Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Wo

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

* The more I think about it, their harassment is a form of sexualized violence, designed to force me to wear a shirt , ,,, .(I hear the murmurs….) by making me feel uncomfortable as possible when I decide to go shirtless, hence the rapist predatory energy as can be seen here….

I also wanna say – you know why white males are attracted to small females – in particular small, petite lithe black women, when those creatures call themselves “being attracted to us”……

Like with kids, they see small females as easy to take advantage of cause those demons have no testosterone and gotta compensate by feeding off the fear and domination matrix energy acquired from lording over a tiny being, like they do with kids, hence why they are pedophiles….

– It also has something to do with their tiny dicks only being able to fit into lil kids…..

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

There is a reason why I have to call people “wetbacks” and “crakkkas” when doing my shirtless activism…..

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

Now, watch this…..


As a black womyn who gets vicioulsy and unfairly mistreated for my shirtless, viciously and unfairly sexualized and viciously shouted at – like I am a fucking dog – to “put on a shirt” by everybody, even my own, I have no choice but to be mean, and lash out, throw rocks and throw hands when creepy mofos roll up to leer, invading my space, imposing their presence in my space with their stereotypes of me based on my race, gender…..

I even had a crakkka one time who came to sexually harass me say he don’t care about that spiritual – meaning that basturd feels threatened I got a brain and hate that I show it…..


They don’t treat that white girl that way at Zuma Beach, guaranteed, as a told to me by a COOL ass Jewish gentleman (I feel like I’ve known him my entire life)…..


For the sake of mere precious survival I can not be civil when motherfuckers are sexualising you down animalistically to the mere level of an animal, denying my humanity by calling me “weirdo”, “crackhead”, “crazy” – esp. when I call them out – and saying epithets and doing things that denies my humanity.

I have to be a fighter and fight back. I have no choice.

For a long time I knew if I were white folks would treat me better. That perspective got corroborated yesterday when a cool ass Jewish dude told me how pleasant folks are towards her as she goes shirtless, how non creepy folks are towards her. It pissed him off and strenghtens and only reaffirms my antisocial personality, which was forced to be forged from pre existing unfair treatment at the hands of assholes who could never understand me.

If I were to be nice and “welcoming” I’d only be welcoming and inviting terroristic attacks, predatory behaviour, rapes, rapists just as I did yesterday…..

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

That is what happens when I let my guard down and be nice cause the predators will come in.

See, to be a black person in America…. you gotta understand that we have always been animalized and objectified since slavery where we were strategically and systematically dehumanized (read the Willie Lynch letter on how to create a slave and divide blacks). This is why to this day when you go on many natural afro hair blogs black women speak on how mofos – mainly crakkkas – feel like they can welcome themselves to touching their hair etc. I had a white bitch try that at Starbucks once and quickly got pimped and her hand slapped back – with their favourite duty dogs the wetbacks waiting on hand to aid the beautiful white heaux from having her hand indignantly slapped for invading a black woman’s space. Reminds me of this scene from Oprah Winfrey’s The Color Purple…..

This IS me allll the way…. what I have had to do my entire life…..

That is why I have to go wayyy out of my way to make mofos feel uncomfortable – cursing mofos out, cursing mofos (with ‘woke ✊?) cause it is the only way I can have some peace to be myself by defending myself against racist ass mofos projecting stereotypes on me because I am a black female.

I’ve been sexually assaulted, raped out here:

Chasing My Rapist

That shit don’t happen to that shirtless white girl. One mofo who did something to me said that when that white girl was out here that he wouldn’t that to her despite her going “topless” cause he said he respects her right ?? before I have him the 1 2 left right piece.

This is why have to fight. I have to fight for respect because I am a black woman overall, doing this.

If I was white, I wouldn’t have to.

That is why when these wetbacks be going up to that food truck I have to viciously enforce making sure those demon seeds respect my boundary by cursing their asses out, cursing them (‘woke ✊?) so their shady asses know that they can not and will not abuse me sexually cause those mofos – I swear they are worse then white people cause their is an animalistic, almost satanic inhuman quality to em which I break down here – I will say that in observing them – like an animal in a lab – they are like white people in terms of their attitudes towards us (they wanna be white) but they are unfiltered in how they go about saying and doing things cause they are simple minded mofos. They view – cause they lack the depth of comprehension to understand something known as nuances – all black women from the paradigm of the jezebel stereotype in which we are hypersexualized and are stereotyped as being open to anything sexual and constantly wanting sex. You combine this with a black woman stereotype and you get a recipe for disaster…..

That’s a child they are depicting ??

I swear all white people are fucking pedophiles I swear.

You can read about the Jezebel stereotype here…..


