This Is Why I Say That Men Are Innate Natural Predators

This Is Why I Say That Men Are Innate Natural Predators

I am never wrong. Cause of my intuitive, psychic senses…. you can’t tell me shit cause I am always right!

Cause of this…..

As I was adjusting myself in my minivan I caught these half bred, looking like Wally Szczerbiak from the Minnesota Timberwolves and his darker skinned knee-grow pal jump up, anticipating see “the topless lady.”

Instead they got a militant feminazi (yeah, call me that, niggaz) who called they asses out on their expression of male patriarchl misogyny…. and got the fuck right after ????

Then these mofos…..

I SWEAR to the Goddess (Me) I heard them arguing about how the “topless” (bitch, it’s shirtless – just as men are called when they go shirtless) arguing about why the topless lady don’t like crakkkas then his wetback friend in his truly cholo voice says, “Why we arguing over a nigger?”

Well, I gave their nasty fucking patriarchal asses the opportunity to argue with the SHIRTLESS lady and get the fuck up the street while they at!

This another obvious ass creeper…. ran as soon as he saw I was filming

And these demon seeds…. they run when they saw me be quick to change into my border patrol – a sign I am ready to handle bizness:

I am not playing and unwavering when I say what I say here:

Men Are Innate Predators

These aren’t the rantings of an angry “harpy” as many males will quickly dismiss, the result of a bad break up or some other traumatizing bull (as with many women I have endured rape and other forms of violence meted out by males on a daily basis in the form of sexual harassment, street harassment [I am a long time supporter of HollaBackNYC since their inception ✊?♀️]), but the result of honest empirical evidence, pure factual research and just tapping into the collective consciousness of males which just reeks of rape and a predatory desire to dominate out of fear and insecurity for womben’s innate power.

I am a powerful mofo. So is every womban, girl (I hope young girls with ma’s who don’t think like I take heed to my words in hopes the future will be better for us here). As with this young womban here – my whole thing from inception, the shirtless activism, is designed to abet and educate the female and not for male titilation or excitement, witch ??‍♀️ is why I run em up the street ?? – I educate those of my gender about the gritty truth that many of us females fail to wanna register about males, how they truly think of us, feel towards us and their agenda towards us:

I don’t argue with my enemy….

I ran his nasty indignant entitled fucking ass along with the rest…..

Up the street cause they are my enemy. They are what I incarnated here to teach womben and grrls about – to fight against. I have been called faggot, fought, been beat, been stabbed – put thru the ringer because my purpose is to speak on the truth of em, their innate predatory nature and how it comes down to them basically being wholeheartedly designed to oppress womben by their very nature as this reddit article explains…..

Most females, operating on their nature of empathy (I am not gonna even touch the motherfuckers filled with internalised misogyny), have a tendency to try to explicate based on getting an understanding from the predators so that she may win them over.

Not I.

I am happy that I have a perfect dualistic combination of female and male energy meaning I don’t put up with bullshit while my feminine nature allows me to be sensitive and do the tapping into energy fields like I am able to do, which allows me to wholly understand the male agenda. I don’t take no bullshit and I can take scars and hits.

I am also very blunt and unlike most females whose heart chakras aren’t protected, so thus allowing male’s bullshit to enter in and confuse your energy field and so thus your thinking (I know from experience how that is), I cut to the chase and don’t put up with the bullshit. There is no confusion with me. No means no. They had a fucking – look like an eskimo – try to engender his way into my space (I could hear his ass talk shit about me with the fruit man). I cussed the fuck outta his ass. No means no. Then he tried to be friends and bring me some tape, to disarm me.

Later I could hear him discussing with a wetbuck male about how he wanted to “go at me like I am a man.” This is why I don’t talk to males.

When I was talking witn Black Bigalow over the phone, I saw him show then wave.

He lands down here again and tries to converse Imma have to show him who he dealing with.

Respect my space.

That’s the thing I can’t stand about mofos and that’s why I write these things solely for womben and grrls. Men know who the fuck they are and what they are all about. That’s why I don’t give a fuck about what they think or “winning them over.” Womben, grrls, you have to understand identification with a predator is not the way to go to win your rights. Might makes right with them. That is why I engage males the way I do and will continue to do so cause my job on this Mother Earth is not to enable the patriarchy, but to enable womben and grrls to fight it by showing them the signs of how it works so they know what to do to regain the world as it’s rightful rulers, Creators!

Lordt have mercy but I been saying this for the longest that there are entities influencing dudes to sexually harass me and here is proof…..

This ghost app is THE TRUTH and Imma show you all in the next article…..

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