Racist White Malibu House Heaux Tries To Offer Me  To Run Me Out of Malibu

Racist White Malibu House Heaux Tries To Offer Me $30 To Run Me Out of Malibu

? like Prince Phillip at the title.

Looka this mofo ?⚰?

Dead just like him. Just like he had been for a looong time and not just on April 11, 2021!

Black witches please ‘woke this wide house heaux….

LOL these pee-pole looool……

Fuck I Got Pyrokinesis: Malibu Gets Fyre Fest ‘Woke After I Thought It

I Told Ya’ll In Malibu I Was Gonna Woolsey Fyre Fest 2.0 Dat Azz


Malibu Is Gonna Get Another Fire ‘Woke AND I Feel I Am Revenge For What Ya’ll Did To Mitrice Richardson

Why these dumb ass people play with me after I put fyre fest ‘woke ????? numerous times…..

I’ll tell ya!

Alright, while doing this video here which is an ad nauseum of this article here for my Youtube channel…..


Archon Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

This lady who has been circling me in this beige jeep here…..


…..Who I have heard saying “leave” as if I don’t want you here….

Came up to me offering $30 under the pretense of being a “friend” to leave Malibu ???


With that being said, remember dude here who trusted a convicted felon homeless robber to watch his rv while he was in the hospital (due to my ‘woke)…..


Don’t fuck with me!

He also stated that women raped by crip members were “asking for it” and “liked it.”

That’s why he deserved to get ‘woked!

That mentality deserves to get snuffed out, as my spirits will do to him ⚔??

….All this is what happens when a Soulled person is about to ascend to God-hood.

Thor, Santa Muerta, Baron Samedi were all living people whose legacies went down as very powerful spiritual capable and inclined people.

From what I heard Santa Muerte was a jilted lover who drowned herself cause her man didn’t want her (I hate weak ass “I need a man” bitches like that) and now serves in the spirit realm as a revenge spirit for those looking to spite ex lovers.

Thor (he called himself being around me once then got pissed cause I wouldn’t war-ship him and turned my brother into a wolf) – well, just watch Marvel comics films on him to see what he all about…..

I myself…..

I see in the future me being seen as a highly radically feminist warrior Goddess, like someone to call on if a man fucks with you and fuck his ass up!

Not too long ago now that I think about it I had a latina who I saw in the astral call me to stop a mofo, a potential boss at a job interview, from sexually harassing her.

I saw her the next day in a blue beemer.

I also see myself as being like an activist, protector Goddess for bullied people, as was I, and esp. for the gay community (I LOVE gay men and transfemales ??️‍??️‍⚧️).

Esp. Cookie Tookie Stanley (I hear Tookie and it makes me think of black crips gangmember Tookie Stanley who died in the 90s with those funny ass books and the funny ass faces and hairstyles he’d make on those “anti-gang” books in the 90s that just contradicted his intimidating frame along with that high pitched ass voice. No disrespect but it was comical) aka Samantha James. She a transgender on Youtube and she is also woefully being haunted by demons as can be seen here, with folks woefully misunderstanding her plight as they do me…..


That being said, I fought this shit off last night that was trying to take me, my Soul! I now realise an “angel” was setting that shit up so I called on The Source energy to wipe her ass OUT!

Something Tried To Take My Soul Last Night But I Fought It Off

Told ya’ll angels are demons and that “god” the demiurge is the devil and visa versa and that Your Soul (for those of us who got one) IS GOD cause it is an aspect of The Source (Sol = Soul = Sun ?)

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

That being said I am happy my intuition was up so I’ll know what’s up with this heaux.

My cards were trying to say she was telling the truth but, fuck, as can be seen by her telling me to put on a shirt so she can tell me her intel of folks who want me dead (bitch, I been known this)…. this her ass. She scoundrel bitch.

The sense I get is – since she been watching me for a long time – she got told by her millionaire whatever house trick “husband” who I may have told to get the fuck up the street with that sexual harassment shit that he will cut her off if she don’t tell me to leave. She comes here to start some shit and talk all that “conspiratard fema camp” shit thinking I’ll fall for it and this bish thinking $30 will legit buy me – these mofos are clueless (I was about to take it when I thought it was a hunnid – $100 – but my black ass ain’t leaving) – and, like a fucking retarded fool, just runnn’!


Imma say this for the record: she betta not come up to me again. She lucky she had money (which I did not accept) cause I woulda beat her…..

Coming up to me insulting my intelligence. I can’t stand that shit.

Hope she have a good time with them demons I sent and send them my “regards” in the form of you!

One thing I wanna say is: I really don’t fucking get these fools who think they can fool me!

Bitch, you see evidence of my ability to parse mofos for what they really are with my intuition. Peer pressure, being called crazy, rapings, stabbings, attempted murders by gangmembers even don’t run me out.

So do you really think you gonna get far with this, your bullshit.

All I can conclude is that they – her – are sacrifices.

As this old Frankie and Johnny commercial in New Orleans used to say…..

Let em have ha’ ??????

Dumb stupid white house heaux. They too fucking stupid for their own good. Dumb mofos…..

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