This is why I HAVE to fight tooth and nail for respect. That is why I stay pimping those wetbacks early in the morning when I notice their asses creeping up on me, parking next to my minivan when they are but a 1000 other parking spaces by that food truck which will be some 50 fucking yards away…..


LOL! That’s right motherfucker move! I won’t let you steal my dignity with your racist ass view of me sexually. That is why I stay calling they ass wetbacks for a reason. It gives me power by letting them know I ain’t one of these half brained kneegrows who don’t know what they are. I know what they are…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

– I just heard a demon seed passing by say, “I’d slap her.” This is why I hate them and have to maintain an aggressive bent towards them cause otherwise given their racist attitudes towards blacks they would take advantage of me, run all over me, rape me and not respect me.

Here is the response to the sexual attack that happened recently, laughing at my pain…..

This why I have to be uncivil cause I am dealing with predatory uncivil evil ass fucking so called people.

Because I instill fear in mofos things are not as bad as they could be. There is a reason why “niggas” act as niggas for a reason.

I have to put in check esp. crakkkas who think that cause I talk “proper” and don’t look all the way black (tf is that) that I will be one of these stupid ass kneegrows to let them act stupid around me.

As this fool found out I can turn into a nigga real quick and am proud of it.


Then you factor in that we are also automatically masculinised in which designates us in this weird ass misogynistic patriarchal cult-ure into the same territory that transgenders navigate where we are weirdly lusted after but despised and hated for no reason but who we are and in our case it is for our skin color and the stereotypes attached to it.

That white girl don’t get called hoe tho I heard she out there hoeing yet – no matter how masculine I am forced to carry I get called this – I hear it and despite my strong exterior cause I am forced to be strong – like so many of us – I battle with fists, rocks, ‘woke ✊? during the day but you damn right when I say I cry…. I cry knowing this and this is why I rightfully take on these mofos who attack me, gaslight me then get upset when I retaliate and call em out.

It fucks with your head knowing this inequality and that your cries fall on deaf ears cause no one cares when a black woman is falling apart. Many of us keep shit inside cause we are forced to be strong and any dent in our armour allows for predators who wanna prey on us to come in…..


It is the sapphire stereotype – a stereotype launched to justify violence – esp. sexualized violence – against black women going back to slavery.

That is why ever since I been doing my shirtless activism it has been non black men, not women fucking with me…..

Dude Tries To Attack Me For Being Topless THEN Calms Down

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

I got shot at by a crakkka cause I would not let him sexualize me and what I do.

This is my world, as a black woman. I remember a wetback working for a particular security company saying how he was shocked I couldn’t fight off a grown ass man with an undercurrent of a sorta jealousy combined with resentment, a taunting hint in it. This is the type of shit that pisses me off. Black women are forced to be strong, not because we wanna be. We have to be.

I have to be strong to face the litany of indignities that gets hurled at me when folks racist expectations collide with my shirtless activism.

It would be different if I were getting real actual fans applauding me for my female shirtless activism. No. Instead I get jeers from jealous ass crakkkas who hate that a black woman started this out here to “put a shirt on.” That’s why I started this blog cause I instinctively knew crakkkas were chomping at the bits to credit a white bitch for what my black ass hard earned won, filing my own lawsuit and all.

Black Woman Starts Topless Movement in L.A. And White Woman Gets Credit

This is why I hate crakkkas. They were THE FIRST mofos I hated when I came into the world.

One of my fondest childhood memories was running their asses off a playground at the age of 7 by singing, “Get off my playground you fucking crakkkas.”

It made me feel so good to see them cringe and squirm in discomfort. I loved it ??

Then the only other mofos who are “accepting” are the sexually creepy perverted lecherous rapist fucking types who use my shirtless activism to express their racist ass hypersexualization of black women by cat calling, wolf whistling, honking they fucking horns but in a dehumanizing, sexualizing manner (since they don’t be yelling words of support).

Then you got white bitches like this one here who – as during the days of slavery – see black women as competition (while fucking our men) like when the master would rape us and they would blame us for what happened.

Liberal White Bitch With Black Lives Matter Written On Back of The Truck Calls The Police On Black Lady For Being Topless

That’s why I don’t believe in uniting with white feminists or any other color but black when doing shit like this, activism like this…..

Black Women Stay Away From White Feminism #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

I Stand Behind the BLACK Women’s Topless Movement

And I will…. as I should……

I’m Catching A Charge If A White Boy Approaches Me For Date

When you have mofos coming at you like you are a fucking animal, treating you as a zoo exhibit because of my race, you damn fucking straight right that I am gonna fuck go off. I deserve better. I deserve to be treated better. I don’t deserve this.

What has been happening to me is not right. It is racism and I am happy I am finally able to write it out and make sense of my subjective feelings as to how I been treated and why I always knew there was something fucked up and wrong with how I get treated during my shirtless activism.

