This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

This shit kicks me in the ass everytime….

I ain’t proud of this shit but I feel it is important for those with eyes to see (spiritually) how this shit works….

I can’t stand this mofo here. A month ago while I was chilling this mofo came around with his nasty fucking ass to self to hang and talk with me and I saw how black his eyes are now….. he literally lost his soul….

Damn… I am just noticing that red light on my right nipple. This shit…. I tell ya the spirit world be showing me shit…. red ain’t good and I sense it’s an entity that is there that takes control when I am in a lowered state to be taken over…..

See, this why I gotta solve these issues. A while back I put ‘woke on him but what happens is the reptilians will fucking take over the ‘woke without my consent and then slowly eat at the person’s soul (I saw a t rex looking reptilian and numerous others living in him via my third eye and then use them to do fucked up traumatizing things to others.

He’s like Joe Biden. This mofo a sexual predator that lookings touching on women who aren’t in their right state of mind and will project the blame on YOU like you did something wrong.

The other day for instance when I was chilling with him and as I walked out of that thing he got he put his finger in my vagina area while I had my jacket and shit on and I believe he did it the other day when I was straight naked (again, Imma explain how possession worked on me so you can see I wasn’t in control and this shit isn’t no regular shit I am dealing with) so I kicked his ass……

Mofo had the nerve to grab me by the hair and he knew he did something wrong by “playfully” balling his fist up and assuming a fighting stance which he didn’t do when I was chilling with him the other days before (when he didn’t do anything).

I hate mofos who get upset and indignant whe. you call em out. It’s the sign of a bully who is predatory and sees you as weak and that it’s your place to be weak!

I even caught him looking at a lil hispanic girl who coulda been no more then 9 or 11 the time I was posted further into Malibu during that corona virus parking shit (when I had to move from my regular area).

That being said the thing with these reps is they’ll keep me from fucking up people like him cause, as with them, they already have a low vibratory predatory state (he drinks excessively and his drug of choice was once beer but ever since the reps got him it is hard liquor which he buys by a fucking TON like the huge water jug types of liquor jugs like vodka and whiskey – the same shit the reptilians induced in me to have a predilection for). So they keep them around – and keep me from killing they ass – so they can remove their original soul (and have it sent to hell) while they use their bodies as vehicles to do the awful fucked up things to folks – even worse – which is why I can’t go after the rapist or kill these mofos and take em off the Earth as they should be.

This dude’s energy so bad it brought a car wreck when he first came around – I saw the same phenomenon on 6th and Hauser when I first moved their due to a demonic portal being there (the number 6 ain’t good cause it bounds you to the material realm aka the realm of the demiurge which is why I need to change my license plate cause it got all them fucking 6’s and I knew a guy in a similar predicament with three 6’s on his license plate).

Say, looka this shit here…. look at the word count as I wrote this:

The shit I’m dealing with – spiritual baths won’t help:

I ain’t the only one…..

The other night when I went into the astral – I was back in my old childhood home – in the closet (where I feared monsters dwelled as a kid). I had a plethora of shoes and I was getting ready for school. As I was getting ready (cause I could not find the right appropriate shoes for school since I dressed in uniform), I noticed a black silk sheet placed over two red candle that was burning and sorta formed like a cross with a meth crystal rock at the top, a dead yellow bird next to it, a sorta disk at the top of those candles and two black candles near em.

The sense I got was that was from my practicing satanism as a kid (I did NOT use candles as a kid – just sigils).

I blew em out! Now, the only time I have seen a yellow bird was when a hispanic spirit worker who works under Santa Muerte in MacArthur Park released a yellow bird to free a young hispanic girl who worked at Walmart who was either already dead or this mighta been her astral body which was trapped in some sick gameshow style obstacle course by a trio of white folks practicing voodoo (I saw her scene repeatedly for a while).

That said after a particularly bad drinking bout I by SHEER ACCIDENT saw this skeleton entity with a wide brimmed hat that took the form of Baron Samedi then that Mexican skeleton La Calva Catrina something waltzing down a road, merrily singing to itself!

