fetuses – on Mother Earth! Yesterday when I was in the confrontation with that lil high proper talking white nigger who wanted to fight, the possessed knee-grow who proceeded to help was lecherously trying to take advantage, slid the top of his hand on my booty and wax fucking sexual shit to me.


That’s ya’ll fucking problem is ya’ll fucking attitudes: with how ya’ll see women, nature, Mother Earth! Ya’ll are the fucking problem. Ya’ll see everything as a prop for ya’ll egos – the man created buy-bull, minted by the misogynistic Romans at the Council of Nicea – says that animals are here for our sustenance. Men’s fucking outlook on everything is fucking predatory and you all wonder why even your own call you all predators and revel in it:

This is sad!

As a side note – about these Malibu mofos – that part where he says, “We tired of your bullshit.” See, when I first came out here – my old neighborhood was nice – these mofos – this the same place where that young lady Mitrice Richardson went missing and turned up dead a year later:

The case was already solved by a young latina and an older black lady which I break right here:

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

They even tried to falsely pin the murder on a real nice older homeless white dude here…..

Let me tell you about you crakkkas around here and esp. with how you all perceive black people! I hate white folks mainly in part cause they got this “manifest destiny” mentality where they feel they gotta conquer – and understand – everything and have it make sense for them instead of just letting shit be! They can’t jut leave well enough alone and coexist with things and people and just let shit be! They gotta mould it, conquer it – it’s an insecurity derived from the fact that they are genetically the weakest link in the human gene pool and they know their weak genetic recessive defective asses can be wiped out in a NY sec.

Dr Francis Cress Welsing touched on this – she called it “fear of white genetic annhilation” in her book “The Isis Papers” broke this down.

Ya’ll are another group Mother Nature, Earth is tired of! Ya’ll gotta go around and label everything, “understand” everything through conquering and subjugation with your insecure witch ??‍♀️ is why you all are rightfully dying the fuck out and I’m happy ??

That said ya’ll dumb mofos – I could tell cause I have seen it in astral visions – treat the local homeless blacks, most of whom are real shucking and jiving uncle toms like this methed out fool here…..

It’s sad…..

They treat the local homeless blacks like fools, like children which reminds me of the convo between the two rich dudes in that Dan Akroyd film, “Trading Places”:

That said, I sense this witch ??‍♀️ is why I am openly hostile towards em and have put a series of ‘wokes on their asses, setting they shit on fire, cursing em ?????

Fuck I Got Pyrokinesis: Malibu Gets Fyre Fest ‘Woke After I Thought It

I Told Ya’ll In Malibu I Was Gonna Woolsey Fyre Fest 2.0 Dat Azz

Damn I even predicted it…..

Damn I am good ??????

I admit tho I do dumb shit – it’s usually because I am under some type of spiritual possession – ya’ll can’t pull that shit with me like ya’ll do with those tom’s cause, unlike them, I am fucking smart, a loner who doesn’t like to be bothered, and a mean mofo who asserts her power and demands and commands respect.

It fucks with you crakkkas who, like you nasty projecting mofos did with my slave ancestors, can’t take advantage of me like you all do those dumb ass mofos. It drives you mofos psychotically insane ?? cause you all are too fucking stupid – due to lacking my level of consciousness – to understand me! This drives you all where you all feel like “We gotta run you out.”

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

See, I am not stupid. That’s why as per usual I didn’t throw shit at his car to run him off and only threw a rock at him when he threw shit at me (wish I had a bigger fucking rock). It’s a domination thing with ya’ll – again I keep seeing the theme of domination popping up with mofos harassing me, fucking with me.

Ya’ll tactics don’t work on me. I am not driven by any material desires, desires for popularity or to be liked ??

I wanna be left the fuck alone and most of all respected! I am big on fucking respect and I won’t change who I am to acquire it. I’ll demand it and you will give it to me!

I sense this mofo is some type of cop. As I learned via working on the Mitrice Richardson case many local firefighters, police live up there in Malibu. That being said, this is OBVIOUSLY a mofo who is familiar with me, and, like a straight fucking rapist….. my friend predicted this shit via an astral vision he had:

Was looking to start shit to dominate and “assert” his genetic recessive defective limited no testosterone having ass…..

He was saying he won’t hit a girl (while throwing pebbles in my face and fleeing) cause that crakkka knew I’d whip his white honkkkey ass and I ain’t afraid of shit…..

And decided – as all crakkkas do, always, like in the case of Breonna Taylor – hide behind a gun to take me out.

I bring up Mitrice Richardson cause as much as these peckerwoods want to they can’t turn me into a Mitrice Richardson and if ya’ll succeed – I’ll haunt TF out your asses, bring all sorts of wildfires, havoc to your fucking asses and curse ya’ll so all of you end up in hell!

That said these weak ass beta males in a psychopathic desire to wanna control resort to violence and all that like your lil weak ass punches are gonna phase me. Bitch I got something worse for your asses….. ⚔??

Hope that crakkka, and nigger (and all the honkkkies in Malibu enjoy dat ✊? ‘woke). Imma keep pimping you mofos now you WILL leave me the fuck alone and stay away from me a

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