Crazy Nightmare Involving Libations and The Grigori

For you slow mofos who don’t know who the Grigori are, they are an “angelic race” – rather, fallen – of watchers who basically shepherd humanity much as Jesus was said in the Bible to do the same to humanity:

Descendants of the Grigori were known to be sorcerers, sorceress, witches (like muah here!) and other very powerful people who many people feared – and loathed. They, the descendants of these “fallen angels”, “The Watchers”, Grigori could even change the human course of history. They call us the Nephilim. I believe I have some of their genes, hence why I can do this:

I’ve seen the Grigori. Saw em – congregated – going apartment building to apartment building not surprisingly too far from “media row” where all the big entertainment companies like TMZ congregate at (where they also do alot of rituals like I learned at that Petersen Automotive Museum place where the Notorious B.I.G. got MURDERED in the 90s). They came in all various colors of hooded robes, some robes were colored black (alot of em), white, red (I recall that kind and the white robed ones hanging out my window one night). Some were crocodilian looking in appearance, dragon looking, “shadow people” looking with the glowing eyes, etc. and some HUMAN!


– Video games be hiding shit in plain sight!

– Also, of note, it’s kinda funny how while taking pics last night even my own shadow (and this is unusual) took the form of a grigori:

– And, no, I was NOT wearing a dress to cause that effect. I’ve been wearing this outfit (well, I change pants which are similar) and taking photographs at night and NEVER got this effect!

I even once saw the Knight’s Templar outside my window (they actually helped me out when I needed them spiritually and even made a “woof” sound while I was watching some Japanese folks with a dog, lol. They a great group of guys).

That ain’t the real kkk.

– they woulda had emblems on. Also, from what I remember, the Knights Templar had this St. George’s Cross – A HUGE ONE – emblazoned in the middle of their chest:

Now, to get to the main point of my story, I was doing “certain spiritual things” last night and afterwards I was feeling myself cause I was finally using my own power…

THEN, as I predicted, the archons who kinda looked like the grigori at the beach here – but in black robes – decided they were gonna slap me back down the more I come into my own since there are beings who want you to stay within the Matrix system, worshipping the avatars like Yemaya, Oshun, they want you to worship You piss them off by using your own Source energy, your own power via opening your chakras since – unlike the Demiurge and Archons who represent darkness – WE GOT THE ULTIMATE DIVINE FEMININE WHOM ESTABLISHED ALL YONIVERSES (UNIVERSES FOR THE FEEBLE MINDED) WITHIN US and they hate that. I illiterate on that more, here: and here:

That said, I got paid a visit.

THAT SAID, awhile ago – a couple of weeks ago to be exact – I decided to break my bonds to these so called “gods” by refusing to put down a banana as intuitively instructed as a libation to the “gods” by the beach. That said, I had alot of issues afterwards – figured some were just due to the stones, crystals I have and incorrect pairings. I started hearing crazy shit, lil demons, etc. Nothing to worrisome. As I said in the above articles, I theorized that maybe it had something to do with certain powerful entities sending shit my way so as to force me into bondage to them by seeking them out for favors to remove said shit. My money situation improved, things got dramatically better – I felt like a hidden hand was no longer controlling my shit.

Then I got approached in the dreamscape, or better yet threatened!

I had a nightmare where I saw a giant evil monster. I was in my old parent’s bedroom from back when I was growing up. For some strange reason, I CAN NOT RECALL exactly what the monster was or what it looked like (I believe it’s the one that makes the delusions appear) and seeing two scorpions I saw once when ny third eye was wide open. I recall the dream zig zagging between my being in my old parent’s house and going to astral NY. But I remember the mainstay was being in my parent’s old home – and being told by a being (whom I can’t recall seeing) what the cause of the problem was!

I recall flying to Malibu in the astral (it was very, very real) and being shown a bunch of Grigori lined up where I usually park my car (I park it near the beach) and I was told that my folks, relatives, family would get attacked all because I refused to paying offerings with a banana to their asses – there! THE SAME mofos who I hear talking shit about me (calling me the “crazy lady.”). THEY CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES! That’s why I went rogue, using my own power instead of waiting for things who disprect me – HELL, ANYTHING – to deliver anything I can make happen on my behalf.

This was right after I did a POWERFUL protection ritual, too!

They gonna threaten my folks, my people simply cause I’m becoming MORE POWERFUL ON MY OWN!

That said, while eating a banana…

They can go fuck themselves. I believe them – the Grigori aka Fallen Angels (who might be the same as the djinn of Islam) are TASKED with OPPRESSING, keeping us down FOR THE GOD OF THIS WORLD (AKA SATAN = SATURN) AKA THE DEMIURGE so THEY can get back into “heaven”! After all, THEY FELL FROM HEAVEN cause they did not yield enough to the Demiurge’s will! They fell from heaven cause they gave into very human urges – fucking men and women and so now they are forced to walk around till judgement day or the fake manufactured “armageddon” the “illuminati” will try to bring forth (I am just noticing 999, my expression ie destiny number in numerology, popped up in the word count):

and “keep us in line” for the Demiurge, meaning telling us to suppress our “gifts” in the form of our chakras, etc – just as lamestream religions teach and just as some spiritual systems with their superstitions and rituals to these gods unwittingly encourage as well, so that they can return back to “Heaven” – the realm of the Archons while we never come into contact with our Divine, God selves (those of us who can, not you organic portals: )

This is not the first time they appeared to me: I recall a while back in a very vivid recollection they had one who made itself nanifest to me (in this instance, it was short – for a little bit – wearing a grey robe and looked like the jawas in Stars Wars – ALOT of films show real occult shit):

And it grabbed me by the throat and basically told me to worship Baron Samedi. I talk about it more, here: Again, in that vision,

– Basically, it proves my point…

That said this is why Jesus was killed (or sacrificed to the bloodthirsty “god”, the Demiurge AS THE BUY-BULL AKA BIBLE EXPLAINS AND EXPOSES, ITSELF – YOU KNOW, THE SO CALLED “WORD OF GOD”), for telling the shit I’m telling you, hence why they coming for me now, too.

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