A Reptilian Tried To Possess Me All Last Night

A Reptilian Tried To Possess Me All Last Night

As I fought it off, I even heard the LOUD ass sound of a tail whipping and a loud ass hisssing……

It looked JUST LIKE THAT! Just like that!

For a very long time I kept feeling a pressure on the right side of my body that would cause me to have insane urges, do impulsive things and for a long time I knew it was a possessing spirit…..

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

That said I pushed it to my crown and from extreme pressure there all day. I believe that shit was in me since a child, hence why folks attack me.

It was a bronchiosaurus headed reptilian. It seemed to be trying to replace my Soul.

It shapeshifted from that into an alien grey and into this insectoid creature I saw when sleeping in the Public Storage parking lot in midwilshire years ago…..

It looks like Iron Man a lil but with a more elongated snout, like an alien grey.

I saw via my third eye that it poses as satan and as an angel. That is why Peggy Kane said angels are reptilians, aliens…..

The famed occultist Aleister Crowley even mentioned an alien grey named Lam appearing in place of a demon……

Note the correlation between Lam and lamb, “Jesus” aka HEY-Zeus’s flock…..

Funny cause, like with the other reptilian trojan horse, Wine Baby Tarot (who had NO vids on her channel interestingly), another more obvious deception, named Mr Decepto, came around to pretend to be on my side while throwing lil things letting me know he ain’t (like trying to say if you hear external voices and experience bad events manipulated by archons it is your imagination), complete with alien archon grey profile avatar…..

John Ellizzz in his book was saying that a fucking reptilian acts as god and runs ya’ll and ya’ll major re-ligions…..

John Ellizz’s All Seeing Eye Book Confirms That Christians and Muslims War-ship A Reptilian So Called God

That being said I had an astral vision in which I devoured – straight – an old ass perverted white man in reptilian form. I am going to court over confronting this nasty white bitch here:

– Just found out IT’S name is Ralph Ogarian, ugly fat bloated faced mofo!

Look like a sleazy ass pervert, a child molestor low key!

I guess it was trying to act as if it gives me bravery to fight my foes but bitch I don’t need you.

I also had a hunchbacked entity known as the old hag who has been talked about since the days of ancient Khemet come and try to attach to my leg by slapping it WHILE AWAKE then I saw her trying to sit her big fat ass on my right leg.


These are the types of mofos who cause folks to hate you seemingly “inexplicably” cause when they come around they have such a foul aura and odor that it permeates and pollutes yours then invites mugs to fuck with you.

The reptilian energy also makes me wholly insecure.

I gotta find out why these mofos keep attaching to me so bad! I am strong enough to fight em but it’s a constant battle. The rep even tried to devour my Soul but I wasn’t having it.

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