Battling Possession On The Right Side And Healing The Throat Chakra

Say a coupla nights ago I saw this ring around the moon…. it’s so weird:


I CAN NOT. FOR THE LIFE OF ME – no matter how much internal tunneling I venture into my subconscious psyche I CAN NOT SEEM TO HEAL MY THROAT CHAKRA!

I will have bouts where I feel healing that’s been sent opening up but then it closes again.

It’s like no matter how much psychological tunneling I do, removal of entity attachments…. that shit stays……

Here I am here talking about possession on the right side (and peep how my ‘woke fucked that old dude UP – literally allowing an entity to suck out his soul):


I hate all three of those mofos! They carry an energy of that “old racist white man” and white male entitlement that I would see in old places like NYC.

I tried to psychological see if my being conducive to what that chemistry teacher said was rooted in rejection and, tho now being reticent of it it still doesn’t help the issue:


– This was sad!

It is like there is some inner block mechanism that wants me to hold onto that shit like some fucked up “comfortable” safety blanket and I don’t know what to do….

I think the issue is – and many of ya’ll spiritual folks enduring entity induced addictions listen up:



From what I recall – as I explain in the vids above there is a “mechanism” that gets attached to us from birth that is on our right side by the top of the head that “draws” energies from others and creates a tulpa which is a thoughtform that takes on a life of it’s own and can physically manifest.

It’s something that rabidly tries to use your physical body to keep you focused on the material realm by artifically making you obsessed and focused on physical shit like inducing you to wanna eat when you’re not hungry etc or drinking when you try to focus on spiritual pursuits like meditation, etc.

It’s this energy mechanism I believe that draws evil entities to easily possess us so the demiurge can keep us from coming into know-ledge of our Soul’s Divinity!

Yesterday after a psychic drinking attack (saw it in my cards coming) I rebounded so that means my healing coming along mad good!

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