I HATE These Organic Portals Pushing This Trendy Version of Astrology

I HATE These Organic Portals Pushing This Trendy Version of Astrology


THIS IS. THE STUPIDEST SHIT I have ever had the disrespect to myself to come across….

This organic portalization of fucking astrology is a disrespect, an affront to the science of astrology.

I mean to meme (pun intended) that your zodiac sign is all that you ever are and ever will be is sickening.

The science behind astrology and thus the zodiac signs is to use it as a blueprint to study life paths, life patterns, your life chart, destiny.

It is not supposed to be the end all be of your existence, your being.

I mean, the Chinese zodiac goes by year (I was born in 1983, the year of the pig) so is that an absolute representation of me and my life? Like with religion, who are we supposed to go by: the western zodiac that goes by months or the eastern zodiac that goes by years…..


Using my zodiac – not based on it – I input it into my natal chart and it showed the life that I am living now is the life path I am supposed to go.

I saw this in my natal chart I used 9 years ago.

Now, I am a Taurus – born May 14, 1983 – and to go to show you how inaccurate that shit is – if your dumb organic portal ass is going by zodiac Taruses are supposed to be stable. They are supposed to be big on materialism.

Looka me…..

Look at where I live….

How I live…..

Respectable Politricks Nigger Bitch Calls Cops On Me For Being Naked And More Fuckery

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Why People Truly Hate Me

Look at where I live, how I look (I wear the same shit everyday and someone brought me Chanel – I don’t care for name brands – and I rarely wear it)…..

I’m a fucking hippie!

My mother used to call me a “dirty tennis shoe” girl when I was growing up cause I didn’t care about how the world saw me back then…..

These attributes don’t line up with those attributed to those born under the Taurus sign:

I mean, different attributes are being attributed to the sign on two different sites so….. what’s true?

You gotta look at shit like DNA, genetics, DNA activation which leads to ancestral energies coming to affect you and, like me, if you got a Soul, your Soul code = your past lives (I have had past life ancestors come through for me)…..

Astral Vision Reveals Shit Blocking My Crown Chakra Goes Back To A Past Life

….Turns out they were helping me……

All these have a real effect upon you!

Good example is, even as a prostitute I always HATED Las Vegas. Couldn’t stand even flying over there. I also could not stand or see the “luster” of Beverly Hills which contradicts the so called Taurean propensity for materialism.

However, I always felt a “familiarity” with Utah.

It’s cause of a past life, which my bond to is strong.

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

My Soul is white in this life so you can’t base shit off of a simple zodiac sign.

It gets alot more complexed.

DNA is really where it’s at cause all your ancestral energies, physical realm, spirit energies are contained within it.

That said, you dumb organic portals need to shut the fuck up, taking shit beyond your comprehension and stupifying it to where you are making folks out to be cardboard cut outs using things you have no ability to understand the deeper science behind…..

I also saw the hat man last night…..

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