Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

This wetback a bully.

At 1:24 you can hear him say, “Move, move, get your ass outta here”……

Here he is, screenshots from said vid…… with that high pitched voice sounding like a bitch.

I honest thought IT was a transman…..

– I’ll never forget when I first met him he somberly said, “Richard told me you rule this area”. Jealousy!

This a bully who don’t like it when you fight back.

Even worse IT plays victim……

I WILL NEVER FORGET the night I heard a dog’s death yelp and it was coming from them…. CA license plate AB95165 (they got it in the back window)…..

They own a bunch of dogs so if you are worried – as I am – call Agoura Hills spca at 818-991-0071

– I saw yesterday that they are parked on the land side of the pch but you can recognise them by the peace sign…..

– Also, ole boy here, you can see him making a drug deal here…..

Admitted to me that he DRINKS ? while driving to help him drive #MADD

or their license plate (in the back)…..

That being said, I’ll never forget the night one of their friends astrally ran up on my minivan in an attempt to run me out in which I heard a loud thump and saw thru my third eye a latin dude in a white tank top and black pants running past. I saw via my third eye that it was a latin man who shapeshifted into a chihuahua, same type of dogs they own….

That said they are protecting a predator named Richard who sexually assaulted me while I was drunk, mocked me (called me ghetto gaggers – him and his friend Jerry) as I left and said I deserved to have his fingers rammed into me cause I am a slut in their eyes…..

Here is his rv

License plate…..

Richard’s rv is license plate number 8DOM575….

Richard engages in paying homeless dudes for stolen bikes for re-sale (I always wondered how he got his money ?) and that man. does meth. like it is going out of style…. every min…. on the sec-ond.

Them…. and the blue bus mofo (he steals for a living and uses his asian Vietnamese
girlfriend to finesse dude)……

When ‘Wokeing Goes Wrong….For The ‘Woked ??✊???‍♀️??‍♀️

He also drinks constantly, like on the min every min with 16 – not 6 – 8 packs A DAY! AND he driving that blue bus on a suspended license.

All these degenerates banned together to get me banned. I’ll tell ya why ??‍♀️

That said, with the wetback at the top – I been involved in spiritual warfare ever since.

Here is a vid of them trying to steal my energy in the form of a friend of theirs going shirtless…..

Thank goodness a brother who guards the ocean was there to protect my energy ✊? ?️‍??️‍⚧️

I noticed while talking with him the incense stick burned to an “o” meaning whole:

That’s why in large part they want my black ass out! Like with the crakkkas as I said here……

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

They envy us and be waiting in the cut to claim our shit! I warned ya’ll about that people of color shit…..

Black People Need To Watch This POC Ally Bullshit: Introducing Racist Richard Bowie of Vegnews

That said, let me tell ya about how I war spiritually!

I noticed the peace sign wetbuck (who from here on will be known as such) was sympathizing with Richard, saying I need to put on a shirt (as justification for what he did to me) – they wouldn’t say that if I were white witch ??‍♀️ is why – like with crakkkas – I stay hard on em…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Imma say something else about Richard: he is racist against blacks! When he was talking with the wetback with the peace sign about how wide folks openly call wetbacks wetbacks in Texas (let blacks do that) when I chimed in how they need to fight like us with BLM he called black people “complainers”…..

Anyways the first night I put ‘woke on the peace sign fake ass wetbuck! When I did a fucking “Native American” (blacks are the true natives) feeding his ancestors via an alcohol and meth/heroin mix addiction (that’s why them people be fucked. up off that alkie-hole) helped him by sending his ancestors.

I sent in reinforcements ? hisssss ????????

That said I KNEW these motherfuckers were doing witchcraft on me already cause I could hear them groaning when I’d fuck em up.

At one point it grew desperate to where I had to call my ancestors, both black and Jewish (I heard in a vision that I am a child of Moshe = god and even a demon said that god loves me, like really. We are talking crush crush ?)……

That said that Jewish energy kinda inadvertently fucked me up. This why this happened…..

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

Cause he Jewish I excused his ass too before he did his penis pull out shit (usually I run people off when they park that close to me cause I know why they parking that close for….).

I ain’t gonna lie: I love the Jewish energy. It allows me to be wylie and out there and push social norms – which is what Jews are known for doing…..

I wouldn’t been able to do my shirtless rights lawsuit without Jewish genes #SorryNotSorry

I Will Amend the Federal Lawsuit Against The LAPD For Violation of My Topless Rights

Going against what I said here about the matrix and the demiurge I called on various gods and goddesses as he did to me……

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

– He called on I think European, Aztec and Egyptian ancestors – I take that back that was for me.

When I saw his Aztec ancestors they were in a cave #caveape being protected by snake serpent entities…..

I stay telling ya’ll…..

John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

That said I threw all sorts of shit at em and it ended in a stalemate. As I said here, like with wide folks I sense they are trying to steal my legacy (female shirtlessness) and my energy…..

Black Woman Starts Topless Movement in L.A. And White Woman Gets Credit

That said I am gonna keep fighting those turds and protect my legacy out there!

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