The Problem With First Amendment Auditors And These New Copwatchers

The Problem With First Amendment Auditors And These New Copwatchers

You heard it here: THIS IS what SGV wants – violent encounters……

Also, here they are deliberately all up in (while legally being on the sidewalk) people’s businesses, taping customers (witch ??‍♀️ is uncomfortable), all to provoke a response…..

Alright, watch these vids (he my fav – always drama and he funny ass fuck) and tell me he ain’t baiting…..

….And tell me they ain’t baitin’ people into confrontations…..

They hide behind “muh rites” to troll folks with a camera cause, c’mon, let’s be reasonable: it is a lil fucking weird that someone is just standing outside filming with no obvious fucking purpose.

Yeah, you got the right but the question is should you?

They argue that businesses film etc but they film for the protection of themselves, their business and their customers cause robberies, murders happen in those establishments and a camera is necessary to catch the fuckery and the perp.

Now, the question I got for them is – okay – if you feel so strongly that you got the right to film in public (for no reason), then why not pull this at a playground with kids? They won’t cause they know angry parents would whip they asses and call the cops and have em registered as pedophiles…..

Now, if they feel so strongly, why don’t they do it? There is something called nuances…..

I am personally not too fond of these new copwatchers. I was a copwatcher – one of the original ones in L.A. back in the day. I didn’t make money. I used my own funds to help sex workers who needed shelter get a room etc. from time to time, brought people home whose cars got impounded by the police, etc. and I never disrespected the cops unless I felt disrespected by them. Many cops still remember me from that era and I was known as Happy Hooker back then. I got to know alot of sex workers, their pimps/managers. I had fun. I treated everyone as human.

I remember back in the day this is what I was trying to avert……

Cops practically raping sex workers. A weirdo with an obsession for me taped this from behind the bushes of an actual LAPD officer in the Southeast Division practically raping a sex worker.

That being said I don’t like this…..

That’s not necessary. All these people surrounded one cop, making the man feel unsafe, surrounding him, harassing that child, that ain’t right!

They compromising that man’s safety, cursing him out. Why harass him? Would they talk like this to South Siders, Sureños, Norteños? Hell to the fuck no! So why disrespect the cops who are restrained and are forced to be restrained by laws, esp. in this (crazy) era of defund the police and antifa and all this other insanity. Just back up and let the man get into his car.

This crakkka cute btw. Look like he do meth:

That being said all that posturing ain’t worth it.

I admit – and I am guilty of enabling them – they are funny but these folks literally compromise their physical safety and mental health for mere Youtube bucks (many channels are understandibly demonetised cause they are the equivalent, fuck they are folks pulling dangerous stunts for views and money)……

I HATE how mugs treat poor Fury Potato just cause she trans in thesw vids. I cry seeing it cause I myself have experienced unjustified violence being black and female…..

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

It started cause I didn’t want him…..

That’s what got me started with this ??

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

In this vid here they calling the blacks monkies and niggers after soliciting antagonistic responses from em…..

That brother BIG! He woulda whipped his ass!

In one vid he has he taped a black female security guard who hit his ass and he in turn got her, a single mother, placed in jail……

BUT he didn’t do that to a white broad doing the most…..

Nah she latina but still…..

Many cops know they start shit hence why even in cases like this one – this was extreme and scary – where they had rocks, bricks thrown at em cops refused to haul the people in:

This one here – I mean these guys are dangerous……

At around the 49:00 min mark he mentions them trying to run them over – him and his crew…..

They putting their lives in REAL fucking danger (this ain’t the movies) just fir views and money. These vids are intense but it seems this what they want.

That being said, look, the 1st amendment auditing thing is trolling. I mean a good use of it is like here:

I actually spoke with the guy who runs the site back in the day. He an ex LAPD officer who got fed up with the corruption and quit and went around exposing police departments’ bull in stings nationwide.

He actually did real good by exposing police abuse.

What I did was copwatching.

The shit they doing is more akin to what this weirdo named Surveillance Camera Man did back in the day – taking vids in awkward situations and staying silent – as 1st amendment auditors do – just to provoke people….

This is EXACTLY what them so called “1st amendment auditors” do, down to staying silent even when folks are nice like here…..

Watch the lady in the truck, Large Marge I call her (from PeeWee Herman) wave and they don’t wave back. Is this really necessary?

That being said this new trend of antagonizing ordinary people going about they day at work etc for views is more than a lil fucked up and disconcerting.

They getting people fired from their jobs by doing this dumb shit…..

Let’s be real: friendly interactions don’t get views but antagonistic vids do! They know what they are doing…..

One guy makes bank off of lawsuits doing this ish…..

This bullshit has already led to laws where cops can actually arrest you for filming as noted by one documentarian (he ain’t no 1st amendment auditor or copwatcher tho he started as one and is very professional)……

In Arizona it is damn near illegal to film cops now (though they don’t come out and illegalize filming per se they give wide berth in terms of discretion for cops to arrest folks filming a crime scene)……

And many of these people secretly get paid by the government to do this…..

Here a cop supporting em, this Perdido Atlantic fool who looks like a straight cop……

I mean all this a straight psyop.

It is a psyop to illegalise filming in public and other real actions and flexes of our civil rights.

I’ll never forget Furry Potato – a former special beret and navy seal – went “dark” for a minute. Supposedly Mrs. Potato – her handler – took the reigns and represented her as she was in the hospital for no reason (I saw the live and nothing warranted her being in the hospital for a week):

I called it out…..

I peep the vid got taken down and the majority of her recent uploads are past uploads……

Anyways, while she went “missing” I saw thru my third eye that they threw the original Furry Potato off a cliff and into a river and replaced her with a more assertive clone……

Going from this…..

To this (good ??)……

That said, this shit is a psyop designed to undermine real rights at worst and entertainment (honest) at best lol! Major trolling is what it is, just like their forefather:

These people following in his footsteps are a trip.

I rem. two guys in Arizona honking at folks. Shit was hilarous ??

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