I took the opportunity to tell my third eye and call on the Source energy to obliterate it’s ass and I fucked up the skull (not the rest of the body) and – to show you this is spiritual – I FELT SOMETHING LEAVE THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY SKULL!!!!

I been saying for the longest that I was possessed on that side. LAPD Wilshire officers said that too after I had started repracticing satanism after being forced back into it by reptilians who put a tight tight stranglehold on my money during the time I was in my spiritual nasciency and did not know how to fight they asses yet…..

Battling Possession On The Right Side And Healing The Throat Chakra

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

Contrary to what organic portals (who they themselves are being possessed by evil demiurge matrix spirits) say possession is VERY common and we all have it in the form of implants and entity attachments installed into our physical bodies at birth – esp. for us Soulled individuals – to keep us from coming into our Spiritual powers and thus escaping the demiurge material 3D hell realm!

When Soulled people start to become spiritually awakened these programs become activated in the form of insane ass addictions that just pull you under and many spiritualists like this lady here who I can tell is being hounded by this shit:

This kid here talks of how the demiurge’s archons namely reptilians been fucking with him THE MINUTE he became spiritual:

Many spiritualists won’t admit this shit cause they wanna be fake ass gurus but I personally feel it is important to announce it cause if you are a Soulled human being you will have to fight this shit as part of your spiritual awakening!

This ain’t what stupidass white people say about your shadow self these are real fucking entities that want to induce you to basically kill your fucking self so you won’t be a threat to the matrix system and awaken other Soulled beings by you becoming more awakened and realizing what is going on.

They attack those like myself – like they did HEY-zeus aka popularly known as “Jesus” whose story was a pormenteau of numerous spiritual teachers like Guatma (also popularly known as Buddha), Krishna who taught spiritual liberation via the opening of your chakras. The story of HEY-Zeus was stolen from the spiritual teacher Yashua Ben Pendira.

Now, in my case it was this elusive skeletal entity (when I’d ask my third eye to show me the mofo causing the urges it would show me every and anything but them) that is a trickster entity who has shown me that he shapeshifts and will never leave me – like it is powerfully attached:

– It shapeshifted from Baron into her at that one point…..

Then a roach, etc.

It has the same wiley insane movements and corny ass laugh like Spinal from Killer Instinct:

That said, as I saw in the astral one time – during the start of my spiritual journey as a reptilian posing as a Vietnamese past life uncle took my hand and we astral projected to a series of mansions where powerful and wealthy people were shaking hands with a skeletal figure – skeleton entities are some type of matrix agent demons who hold the power to material access to wealth etc. That’s why they are known as crossroads spirits and demons who folks make deals with for wealth and fame!

That said, back in 2014 when I first started my spiritual journey and I started exposing reptilians (they don’t like that shit) the reps started fucking with my money in a baaad fucking way that made it extremely difficult to fight them off (cause I didn’t know how at the time). Frantically need to do something spiritually to get my money up I started fucking with mirror magic and then, using that, what I conjecture is satanism in which I called on a variety of so called “gods” like baron, I saw an Egyptian pharaoh man bathed in a blue light (I sensed he mighta been evil), satan (which was a red dragon) to help…..

Via the mirror I saw a skeletal entity standing over me with it’s hands on my shoulders as if to say, “I got you.”

That said it musta been during a ritual to retrieve a missing soul piece (seeing they got my money up) I believe is when the skeleton came in, pretending to be that missing soul piece.

For the longest I could literally feel something that I knew was not me, attached inside my body on the right side which could not wholly take me over but at least my right half.

I could feel it manipulating me by pretending to be my intuition while controlling the right side of my body which controls urges and impulses.

That’s why I say it was not me doing certain shit while under it’s influence cause it was in me – another spiritually inclined man saw the same thing and said how can I or anyone fight it cause it’s influence was too strong!

When I would resist the urges – it was hardest to do this while in L.A. city – my eyes would roll back in my head. If I tried to sleep it off, I would wake up with headaches and feeling dead (which being disconnected to the right side does to you) while the craving caused by this fucking skeleton would still be there and would not evanesce till I caved in.

