The Pro Life Movement Is A Front For Child Trafficking And Pedophilia

I knew there was a reason why they are caping for a parasite over a living, breathing womban (and why they don’t give a fuck about the lil bas-turd when born)……

….And note how these pedophiles and child traffickers like Focus on the Family (meaning your children ???) are projecting……

They can’t even come up with a good fucking lie!


That’s them doing that shit!

When I threw this argument at a greasy pro life dog haired white bitch here is IT’S response….

Here is her instagram account…..

I am so tired of these degenerate crakkka caveapes coming into our community and acting as the “great white saviour” and telling us what to do with OUR bodies……

This bitch like in the Costco girl incident wanna treat black women like human bucks as they did us during the days of slavery and force us to produce UNWANTED black kids so her racist ass and ilk can abuse our children just like in the Hart family case…..

– Got that child dancing like he in a minstrel show.

I can’t stand these saltine basturds but then got nerve to tell YOUR black ass so they can do THIS to the black children YOUR BLACK ASS don’t want and sacrificed to the system.

They want, as I broke down the day before here…..

White People Are Pushing The Pro Life Narrative In The Black Community So We Can Produce Unwanted Black Kids To Be Trafficked As Slaves In Their Homes

an unlimited supply of unwanted children to rape, abuse and sell on the black market to people who should not have kids who want them for nefarious purposes.

A victim of this is Colton Wood…..

In many of his vlogs he mentions his rich religious zealot FAKE parents abused him to the point where in one instance he was not allowed to wear shoes…..

….AND – here is the kicker – when he escaped from them, when he went out into the world he found out that he had no social security number and was not in the system.

This is why those religious zealots want poor defenceless women to have UNWANTED children so they can buy/sell these babies on the black market and be able to do whatever they want with them by keeping them out of the system and away from the prying eyes of CPS!

Like in the case of the Costco girl incident note how many pro life dudes like the dad in that case look like pedophiles…..

Look how that controlling bas-turd and sexual deviant got his hands around her…..

Pedophiles like this pedo here who I saw thru my third eye enjoy taking children out to the middle of nowhere and raping them as I saw him playing with little kid’s behinds…..

Here this demon’s IG:

NOTE he has a picture boasting of using guns whose only function is to kill yet he “pro life” lol:

And here another pedo…..

I saw him flirtatiously playing in a little boy’s hair……

Looka the response. Mofo don’t know what a parasite is (basically saying I shouldn’t kill tapeworms) – basically he believes in punishing womben for being womben!

NOTE when I call his ass out for being a pedo HE DON’T RESPOND….

– That’s why he is against MY right to choose what I do with MY body (fuck that parasite)!

They don’t make it make sense cause they really don’t give a fuck about the kids but got an ulterior motive behind why they do what they do….

It makes no logical sense why they so ardently cape for a clump of cells, A PARASITE except to have a batch of kids to pick and choose from to rape and abuse and buy/and sell on the black market…..

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