Degenerate Meth Prostitute Gets Into A Fight With Me Over Calling Out Her Nasty Mexican Tricks For Sexual Harassment

Degenerate Meth Prostitute Gets Into A Fight With Me Over Calling Out Her Nasty Mexican Tricks For Sexual Harassment

I kept wondering why the David Lee Roth song, “Girls Girls Girls” kept playing in my head everytime I saw this meth-heaux…..

Now I know why.

Here the pick me ??‍♀️ bitch in ALL IT’S GLORY!


Ole yuk mouth ass bitch. She looked like she done sucked a thousand dicks at a truck stop.

Here her license plate:

Here her license plate, guys, esp. Messy-cans ?????

Washington State (where they got all dem meth-tents lined up on the s(kr)eets of Seattle at) license plate number B0T0983!

And here her van…..

Go hit her up if you want a piece of meth-rock and some coochie ????

That said this bitch came at me in an arguing match (heaux was too scared to get out that rv)……


She talking about my shit and she’s been here for months – since last year – and after awhile you gotta switch over to Cali plates after awhile….

Anyways, I roll up again and peep she fucking literally cowers behind that dog…..


As I explain above…. this bitch here is pissed I’m running her “money” up the street.

Here she is fucking the fruit seller man….

I mean, why he there? He tucked in a corner where no one can see him. His sign is gone so the only thing I can PSYCHICALLY DEDUCE IS…. HE GETTING HIS DICK SUCKED BY HER, FOR $20 (that’s premium in the meth-heaux worl ??).

Nasty looking bitch. That bitch LOOK like a meth-heaux with that ole nasty ass blackened mouth looking like a volcano exploded in it cause she been fucking all them nasty messy-can tricks dicks, including the sheriffs….. Nasty bitch.

And assholes be thinking my SHIRTLESS is for that:

Not I bitch! That’s why I be running niggaz up the s(kr)eet, misconstruing my shit.

This Is Why I Say That Men Are Innate Natural Predators

Like this degenerate here:


Like this asshole here….

Pick Me Crakkka Nolan Ivanov Reveals The Innermost Workings of The Misogynist Mind of The Nice Guy

Get the fuck up the street with that shit. You ain’t coming up to me with that shit.


This bitch an example of a pick me ??‍♀️ (SOMETHING TOLD ME to take that pic of her with that fruit seller LIT ON HER RV) bitch! I sense she been raped, she a drug addict. Her Soul is crying out for help. She sees me – this cowering behind a doberman pinscher bitch – sees me standing up for myself, standing up for women’s rights and my light and my strenght from my spirit – which has never been crushed unlike hers – kills her.

As Denzel Washington folks will hate you cause you irritate their demons.

Looka this bitch here and count all the inner demons she got going on in her snuffed out Soul, looking like a ghoul and…. like a true coward, taking out her frustrations men have caused her out on a fellow womban trying to help her, our asses…..

??‍♀️ smdh!

That said, cause I’m nice….


I decided to help give her business……

Imma make something clear too: don’t come up to me with that bullshit. I don’t care if a male is coming up to me to help – I will just attack! And put ‘woke on ya ass right after…..

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I don’t play.

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