John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

I have been saying it over….

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

and over…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

And over ad nauseum…..

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

This man’s book here…..

Confirms it…..

– The Mayans are who the wetbacks derive from…..

I am never wrong. That is why I don’t back down from shit. With my heightened level of consciousness – hence why evil entities be on my ass – you can’t tell me shit cause I have that ability to tap into collective consciousnesses which only confirms what I intuit to be right!

Recently, not too long ago…. Remember this incident here:

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

Alright – I will admit that I hate how I came at them in my drunken state, which is whynI been trying to fight those alcohol urges – but that was overboard what they did and note how they are quick to put hands on black women (it is due to innate disdain for us being true humans, unlike them, hence why we got humanity in us, unlike them, which I have expounded on numerous times in my blog). That said look at how they treat an equally but physically belligerent white girl here and you wonder why I hate wetbacks (I don’t care for crakkkas either cause of their superiority complex but as explained here there is a human basis for their fear of blacks whereas wetbacks are pure sadists due to their demonic reptilian origin).

That said, recently – while deep in the throes of my rejection of alcohol so as to not feed the awful entities that possessed me and lead me to that, into danger – I came across the gangmembers belonging to that same group – they the 99 Crips – with the fat wetback beaner bag bitch (cause she built like one) and the others saying nigger, taunting me. I came out to say my peace – stood stalwart – and they started approaching me like you would a man in a very threatening manner saying, “What you say” and I let them know I heard what they said. Then they started impressing that we are all the same – black and brown – again in a threatening manner. No tf we are not ??‍???‍? =/= ??

And as always – cause they lust after black women but wanna treat us as men, forcing us to act stereorypically as men as a defense mechanism – one started hitting on me, sexually harassing me, insistently offering me $10 for a beer, which I promptly turned down!

I saw him one night in the same jeep used to run over my phone crying, with his brother, after I wrote about this a lil bit cause they saw it as a form of rejection ??

At one point I believe it may have been him subbed to my channel!

That being said, I can’t stand those mofos. They have a collective sociopathic, psychopathic personality/energy that seems to percolate amongst the vast majority. While arguing with the gangmember – what kills me is he said, “See, we nice, we ain’t hit you” is he starts going on about how blacks attack elote ILLEGAL vendors but won’t address a real issue like the deliberate genocidal annhilation of blacks that has long been systematically going on by wetback gangs…..

And looka these wetbacks smiling…..

That is what I call psychopathic arrogance – the belief in which you think you got the right to do unto others as you would not want others to do to you. That is the mentality of the vast majority of wetbacks……

Case in point…..

Looka what the Border Patrol STAYS protecting US from…..


That part ????

That being said, you have no idea how proud I am when I heard or as we say in the N.O. (New Orleans) “ya hurd” how my hometown New Orleans stood up against the brown (shit) invasion:

YEEEAH NEW ORLEANS STOOD UP: Deport That Wetback Back To Hell With Some New Orleans Voodoo

We also ran their gangs tf out ??????

Lol @ the border hopping comment ??

As I said here…..

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

Shoulda said animalistic as satanic denotes intelligence….

An ANIMALISTICALLY DEMONIC avaraciousness towards sex that is unbridled and unprecedented….. just view the proof:

That being said, every morning when I wake up next to this food truck with it’s ole wetback “patrons” talking about “We oughta break in and get her” etc etc. ad nauseum for the past coupla days (things got better as I healed dramatically for those 5 weeks due to my cutting off their energy supply due to the healing and started back up when the drinking urges got me again – I know the entity causing it – which is why I gotta defeat this shit once and for all before it ruins my life). That said I overheard these two mofos here plotting something by my car, throwing lil peebles to see if I am up – next to my minivan.

Here is their license plate:

Here is what I did (I don’t play just like we do in my hometown of N.O.):


You can hear this nasty demonic degenerate wetback get pissed, call me the n word, cause I done foiled their plot.

You don’t play that sick shit with me!

One thing I CAN’T STAND is when they talk of black people, esp. black women as being “loose” and degenerate like them! As me and a brother said the other night – they’ll fuck any and all holes such as when a white man told me of how brown beaner bags wolf whistled at him and a group of blonde male surfers……

Looka this. The youngest girl ever to get pregnant was a 2 year old child named Lina Medina, a wed-buck:

Even the nurse like wtf!

That ain’t a black child; that’s a wetback!

Let that sink!

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