I Was Astrally Called To Investigate The Kidnapping And Sex Trafficking of A Woman For Babies

I Was Astrally Called To Investigate The Kidnapping And Sex Trafficking of A Woman For Babies

No, Billy Zane, the actor from Titanic, is not doing this!

It’s a mofo who apparently works at an airport who is doing this.

Reminds me of this case right here involving this demon seed threatening this woman he raped that “She gonna have my baby.”

Wetback Rapist Tells Rape Victim That She Will Have His Baby

Men are some foul mofos. This is why I be saying what I say about em. I don’t like me. That’s why I said all the shit I said here about em…..

Men Are Innate Predators

I said not a fucking lie.

Abd wetbacks just untacitly say what be going on in the group consciousness of a group to be real so he telling what the rest of these males….. black, white, asian….. be really fucking thinking which is why I can’t stand they asses and be running em up the street and, no I won’t be on no civil shit you come up to me.

Imma be on some swinging shit some “slap a man” like here you approach……


I can’t stand men! Imma beat your ass. Don’t come up to me to “change my mind.”

I’ll hurt you!

I was summoned to a place I have been to many times in the astral…. it looked like a Ralphs but stood where the old Schwagmann’s stood in New Orleans East, my hometown.

I was there to meet up with the friend I guess who works there who was worried about a co-worker not showing up…..

Before then I was in an international airport. Me and my family or at least some other folks I was with got kicked out cause our asses couldn’t pay. I saw the sheriff’s deputy here who I had a crush on:

Seems like we were in a big group. That be said as we were getting kicked out of the airport hotel rooms I remember seeing a man who looked like Billy Zane:

I actually saw him in Miracle Mile back in 2010 when I lived there at a post off place.

I don’t think it was Billy Zane though he may have been used to represent him since the guy may look like him.

Who worked there but not in the capacity of an airline pilot but like someone who scrubs the floors and shit is what I picked up on tho he looked regale. I saw him “consort” a blonde woman who upon initial inspection I thought he was dating.

Later it seemed she was in distress and was being kidnapped then it flipped to a very vivid scene of her being taken to another country, I am thinking Morocco or Turkey and I saw the poor girl lying on a bed and him saying “Imma force you to have babies” – that shit is really fucking sick – and it seemed like he was using her to make “cute” babies – since she got blonde hair with the black hair right under it as could be seen in her nape (which was tied in a ponytail), she looked 30 (cause of drug use) and she wore glasses etc. – to sell on the black market. I also got the sense she was a drug abuser and his ass was a trick she had known. Poor child already trapped in hell. Damn!

This is why I hate men:


– Mofo got allll this space but choose to park to be near me with his perverted ass….

This is why I pimp they asses. Ever since I could remember, even as a child I was a militant feminist. It seems that I am growing into my calling.

My calling is to fuck up the patriarchy.

This is why I got the spiritual abilities I got – the ability to ‘woke – so I can fuck up mankind! I mean when I see these horrors of these mofos assaulting women, using us down as if we are only broadmares to make babies…… This why I said what I said here:

Men Are Innate Predators


The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

This is why I been saying rape culture is allll about controlling women for men’s reproductive benefit. That is what it all boils down too.

All men are innate predators who goes against our female agendas cause of that. I am cool – like many straight women are, all women really are – cause they are not a threat! I don’t fear them attacking me.

This is why I would never have straight males as allies. Looka this:

Pick Me Crakkka Nolan Ivanov Reveals The Innermost Workings of The Misogynist Mind of The Nice Guy

I called it out. Fucking pretend sympathizer. My intution is Qween ? and I don’t let anybody disrespect me by deceiving me, like so many womben unfortunately do (regain OUR ✊?♀️ world by not letting these mofos intimidate ya’ll into giving them fake numbers and just let em know wassup ??✊?♀️).

That being said I had to run a mofo up the street yesterday who I saw the demiurge prepping to use to pull me into a relationship that would annhilate my spiritual calling here on this Earth plane. Bitch ass crakkka in a I think older model porsche tried to give me his number. I cussed his ass out. Got it on video. Fuck his male ego.

The assault on womben and grrls and so thus the Divine Feminine gotta stop and will stop. A person like me is destined to go nun cause if we get involved with males it compromises ya, I don’t care how much they say they “understand” the cause cause it goes against their very innate nature. That’s why I am happtly I am a loner and if I associate with anyone it’s gay dudes cause I don’t want anybody getting in my way, plus I like being independent which alot of males despise cause it goes against their innately misogynist desire to use the female energy to inflate their male ego.

That said I believe I heard some wetback at the food stand say, “Wear clothes” after running this wetback here up the street (I know what the fuck you doing):


No bitch, control your dick or else I’ll control it for you.

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