Breaking Free of A Karmic Cycle and Ascending

Breaking Free of A Karmic Cycle and Ascending

Alright….. I’ve been coming across the number “8” lately….. 8 denotes a karmic cycle, orobouros, being tied to karma……

Here we got penis (sexual attack) symbolism again…..

NOTE HERE the sigil of Lucifer appears right next to the broken number 8…..

This denotes breaking free of all those demiurge archon attachments and from the demiurge itself by removing the right eyed “all seeing eye” energy implant attachment that’s in the right eye, or at least for now removing as much of it’s influence……

I have seen the number “76” mysteriously formed from two ropes, in the same “cc” manner as Gucci bags (I guess):

It wasn’t easy to do. As I explained to one nice lady yesterday it took ALOT of healing…. As a Cuban tarot reader pointed out a looong time ago and as I just saw via my third eye it was two afro haired – one light one dark – naked entity attachments – I believe that were created by Beelzebub – that was attached to my right side that, after the incident with that satanic teacher telling me to “drop the english accent” which was archon induced (with chords being created between me and her to create a resonnace so the shit could impact me spiritually more than it should have) which also had reptilian, archon entity attachments manipulating things from the interior within me which allowed these recent afro haired archon entity attachments to that right side to attach that were “loose” fun timey gals that were kinda stupid, zombified, all about seeking fun – the antithesis of me (and I knew it all along) that, after I would get energy surges in my neck area that would cause me to drink, would get me to act in ways not like myself….

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

A brother back in my old apartment even told me he saw me turn into a shadow entity when I would drink. Even before the recent satanic period (circa 2015), before then – when I would astral project – I couldn’t move on the right side.

Also when I was staying with a friend I saw said one of those afro haired archon entity attachments materialise before me in which it was comprised of insect like shadow beings and emitted a vile odor, like Beelzebub….

Archon Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

It all makes sense…..

I noticed that after the recent satanic period there was an etheric slash in my forearm where I was overwhelmingly “active” and absorbing other folks’ energies, other entities…. It all goes back to archon manipulation setting the stage where I will be susceptible to possession (through implants already placed in me) and thus open to being energetically invaded and attacked, culminating with the english accent high school incident being used to open the way for the “self hating” entity attachments that made me hate myself and all I ever believed (I also sorta lost control of that right side which culminated with bad handwriting, having lost the creative inspiration etc.) so that my original TRUE Soul will be pushed out…..

It allll makes sense.

That being said early early in the morning hours – we’re talking about 2am – after expunging those two afro haired possessing nigger bitch entities (lol) – I was in my mansion in the astral which had a circular tube extending all the way down. At the bottom it looked like my childhood den and home (this is the astral so shit will seemingly contort and distort and “not make sense” to those confined to 3D vision). The place looked like space: I saw a red planet I always paint in paintings like here……


This one here I saw spiritually got the hooded robed archons…..

Whoa…. I just realEYEZED I wrote my John Handcock (sigbature) with two 2’s…. 22 = Master Builder in numerology.

That being said, the mansion seemed to be made of outer space, the planets (seems to coincide with the crown chakra awakening I have been having as of recent).

That being said, it then flipped toba scene where I saw a Haitian black child appear where our fence was in that spooky ass back with the window in the den facing it. I felt it was some pitiful ass voodoo spell cause here is what happened (I tell folks I fuck with voodoo but it is actually something more powerful)…..

A GIANT albino alligator appeared that seemed to be sicc’d on me by the starvin’ marvin’ haitian nigger mayate chile and, turns out it was my pet lol ??

As an aside this is THE CUTEST thing ?❤❤❤❤❤?

That said my baby brother Bryan wanted to pet the babieeee ?❤? but I told him no. Then I grabbed both my brothers and sprinted them thru that tube in a spurt of light.

The astral vision indicates as I can infer my subjugation, finally, of dark evil demonic forces.

Most folks think that – like one very nice lady saud yesterday – that you have to suppress it. Those are archons causing your urges. No. Exorcise it. The way you do it is via healing. Entities take up residence where there are holes in your aura and Soul body…. like in the case of possessed (or shall I say piss-essed) bitch here…..

Meth Mouth Prostitute Reveals She Is A Satanist And Is Proud To Be Possessed

I think she was that “Nolan Ivanov” dude here (she strike me as someone with multiple personalities) cause the minute I ran him up the street – I been seeing this bitch forever – she started her bull (which I ended ?)…..

Pick Me Crakkka Nolan Ivanov Reveals The Innermost Workings of The Misogynist Mind of The Nice Guy

Misogynist Nolan Ivanov Gets ‘Woked

Bringing your dog into shit you scary ass sick demon possessed multiple personality disorder having ass bitch!

That said you gotta heal so as to remove those entities. Removing the possessing loose afro nigger naked bitches helped to heal my Soul and allow me a “continuation” and access to my right side.

It is crazy how these things can manipulate your life and throw shit out of whack just to keep you from ascending and coming into your Higher Soul purpose.

I could literally feel the entity attachments, blocking me.

It is finally coming to an end…..

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