Pick Me Crakkka Nolan Ivanov Reveals The Innermost Workings of The Misogynist Mind of The Nice Guy

Pick Me Crakkka Nolan Ivanov Reveals The Innermost Workings of The Misogynist Mind of The Nice Guy

Now this fool sending (tiny) dick pics…..

I told his ass I don’t have time for the back and forth and unless he plans to meet me to dance ???? I ain’t entertaining that…..

But here his emails…..

[email protected]

[email protected]

Since his lil dick ass is obviously lonely.

Next Imma find his job!

OOPS found it…..


Might be him…..


WHY mofos being doing this shit to themselves…..

This bitch a NIMBY!

I already saw the ‘woke ‘wokeing on one of em…. that group of crakkkas in the white mini- I don’t know wtf that is…..

Rest in hell when your time comes, biatch…..


I said it here: I got evil entities that will gravitate your ass to me like a zombie and snatch that Soul up when I ‘woke ya.

Ain’t my afterlife. Play dumbass sleazy games, win hellish prizes ????

I saw ya’ll end up in a realm with roaches crawling all ovet ya’s!

That’s gonna be the hell for the vast majority I ‘woke.

Rest (or shall I say “restless”) will be in a lake of fire or your bodies (with only your heads sticking out) in a swamp, just like my hometown Louisiana – meaning you’ll be a sacrifice (and thus etheric battery) for me in the astral when you die…..

Which brings me to my next crew of assholes, like we say in Mardi Gras….

This mofo here gay and he an ex boyfriend of a friend so his stupid ass don’t count…..

I saw all them demons you got on your ass. He haunted WORSE then me!


I just hit a realization – a spiritual realization – why this happens ?

Now, I don’t like this mofo…….

And this mofo merely proves my point……

For the record, when a mofo calls you “angry” like as in angry black woman…..

It’s dismissive. It’s like calling you crazy. They want you to suppress your voice and use some negative shit their damn selves to dismiss you and not hear the truth from you. Dismiss them (and ‘woke em to hell). Yeah, I’m petty.

Why assholes write as if you give a fuck about they opinion. Bitch, you a man so you’re thoughts mean squat here.

I’m not here for you.

That being said I don’t like this skeezy ass Nolan Ivanov mofo. Imma tell ya what I read about him: He is the qunitessential devil in the closet, wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is the deceptive mofo who pretends to commiserate with women’s issues so he, like a trojan horse, can enter via deception in our personal spaces to sabotage and throw his selfish dirty ass dick energy into the ring.

I now realise the penis symbolisms I been seeing…..

This a reptilian serpent…. the mofo RIGHT behind it…..

Including last night…..

Indicates rape energy being thrown at me from the spirit world in which evil ass shit is using these tools as tools to perpetrate their agendas against me, which explains this…..

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

That being said Ivanov reminds me of this rapist mofo who deceived himself into womben’s spaces who I heard of from ladies in feminist circles when I belonged to a feminist collective circa 2011.

The dude spun his way in and was sexually harassing the ladies, making sexual overtures and guess what he was….. of course a demon seed wetback of Quetzalcoatl.

But Ivanov is a crakkka and tho that behavior trait ain’t definitely strictly confined to the demon seeds – now I am speaking ad nauseum – they have a peculiar embrace of that bullshit due to their bloodline….

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

But let me naught digress…..

Ivanov is a dangerous predator. The worst. Cause he is deceitful and I sense when called out, as you can see here……

That is TRULY how he feels with a capital T!

A person who truly believes in your rights and feels unjustly attacked won’t come at ya like that! That’ll be “WTF I ain’t like that.” They are not going to invalidate the false pretense – as in his (hen house) case they tried to put up by using your ideology they claim to uphold to tear you down as an attack.

It is analogous to a white person saying they cape for black people’s rights then saying “niggers ain’t this” and “that’s why niggers get shot by cops” when they feel unjustly attacked (if that is the case) when called out!

This is how he feels and I called it out.

This is why intuition is Qween ??

That’s why I don’t argue with a mofo. I know ya and that’s that and, if necessary, like in his case I ‘woke ya!

I’m tired of misogynistic males being attracted to my energy. That’s why I been ‘wokeing and thus sacrificing plenty of mofos as of late.

I don’t have time for the bullshit.

That said, last night a nice man helped me return some fan blades to Autozone – thank you. But I am bringing this up to make a particular point: Without saying too much, he let this dude – an ex armed robber who he let work for him in his biz – into his place and when he got out from the hospital, dude robbed him. NOW when I told him how I just “know things” cause of my psychic intuition, he kept pressing me to logically explain how I knew “this and that.”

This is why it is important to develop – and listen to – intuition ???

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