For those who did not believe me like this hispanic gentleman who gave me a “good luck charm” to ward it off – next time I saw him he was wobbling like he was not in control of his own body cause he was being possessed. It was doing something where if someone gave me something and visa versa whatever entities, energies you got would spread to me and visa versa. It was near impossible to fight.

And it’s not a battle most ordinary are prepared to fight. I can send that shit your way and I know your shit would be fucked up worse then mine.

It fucked up my teeth (namely on the right side), influenced my mind to where if IN MY HEART I really wanted to meditate I would have these crazy urges usually arising on the right side, tormenting me to focus on some 3D shit like wanting to eat or drink, etc. – anything that took my mind off of spiritual pursuits and when I would try to tell myself this is illogical to want to drink or eat unnecessarily (no I was not hungry when that shit would arise) that shit on the right would block my rationalizing OUT like I could not even think my own fucking thoughts cause it would block the shit out.

As of right now whatever it is moved to my back (I don’t know if it is the skeletal entity cause I felt it’s head CRACK when I took it’s skull out). When the shaman went into my underworld and saw him, she said she saw the skeletal entity with a liquor bottle in it’s hand while holding on to something that brought me protection – hence why my luck for the longest was shit. She also said he was extremely tricky and deceptive.

It is EXTREMELY hard to fight this shit cause they are elusive. Everytime I use my third eye to show me what is latching to my back, what’s doing this etc. I will use my third eye to dismantle it and while sometimes I will feel a marked difference it won’t make a dent.

I usually see like fucking hordes of reptilians attacking me and tho I will close the portals from whence they come they still attack. I have had one recently say it will follow me and that it is hungry meaning a hungry ghosts like an intranquil spirit (wait they the same) that harasses the living to vicariously “live” thru them by using them to feed addictions since they no longer have a body! I’ve seen the intranquil spirits of souls coming at me – I think they from folks I ‘woked but, it seems that shadow people take on their form and pretend to be em so I dunno wtf is going on. It just seems I can’t get to the source of all this shit and why I am being attacked. It is fucking elusive getting to the heart of the problem and they deliberately do that knowing I am smart enough to figure shit out!

I think I found one solution: since these things are interdimensional, use simple visualization to ward em off (just did it now) then use your third eye to remove it’s energy signature since, being they are higher dimensional an aspect of themselves will linger as a book placement to keep it anchored since – let me drop some science – in the 4D the reason why you will see young, old versions of a dead person is because you are all that you ever were in one timeline since the 4D is not bound by time and space and then you are all that you ever were which includes different parallel worlds as you go up so a piece of that entity can still linger.

Also to you fucking idiots who just think I drink cause of some normal norp shit like to escape pain and shit – let me tell you stupid bitches something: THESE URGES DID NOT START TILL I GOT BACK INTO SATANISM AND DID THE RITUAL TO GET THAT MISSING SOUL PIECE IN 2015. Before then I was a social drinker and, if I got a desire to drink, I was able to easily suppress it with logic by telling myself, “You don’t want to go down the alcoholic path.” When I started staying home more I would drink EVERY BLUE MOON and do dumb shit (but not like now) and have the bottle FOREVER! These cravings are the result of my having a possessing spirit in me that wants me to feed it so, if you don’t believe me I can send this shit your fucking way so you’ll have to go through what I go through and then you will be forced to empathize….

I KNOW many folks who fuck with AA and got cravings got bad spirits on em making them drink to excess. No matter how they started and why when you got cravings, that is a bad spirit making you feed it. In voodoo they call it feeding the spirits! That’s why that shit don’t help and the cravings are still there cause you gotta get to the root of the problem.

I have known folks with sex addictions, all sorts. Should we stop having sex period due to having, hell, suffering from pernicious urges designed to make you wanna have sex? This is what also goes thru my mind when the cravings for alcohol activate. It is like – here’s my theory – the reps envy us because due to us having human bodies we can partake in the pleasures of the flesh and the full palette of human emotions which they wish they had. There is a theory going around that the reptilians are actually the djinn of the Quran who got rejected by Allah aka god the demiurge (another name for him) and casted into a dimension known as Qaf when humans became the favoured creation of his. It is believed the djinn have yellow eyes with lizard slits as reptilians have:

My eyes have appeared like that…

That’s djinn possession…..

