Imma Just Have To Ghetto Fix This Head Gasket WITHOUT Sealant or Replacing It

Imma Just Have To Ghetto Fix This Head Gasket WITHOUT Sealant or Replacing It

If ya’ll got some advice on what to do, if you got better ideas hit me at [email protected]

Since I’m broker than a mofo…..

– $25 for head gasket (not the kit which is $131 at Autozone) and Ubers are like $25 each ride to get back and forth – and that’s for when you gotta wait for the prices to go down from like $70…. shit!

Also, I ain’t never seen this shit looool…..


That being said, Imma have to just figure out how to clog the holes in the engine (I used k-seal as a sealer but no purchase aka no luck)……

I changed the thermostat…..


A friend said that works but I knew it didn’t and this just confirmed it…..



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You gotta pimp these mofos.

Anyways, a nice gay lady – butch ???️‍?? – stopped to help me with a jump on my vehicle. I took more time to inspect and, whew, woman…..


Oil in the air filter (shoulda said Whoa-man)….. Just today I tried taking off the top cover here to get to the head gasket and……


After watching this……

That’za JOBBBBB!!!!

Shid just putting the bolts on the cover for the pistons (lol that IS a sports team) IZ AH JOB!!!!

No wonder they charge so much. Shit!

You know, on the gay thing – even when I was a kid – tho my parents knew my innate preference for white males – my dad and mom and even people at school would joke and say that I am gay cause I always carried myself – not deliberately – as butch and the antithesis of misogynist imposed ideas of false femininity ?

I hate labels unless I resonate and I like the butch label very well.

I got cholo shirt in my vehicle I wear later on with the border patrol shirt tee (lol) if it gets cold enough since, as I convey with the shirtless activism, it is about environment and not gender misogynist based stereotypical behind why we wear clothing…..

That said, when I first got this minivan, I SWEAR up and down the radiator fans weren’t moving. The dude before me did something the plug the holes in the head gasket up so at least it runs.

Here are some pages that shows the ingredients in a sealant:

It seems like the rust I saw in the water in the radiator when I first brought it plugged the holes in the head gasket, as sealants are supposed to do.

That said I got a head gasket silicon adhesive which is sorta – well, they both got silicon in it – the sodium silicate that Steel Seal has (I believe) and use that to try to ghetto fix it:

See, head gasket sealant ??

If there’s a will there’s a way ?

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