Meth Mouth Prostitute Reveals She Is A Satanist And Is Proud To Be Possessed

Meth Mouth Prostitute Reveals She Is A Satanist And Is Proud To Be Possessed

Que The Exorcist music ???‍♀️

It’s no wonder she takes up for em ?‍♀️❤????

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

That’s why dat mouf look black…..

Messy-canTs have at ha loool…

No wonder. I am never wrong!

Just watch the tape and you can low key see she got a ghoulish draining spirit in her……

That’s why she look nas-tay!


Look at the video and note her jerky movements like in the sceencapture here…..

She move and got the same jerky movements as ole gyal in “The Exorcist”!

Or like in the Evil Dead which also presents possessed people…..

Tell me she don’t look like the exorcist…..

That’s why she got that ole angry ass dog always howling with it’s anti-social ass cause it’s “master” got demons on her, that attacks the dog.

She even sound insane.

This is how demonic entities operate…..

Here is another good example (note his infatuation with the wetbacksssss)…..

I think she the mofo behind these accounts that’s been fucking with me for the past coupla days…..


Regardless of whether she being facetitious or not (I think she is) SHE DEFINITELY POSSESSED!

The way she talks, TRIES to articulate, the jerky head movements like the girl from The Exorcist – those are signs of possession cause it happened to me…..

I am still in the throes of fighting it, getting shit off that I acquired as a satanist and even before as part of Soul contracts “agreed to” by the demiurge…..

After the high school incident where I was told to “drop the English accent” – I now realise it was an entity, a reptilian to be precise STILL ONY ASS causing me to absorb that shit that shoulda never affected me the way it did……

As I type I could feel extreme heat on my right side and a blockage that is unnatural in my throat chakra trying to block me as I say this – but my Soul is more powerful…….

I was just like her: off, acting outside of myself, possessed…..

This is why it is important to stop chalking shit up to “mental disorders” and recognise how the spiritual realm can affect us and how it can afflict certain people who you call “crazy” (crazy is not those aware of their actions who are in control)!

I’ll never forget as I was TRYING to get rid of this foul entity attachment on my right hand side and could SMELL a foul order (complete with roaches etc crawling) I could hear a hispanic girl – they tend to be very intuitive – say, “She got something evil in that car” and I was bloodthirsty ANGRY that night as I tried to expel it out.

One night I nearly died trying to remove it.


The All Seeing Eye aka Eye of Providence and How It Is Used To Control Us

When it FIRST attaches to you…. you can’t think straight. Your thoughts be all over the place, scattered as that new possessing energy takes over ….You get thoughts that are not your thoughts and it is like you function on a strictly purely instinctive animslistic level, hence some folks obsessions with sex, alkie-hole and other low vibratory shit as thoughts and emotions that are not your own start to take you over and you develop a “one track mind” as a result.

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