Malibu Getting ‘Woked By The Devil Because Lost Hills Sheriffs 5150’d Me

Malibu Getting ‘Woked By The Devil Because Lost Hills Sheriffs 5150’d Me


– Fuck Jeff…..

Anyways, here is the dude who did it:

It was a wetbuck. Regardless, all in all…. thank you demon seed, thank you ? #hisssss

OH SHIT this where he gets the red color for his face from: thought it was paint!

He also possessed by shit (he burns bible paper to keep evil away)! I sensed it!


This that devil dude from a while back lol……

You can’t tell me this ain’t a spiritual sign ???????? hissssss #reptiliansquad ??

That being said, from what I understand, ole dude been setting fires uncoincidentally ever since Lost Hills sheriffs – with goading fromna wetback living in this peace sign rv who killed a dog (I heard the death yelp that night) to get spiritual powers…..

– There a close up ???

Jealous mofos coming over there to steal my energy…..

That said, ever since I got 5150’d after trying to drown out my sorrows my having fun here……

Skirting – lol – bullshit moral codes as I always do……

I peep ole boy, who used to dress as the devil back in the day…..

Is tearin’ up Malibu in my physical absence as a spiritual manifestation of my wrath ?????


Fucking up the place, etc. You can go look on streetpeopleofla’s site on ig to see more on this lol…..

He honest looks handsome there, like Ashton Kutcher…..

One dude there says all cause of an arsonist…..

Nah, cause of a satanist! A satanist ????????? #TopangaFyreFest2021

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