Why People Truly Hate Me

Why People Truly Hate Me

It ain’t cause I am a free spirit, living my life (and light)……

Well, they are partially true but they are not the main reason.

A very wise sist⭐r told me that I tell the truth, ugly truths people don’t wanna hear.

A young white sist⭐r dating a young black man told me the same thing.

My mere, bare (lol) existence exposes truths most folks don’t wanna hear.

I expose the discomfort many feel towards their lives as folks chase and race to live up to bullshit societal expectations that are really false in the grand scheme of things…..

I expose how unhappy they are with their false accomplishments which are now caving in over their heads as the fake covid continues to shut down folks’ business, taking away folks’ titles of CEOs and CFOs.

As I said to one hispanic man back when I was a prostitute whom tried to prove his worth to see me (back then I barred both black and latin men from seeing me in some insecure desire to fight an issues raging within me from my past, trying to prove something) by saying he an engineer I guess due to racial harassment back before he got it, I asked him, “Who will you be if the world goes to shit and we end up living like Mad Max. Who are you then….?”

My existence questions gender mores abd how you can still be intelligent while still doing sex work, despite what low consciousness idiots may say.

I make folks question race, on the right of blacks to be idiosyncratic, like here…..

and to not be judged as harsh as a white person, as I noted here…..

My entire existence revolves around being a social experiment, witch ??‍♀️ is why I throw people off…..

As I said here:

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

My Soul is different from most folks so I never fit in anywhere. I never had a tribe. So thus it is easy to sit back and observe – like an alien ? – human beings thoughts, feelings and actions – like a passive observer and see the “whole” of what makes folks’ tick, what makes em motivated and why they are the way they are.

I conjecture this the “arrogance” “people” pick up off of me: the sense that, “How dare she not follow societal rules while I am stuck to em (I get that all the time when I go shirtless – and sometimes naked ? – on the pch even though I worked hard for my, your, right)…..

Film Footage of the First False Arrest By LAPD For Being Topless and Female In Public

5th Incident of Harassment by LAPD for Being Female and Topless In Public In L.A.

I Will Amend the Federal Lawsuit Against The LAPD For Violation of My Topless Rights

LAPD Called on Me For Walking Around Topless by Irate Neighbor

Black Woman Sexually Assaulted by Deputy Konrad Thieme of the Lost Hills Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

– I bet in light of defund the po-lease and all these antifa riots them LAPD wilshire cops WISH I was their problem again…..

When I drove back to midwilshire to get my phone fixed one yelled, “Go back to Malibu, Lebowsky.”

Boy I miss the midwilshire era ❤❤❤❤?‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️?‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Them cops made my day. They were funny ass fuck, like here…..

Attacked By New Millennium Barbershop Employees In Los Angeles and Selective Enforcement by LAPD

– That shit was funny! You gotta watch them videos…..

That being said, because they feel that they are bound to bullshit societal morals based on, not truth and real protection, but attempts to striate people based on social status quo that are further instituted on the illusion of money (which is backed by nothing at the federal reserve witch ??‍♀️ ain’t federal) and all that other materialistic bullshit – I get hated on. I get hated on for seeing past the delusion and for not being part of the delusion – like them.

That being said, my life ain’t easy. It’s hard – esp. materially (cause I got reps on me ? hisssss, fucking with my money), but part of the perk of being a constant outsider is seeing folks squirm as you be yourself and tell their dumbasses their existence is a lie.

Peace ✌?

And I need a new van.

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