The Meth Abuser Needs Her Dog Taken Away For Abusing It To Make It Aggressive

The Meth Abuser Needs Her Dog Taken Away For Abusing It To Make It Aggressive

JUST NOW I nearly got attacked by it cause she let it roam loose to attack out of jealousy towards me……

I called the sheriffs and here she is with that violent, hateful animal on a leash…..


That said this woman needs her dog taken away:



You may feel some way about me but – and I am passionate about this – NO ONE should own a dog who abuses it! I am a firm believer in this.

There have been times where I heard this innocent fur-baby YELPING – late at night – as she beats it to make it aggressive as you can see in those instances up there. I have seen her even yank it on a chain.

The food truck even moved away from her cause of that aggressive demonic ass dog.

Here she is looking like The Exorcist yelling, contorting her head just like in The Exorcist, while yelling that she is a satanist:


You can look at her skin and tell it is mottled grey – that is a sign of an unhealthy person – both mentally and physically. As you can tell from the videos above and below……



You can clearly see that cause she is violent and crazy and deranged – I mean listen to how she speaks and – I ain’t joking – tell me she don’t sound like The Exorcist:

Or the deadite zombies from The Evil Dead:

The other day I did a comparison pic SHOWING how she looks like that lil girl from The Exorcist, JUST like her:

Here another example from the other day…..


I’ve seen it barking at the dudes who be going to they trucks and coming to that food truck.

That said say what you want about me but that bitch shouldn’t have that lil fur-chile.

When a dog is aggressive like that – and believe me it is like that ALLLL THE TIME – it is a sign that it is being abused by it’s owner and, like with people – folks respond differently to things. Some choose to respond by being meek from being beaten down – this one responds by being overly aggressive to compensate for the constant attacks on it’s self esteem by an obviously mentally unstable “owner” who should not have that dog in the first place.

There are organizations devoted to rescuing animals from mentally unstable and abusive owners living on the streets, like her…..

LA Pets of Homeless is but one example of lightworkers who rescue dogs from mentally unstable, violent people living on the streets @lapetsofhomeless

@streetpeopleoflosangeles put em on thru this blogpost featuring abused animals living with mentally unstable homeless people:

The SPCA is but another and they can be reached at:


You can also call 311 at, well of course 311 and you can also contact animal control in Agoura Hills (whose jurisdiction she falls under) at


Again, say what you want about me but no baby or baby dog should be living in filth (I passed that area she in by one day and IT SMELLED OF FECES, DOG FECES) and with a wretched unstable homeless meth user who obviously got mental problems.

Ask me, the bitch is possessed!


Animal control showed and you can see that fucking violent ass poor furbaby barking as the poor lady talks to her…..

Also that bitch been ‘woked: like mine, her car can’t move. Serves her “KARMA” for talking shit on my shit.

Also, she called that poor lil nice animal control lady a wetback after chastizing me for calling mofos who fuck with me a wetback….. as I do crakkkaz, niggerz, gookz etc when they talk on me.

Told ya bitch is jealous…..

Degenerate Meth Prostitute Gets Into A Fight With Me Over Calling Out Her Nasty Mexican Tricks For Sexual Harassment

(I can hear via ambient noise) she calling a friend now to “cum get ha” loool…. bet he a wetbuck!

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