What Is Work

What Is Work

For me, my website is work.

I have a natural knack for philosophizing and spiritual discernment. I have produced works on subjects that most folks couldn’t even comprehend to touch…..

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

Fighting The Sephiroth Tree Parasitic Entity Attachment And What The All Seeing Eye REALLY Is

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

Fighting Off Severe Right Hip Pain Caused By Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub As I Break Free

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

It kills me when dumb mofos who visit my blog expecting to just merely see pure flagrant nudity and carnal, vacuous, exploitative sexual pursuits instead get hit with a site that is deeper – much deeper – then what they can anticipate.

I’m too deep to be stuck in that shallow ass box, moron, so move along…..

That’s why folks hate me (I break it down here)…..

Why People Truly Hate Me

I throw dummies who lack the ability to understand nuances right the fuck clean off…..

Did you also know that the vast majority of pee-pole are dumb – the average American IQ is 96:


Crazy thing is having read the encyclopedia back in 1987 the average world median IQ was 115.

People tend to mistake my high level of consciousness for a “high IQ.” IQ is more practical, rudimentary – technical. My consciousness is more spiritual and extensive then others.

That is why so called schizophrenics who seem crazy seemingly got high IQs. IQ tests for technical abilities like the ability to remember at a certain speed and capacity (to store stuff). It tests for the ability to regurgitate information at certain speeds – like a monkey.

Me on the other hand – my expanded consciousness gives me the ability to create, conjure up and see and make manifests through drawings and paintinhs worlds that can’t be gleaned with physical eyes…..

– The Diary of Paul Dienach touched on this:


– When you read it that is EXACTLY what the rapture is: it is said that a light will strike each and every individual called the Nibelvirch that will bring forth this spiritual enlightenment that will be so intense that most will die and those who survive it, with the first being Alexis Volkys, will have this divine connection unlike that which was ever seen in any other time period.

It will bring about a union of the physical and spiritual and give humans a God like insight!

The ability to see via my third eye I’ll never forget the time all my energy in my chakras, esp. the throat, went STRAIGHT to the third eye and I could see as clear – though different – as much as I can see this blog as I am writing in it. It was darker and I could see strange light and auras in certain places but I could not physically speak.

I believe as Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa breaks down our ancestors had that ability till the Chitauri aka reptilians took it away and gave us fake ass, Earth damaging tech:


This is why I feel that the very foundation of our educational system is fucked up: they tests for everyone – people with their own special gifts and talents – to learn along the same lines and conform to this unified expression of learning which jives into the testing of IQs whereas some folks got kinestic intelligence aka dancers, artists like me, folks with clairvoyance, etc. shit that the bullshit IQ tests can’t tests for.

Almost everyone can learn by singing a song and turning the knowledge you learn into a song. If school taught like that (the ones I attended had teachers who’d try what should be a universal method), EVERYONE would ace an IQ test. Trust!

It all lies in the subliminal aka the creative aka the right brain. Truth.

Now, what is work?

The thing I love about the Diary of Paul Dienach…..

The Paul Dienach Diary Predicted The Great Reset AND That It’s A GREAT Idea

Is that it explains how in this future society –

See, the society we live in now is fucked up, exploitative and parasitic.

People – as per a hierarchy, a pyramid, like a pyramid scheme – work for a company where the person at the top gets rich while the workers for said company have to endure Soul-crushing work just to survive.

Look at that fake ass smile.

She look like she getting read-day to spit in a mug’s drink ??

That ain’t right!

That said, many folks got it in their heads – and this is some sadomasochistic shit going on here – that real work is hard and you aren’t supposed to have fun with it, hence why professions like actor, artist, porn star get skirted to the side and treated as non professions.

Speaking of $ellebrities you all look up to them cause, like in the Black Mirror episode, 1 Million Merits, they present the fantasy of being able to be whisked away from a life of Soul-crushing, drudging, begrudging “work” and to have alot of money where the daily banal worries of survival get taken away.

Ya’ll see how fucked up shit is!

It don’t have to be like that. If folks like Tesla “ruled” and had a greater impact on society beyond being used by handpicked illuminati capitalist as a name to make money off of tech he created to free the world, we would be like the future society of Paul Dienach’s where folks would work for 2 years – free – to help the state then pursue at their leisure their own desires which, once refined, can be used to enhance the fuck outta other areas of life as imagination is key to innovation, not really desperation as is sadomaschostically claimed to support you all’s dysfunctional society.

Many brilliant creative folk in society are drugged up – either legally and/or against their own volition or through the recreational “illegal” variety as a form of escape with the former designed to keep their abilities suppressed in a society that is and demands dysfunction and exploitation to work, so thus making those folks “threats and targets of the state.”

So, what is work? I have heard folks say I’m lazy, others like me are lazy but what does your work do for the human Soul? Sure your shit contributes to the physical but how does it enhance life beyond the material and improve a person’s lot via spiritual heightened sensibilities, Know-Ledge of Self and other things.

That’s what I do. I dig into the unseen to inform you all what you all need to do to escape various pains caused by things on the other side that only your third eye can see. You’d be shocked how entity attachments can cause physical ailments. I am pretty much at this point due to personal experience am an expert in this area.

I help folks like myself who lack an understanding of why the world is as harsh towards them, us, and make it make sense in a very basic manner without sounding condescending and too far out like so many new (c)age bullshit peace and love hippie bullshit artists.

I keep it real which, in a world of organic portals, folks hate…..

Why People Truly Hate Me

So that is my work. My work is dropping diss know-ledge unto ya’ll and getting ya’ll closer to Soul enlightenment, the Nibelvirch Paul Dienach’s diary mentions.

I am doing what I came here to do as per my Soul contract.

It is called destiny, which is why you should not limit everybody else to your ways based on your worldview. My destiny is different than yours duh!

That said, you all choose to incarnate for various reasons. Some come to experience life in a physical body purely for it’s carnal pleasures. So they get jobs. Then careers, all in the context of the material realm.

Me, I came here for a calling then I am OUT ??

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