When ‘Wokeing Goes Wrong….For The ‘Woked ??✊???‍♀️??‍♀️

When ‘Wokeing Goes Wrong….For The ‘Woked ??✊???‍♀️??‍♀️


I keeo saying there is some spiritual, alien correlation between me and triangles…. it’s a reptilian symbol:

Why The Reptilians Hate And Fuck With The Most Reptilian Hybrids

Be careful who you underestimate…..

I am not somebody to do that too ??‍♀️??


When these fuckers first came around, I peeped that they would park in front of another, bigger school bus in their regular suv (which I think got taken cause of ‘woke ??‍♀️) and the sense I got was that they were a swinging couple who mistaked my feminist shirtless activism as a sexual invitation.

Big mistake.

I just saw that huge damage on their windshield today (I pass by fairly every day to dispose of my urine into the porta potties).

This is why if you are not intuitive like me, watch who you fuck with.

The night I decided to make the decision to ‘woke ✊? them I heard his wife, a g@@k I have dubbed “Sister Ding-a-Ling-Ling”, talking shit about me cause I guess she was jealous cause he probably had been lusting after me with his nasty ass.

Well, my demons (and reptilians) will now be lusting for your Souls in anticipation of your deaths brought about by my ‘woke ✊???‍♀️??

I don’t play that shit. Don’t come around here with that nasty and projecting that nasty ass energy on me.

As I said here:

Cheating Couple Caught In An SUV Leering At Me Plus Keep That Nasty Energy Away From Me

And here…..


Imma make you respect me.

It has always been my way in the world to where I gotta force mofos to respect me to bring harmony into my life. I am misunderstood and constantly am so by dumb mofos who are not operating on my level of consciousness aka organic portals so I got seize respect to get it and I don’t have a problem with fucking up “people” to do it.

That said, I won’t say much but some other mofos are learning the hard way how it feels and how it goes when you step up to me and think you can underestimate me.

Ya’ll enjoy that ‘woke ???✊???‍♀️??

And future possible ‘woke “victims” watch out loool ??‍♀️??


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