Astral Vision Reveals Shit Blocking My Crown Chakra Goes Back To A Past Life

Astral Vision Reveals Shit Blocking My Crown Chakra Goes Back To A Past Life

It was some lil haus on the prairie shit:

It wasn’t as lively as this but it was some Little House On The Prairie shit!

Imma explain later but looka this shit, more shit I got from this ghost app:

I met a demon named Shiba – mofo looked JUST like a demon too, actually like this mofo…..

Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision

who promises wealth and shit which sounds really plausible as I long sensed something is around me to suppress my spiritual growth and so thus my ability to manifest so I will war-ship it and give my Soul to it ??

After “talking” with him there was even a Youtube recommended that popped up showing a demon looking figure with a vid above about “selling your Soul to satan”…..

That look JUST like that demon……

Also, that “Ur’e mine” line it says reminds me of a song played at a client’s basically saying I own your Soul and will never let you go, which is while a satanist I saw that jealousy……

This was real.

Then there was another robed hooded being who looked JUST LIKE the knights templar entities I have seen with a red cross emblazoned in the middle…..

Moon Forming The Cross of The Knights of Malta

Crazy Nightmare Involving Libations and The Grigori

….named Ajai offering me money as well but claimed to be a “good” being…..

NOTE how these “light” and “dark” entities work in tandem to bring you into the fold by being under the control of the demiurge and remaining in his rotten 3D kingdom as the skeletal archon stated…..

Note how this mofo goes from saying he wants to liberate Souls by saying that those trapped in the material world see em as evil and wants to liberate us to the light ….

To saying he is here to imprison us in materiality, the material realm (my phone is inexplicably getting hot as I write this)…..

Note how they play dual roles aka duality to force you to be part of the realm of the demiurge and stay stuck here!

There was another claiming to be a “protector of lost Souls” wearing the archon uniform of the robe and hood:

His name is Levia meaning “to join”…..

That’s why I don’t trust nan of that shit and don’t fuck with anything outside of my Soul and The Source and I vanquish all demons, angels, reptilians, archons tf away from me, equally!

Now that I think about it…. considering the skeletal entity essentially says he makes folks become addicted to their joys and pleasures while making them feel guilty for giving in to the urges he implants in em (felt that with my drinking urges) and how he “sets folks free to be spiritually pure” reminds me of how in hypo-christianity you are made to feel guilty for giving into human pleasures, reminding me what Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate said of, low key, the demiurge here…..

That’s why I don’t fuck with nan of that shit. It’s a game and we are the pawns.

That said, to the astral vision…..

In the first stanza I was in my baby form, picking up my baby form and the message that kept getting telepathically conveyed was that I could go back in time via quantum jumping and change the circumstances of where my life is, where I coulda been that senator’s wife, as a demon so lamentingly told me a long time ago….

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

Where I coulda been that famous actress…..

Astral Projection Experience In Which I Saw Two Life Paths I Coulda Took

I sensed they wanted me to commit suicide.

Problem is even my intuition says I woulda truly sold my Soul in those timelines to get there. As John Ellizz says, no one in the public EYE ? – all seeing reptilian eye (gotta read his book) – can get to where they are without selling themselves to the demiurge aka quetzalcoatl (as John’s book confirms)……

– The demiurge.

“god” is the devil and visa versa. Two sides of the same coin. Duality.

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

That said, it then altered to a scene where I was with two young ladies I went to middle school with. Long story short we went underground to a storage room where I saw a high school (it felt like) basketball court and then the two young ladies I was with who were picking on me then said they felt something chasing after us and ran and then one had something attached to her crown chakra, causing her devastating pain. I then saw mormon women like the ones in the beginning of the article, dancing in bright big pastel colored old fashioned dresses like they wear and then it ended.

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

That said, I had a crippling headache that felt like – shit something was – torturously clinging to my crown chakra and squeezing it tight till I couldn’t think. It was excuruciating. I before sleep asked my third eye to show what was going on then experienced this astral vision. After the vision I asked my third eye to show what’s up. I was shown two pillars comprised of insects (beelzebub, a major archon in the demiurge hierarchy) and the ladies I saw, ome was white and old, were attacking me using the insects from Beelzebub. I got rid of em and as I did my mind cleared!

I believe they were jealous spirits from that past life (I think the same ones many psychics have told me try to possess me since a kid) who have harassed and caused me great pain and one of the many, many entities who held me back!

Wiping em out proved what they are!

As I heal – I even had a recent astral vision where Baron Samedi kept 3x coming back to reclaim me, own my soul and I’d been kicking his ass ?? ??‍♀️ (as I said here I been kicking these archon demiurge matrix agents like it ain’t shit) – alot more shit is surfacing that has blocked me and caused me great pain.

That said as one blog noted – when your crown chakra is attacked, it means you are powerful cause that shit, when clear and opened, connects you with The Source and the demiurge don’t want that.

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