So as the Quran says they go outta their way to fuck with and destroy humans and get esp. those like myself with powerful Soul purposes to seemingly “self destruct” via non spiritual eyes and get us to do stupid shit and compromise our integrity but having us “fail” or contradict ourselves….

This a thought!

They attack what we already like to do and increase the desire for it ten fold to royally fuck us up and make us a slave to shit that can help us escape or make you happy as anything can be turned into an addiction and the reason why we hate it is cause addiction causes loss of control and makes you a slave to shit! They also induce you to feel guilty when you give in to further torment you. Colton Wood for instance drunk alot but never regretted it but when I ‘woked someone on his behalf (again the reps come and fuck shit up alone with that skeletal entity) he felt guilty. Looka his latest post:

Read the comment he posted along with it. Tell me this ain’t spiritual warfare!

And don’t get me started on the fucking synchronicities these things start. For instance I may say something on Youtube or here then, when the urge hits, do something to contradict myself while under that tight ass influence like fucking Mexicans or running to that old man who is under – fuck – a rep soul is now in his body. Going back to what I said about how folks energies can affect me if I drink from him it enables and activates that evil shit in me and allows for reptilian possession via proxy. When he first came around to visit that day as I sat in my car I didn’t wanna touch him cause of the shit he got on him. He smelled bad, was dirty. Place dirty. He wasn’t like that before. I felt sorry for him and wanted to do a soul retrieval but then remembering why I ‘woked him (he a racist sexually predatory douche, talking about how he worked for his money while trying to insinuate I am on welfare cause I am black – fucking meathhead) let them fucking reptilians have that soul and may they torment him in the next (after)life. When he was around – cause of that reptilian shit on him – there was a car accident, I think the mofo who stabbed me was parked behind me in a red truck, honking his horn (I think I heard him in the ether telling some entities based on what I saw, “Bitch, get out!”), another wetbuck couple in, again, a RED ole raggedy ass range rover something honking they horn, some wetbucks in a red mustang honking they horn – notice I keep peeping red in all these incidents. As soon as he left they left….

There was two dudes trying to fuck me while he was here – one a Mexican (who ole dude ran off, calling him fat boy) in a black car and a cute Italian in a white car who was high on meth I guess and he wore – guess what – a shirt with a t rex dinosaur on it. The reptilians sent him and they love meth. Looka all this crazy shit….. Ya’ll gotta watch them tapes above…..

– I fucked an El Salvadorean (not from his alcohol tho. – my own and my energy is strong) – hope I ain’t pregnant cause I’m aborting…..

Honest some of that shit funny lol! He honest got a funny playful energy but them reps brought dark shit to him, not that he was already not a pos honest!

They got me stinking via phantom smells to technologically impose on you. 2Circles breaks it down:

Right now due to my throat chakra being unhealed I have experienced the thing with tentacles being sewn into critical chakra points – they esp. fuck with the throat and if I say a truth – tho they can’t stop me – I’ll feel a “yanking back” or a block right there:

It seems that as I work on my throat chakra (which really needs healing and I feel is the bane of why these mofos can attach) it’s been getting worse! This ain’t no simple shit. This ain’t a regular curse. I will say that numerology can help. 22 is a powerful number. Put it where it matters!

These things hit the most powerful and they hit me hardest when I am on the right path. Imma go and meditate on this throat chakra (I can feel the entity attached to the back of my neck as I merely play this):

– I can feel it moving.

I can’t wait to be free. It’s hard work or shall I say ‘woke but I will be free of this shit. You just gotta know how to battle it and if you are a Soulled person fuck god (and the ancestors since they are bound to an oversoul consciousness that us immortals with Souls should not fuck with as it forms the organic portal oversoul consciousness us Soulled beings don’t have access to) you vsn break free of this shit on your own!

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