This Is Why I Keep My Heart Chakra Hardened

This Is Why I Keep My Heart Chakra Hardened

I didn’t like these mofos when I first saw em – a real odd couple – really, the wetback!


Wanna bang on a woman (wonder why I proselytize against your asses) esp. a black woman but need my help!

Honest, if the brother was by himself I woulda helped but diss wetback, this wetback – he’ll take your shit for granted and will spit on you as I have had these demon seeds do to me!

When the wetback left and the brother was by himself the energy totally changed and I was ready to go over and help but something held me back like, “nah!”

Also, I think I ‘woked someone.

Remember dude here:


Sounds like him here, being forced to get anothet vehicle and nearly about to get into another wreck again!


✊?⚔?? ‘woke! Don’t fuck with a black magician and former satanist (I left it cause I don’t war-ship shit but that shit still there as a gun cocked by my side ?⚔??)!

Remember I am a gnostic and I use Source energy for my ends may they be good and evil.

Don’t test me.

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