I Saw This Coming Thru My Cards: My Minivan Head Gasket AND Radiator Fan Is Fucked

I Saw This Coming Thru My Cards: My Minivan Head Gasket AND Radiator Fan Is Fucked

I rue that lil reptilian possessed nigga coming to me that day with that vial of health junk and given that I was possessed myself (it some weird doppleganger insect comprised version of me, all dirty and inundated with just…..dirt) which I now know was the cause behind my inadvertently absorbing other folks’ energies as mentioned here……

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

….A good friend of mines found a nice ass Dodge Caravan, blue (my favourite color). Practically new. It was a 2008 – like my old pontiac G5 2008 which I lost in a freak accident right after someone hit me in the front while driving down Broadway blvd (it is the area where I stayed at a shelter at later on – all these synchronicities – which also happened to be a freemason site) and, the minute that lil nigga gave me that fucking vial – my friend’s keys got stuck in his car and he couldn’t vote on it at auction and lost it to a “friend” who refused to give it to him……

Some friend.

So now I am stuck with this mofo here that I got from a fairly nice and fair dude who didn’t want me getting it tho he listed it on his site for sale (he wanted me to get the Chevy Astro tho I didn’t feel comfortable with it’s drivability, esp. given how I drive). This mofo has no plates tho it has been registered and has a number. The head gasket fucked up on it as can be seen here…..


I only found this out when I did a radiator flush thinking that was corrosive copper (it only had water in it and now I know why) but knowing what I know now that was fucking oil mixed in with the water coming from the engine due to the busted head gasket ??‍♀️

I now remember looking at the radiator fan seeing it wasn’t working…..

At first I needlessly (if only I had jumper wires before going to Autozone) brought radiator fans and when I connected them to the battery via jumper wires they were working, so that wasn’t the problem…..


To show you something evil fucking with my ass, causing me this extraordinary bad luck….. the next week when I used the same jumper wires, even when I used it on the new fans while connecting it to a new battery – wouldn’t work……

I show that here:


I went ahead and changed the relay thinking it could be that since it controls the fan’s blades etc and tho I changed both the plug for it AND the relay still no purchase.

I also tried connecting the jumper wires to radiator coolant temperature switch as can also perhaps be seen above that is at the front and still, no luck!

This part here…. I have no idea where it goes. I think it is part of the headlight system cause it is too short to be a plug for the radiator……


And here you can see the engine smoking….. I tried putting k-seal on it but no luck and may have made shit worse…..


– I saw a weave on the ground right next to it lol……


To go to show you that something reeeal fucking evil is conspiring to hold me back – I removed these “sacrificing” entities that devour people in the afterlife as mentioned here – I also freed the Souls as well…..

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

AFTER I DID – now my checking account had $300 something. The next morning I woke up with $146 – like that shit manipulated the numbers (entities are notorious for fucking with electronics) in my checking account which inexplicably dwindles (as I fight this shit) everyday.

I was gonna get the head gasket on Monday (I gotta take an uber since I have to go to the autozone that is far into the city) but couldn’t now.

That said one of THE WORST is the insect composed doggleganger version of me (I KNEW there was something fucked up attached to my right side) that I just removed after putting up with it’s putting me in literal hell for years that was on my right side and would take over and pilot my body (with me being a passenger and having no control) after causing alcohol urges and other urges.

I felt a difference releasing that shit.

Also, did I mention ole dude I brought it from has a trickster-joker spirit attached to him?

That’s why off shit – like my being throwed off about which way to turn the battery etc. – was occurring when I first brought this.

– Also, just now the passenger side door (in my living room) will not open from the inside ??‍♀️

I have exorcised that doppleganger demon from me but it still comes around and attempts to attach itself to me and cause me problems, esp. financial problems (when I ask my third eye to show me the cause behind my financial woes it showd her).

So it is like a constant back and forth battle with this thing (it likes to attach to my body so it can control my intuition) to get rid of it.

I am still in the hole with regards to money but I feel that the good luck I was supposed to have in life is slowly returning.

As I tell folks this shit ain’t me and it is very powerful entities, archon forces conspiring to keep me down so I can not do what I came here to do which is to free Souls…….

Right before I left my old apartment I had a very vivid “dream” that these conspired to have me on the fucking streets.

I hate this shit!

Case in point, last night this wetback here (I heard this mofo one time saying, “I hate her, I hate her” over and over again and his voice kept…. changing like into a white dude’s then sounded demonic……

You can hear this possessed creature here saying he been watching me……

Wetback Ass Drunk Driver Headed Down Topanga Admits To Coming Around To Harass Me

Threw a beer bottle (think about this) at my vehicle…..

I take it as one of those entities possessing him to do it cause I am successfully fighting them off ??

But let me catch his punk ass next time…..

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