Should I Assimilate With My Reptilian Demon Or Nah

Should I Assimilate With My Reptilian Demon Or Nah

I am cursed and truly confused……




After some events that took place today – I feel that that demon that is trying to become my soulpiece, that reptilian, may not be a bad idea to assimilate within me.

See, in my past lives I have been raped, killed for reporting it (which is what spawned inner self destructive feelings and thus demons which I have eliminated from within me).

I like the respect – and fear – I won’t lie – that I commanded during my satanic period; tapping into that inner depth of hatred, moroseness, and no longer feeling powerless but being fearless.

I don’t care for being accepted, periodt ?? I wanna rule. Even if it means thru fear coming from the wrong people who should not be around me.

I have heard from a latina how a young Mexican lady finally commanded respect by working with dark arts, which yields entity attachments – as all magickal practices do.

Before folks bullied me, fucked with me – esp. sexual predators…. but now they see what I am capable of (‘woke ✊?)……

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

….Don’t worry, I have fucked up niggers (predominantly) and crakkkas too.

Don’t worry.

As I said before – those with Souls like me are God: I am both Satan and God! They are within me. I am duality.

That is why when I put ‘woke like a God mofos come under my purview – I sense their movements, their thoughts. They, like mindless zombies, come under my control as explained here:

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

I am God.

That said, I know I have a power coming from something that is within. It is just knowing what to do with it, control it that is the problem.

***Imma fight this shit off cause it is an etheric parasite meant to throw me off my true life path towards teaching healing and ascension by not focusing too much on demiurge aka material realm events***

I dunno.

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