This is why I am hostile to certain groups – mainly wetbacks and whites – and will continue to do so…. maybe even get worse due to this revelation.

Serial killers aren’t made in a vaccum. Aileen Wournos was not made in a vaccum.

People drive me fucking crazy. They know what they’re doing. The thing that gets me the most, pisses me off the most is how – as with all black bodies – I am expected to welcome this subhuman treatment and get treated like an animal and any kind of way like this cop conveyed here……



Peep how the sheriffs are enforcing that racism – the longstanding belief (and he fucking black with my last name) that black people are not fucking people and other races are entitled to treat us as such, like we ain’t shit. We ain’t nothing……

That gets to me.

And then you have mofos that gaslight you, sexualise you then call you crazy like this asshole here who I caught taking pics of me and young women and young girls to show to male customers…..

Fruit Vendor On Landside of PCH Takes Pics Videos of Me And Young Girls And Shows To Male Clients

When I took my foot off his neck by removing the ‘woke – the next coupla days that motherfucker would shout my name and whistle at me like I am a fucking dog so I can be treated as a zoo exhibit for his customers – including kids – to see the shirtless black lady. You know what the burden of this knowledge can do to you when you understand the cold calculating dehumanization of it? I don’t hide behind titles but I grew up middle class, more like upper middle class with both of my parents being professionals and my having attended catholic schools and some college. You realize how fucking dehumanization that is to have someone callously write you off – who you are trying to help – as if I am nothing and treat me as such?

That fucks with your mind. That’s why I have to lash out.

Just writing this had me crying (I did a video earlier which I will upload in the future).

I hear people calling me shit then, when someone says with a tinge of fake empathy to “leave me alone” they say “Oh she a crackhead.”

It’s cause I’m black.

That is why I brought the maga hat cause it mainly be wetbacks pulling that shit. I don’t care about that orange faced mofo tho he says truths about the wetbacks – white folks’ lapdogs – I got it to piss their asses off.

Fuck America. America was built on thr backs of my people’s rape, enslavement and genocide. Fuck America ?????

I just use these mofos shit against them when it’s convenient.

As I have said many times here…..

Wetback Demon Seed Threatens Brother Tariq Nasheed Over Telling The Truth That Blacks Paved The Way For Other Races of Color In America

Wetbacks Hate That I Am Calling Them Out And I LOVE IT

Wetbucks Are Now Getting They Deserved Due For What They Have Been Doing To Blacks

I can’t stand those mofos. There is an inhuman level of a lack of empathy in them, the vast majority, which I do not see in other races who will often times have a human reason backing up the fucked up things they do.

Many of em think they are better than blacks cause they think they are white – they wanna be white – and like the example of my singing off at the crakkkas on the playground it is empowering for me to call their asses wetback and let them know that I am on to their demonic nature and that they can’t take advantage of me like they do other black people.

It makes me feel so good to wipe the smug perverted looks on their faces and watch it go down as I treat them like they dirt they were hoping to treat me as. It fucks em and I enjoy it.

Same thing with crakkkas. I am good at reading a person for their achilles heel and using it to attack them. I enjoy calling them racist ass contumlies, calling em crakkkas, emasculinating them just as they masculinize (while sexualizing) me by calling them bitches. telling them they look like girls with their pretty china white porcelain skins and straight hair like bitches, lack of testosterone having asses – which is true ??


It fucks their heads up. I know it and I enjoy it!

That said another thing…. it fucks with me when I tell my pain. I post my pain on my blog and I hear the dismissive responses like what I say don’t matter. Only what I can do for them sexually, what they project on me.

That can fuck you up. That can fuck anybody up!

That’s why I have to throw rocks, throw hands, throw ‘woke ✊? at mofos invading my space who due to racist stereotypes wanna treat me as a sex toy. I feel like I am wayyy too fucking polite. That is why I don’t have a problem pushing the nuke button and fucking up anybody who tries to get close cause it is always for the wrong fucking reasons, for racist reasons. I am fully aware of what dwells in the hearts of these mofos who project racist stereotypes onto and into my shirtless activism.

I love myself. I have a right to be myself and I will not let people degrade me and I stand aloof with my head in the clouds ignoring it.

People like this bitch here falsely call me a racist mofo without trying to understand why I gotta do what I do (they don’t care about my feelings and like many white bitches she was jealous)…..

Degenerate Meth Prostitute Gets Into A Fight With Me Over Calling Out Her Nasty Mexican Tricks For Sexual Harassment

Imma let you fucking know. Now don’t fucking park next to me (to leer), drive past me to leer like I am some fucking circus animal because of my race cause I am gonna make sure you regret it ??? ??‍♀️?? ‘woke ⚔?

Just now a white bitch yell “cunt” in a stupid lil small car then run off like the coward she is…..

I can’t be nice with shit like that happening around me. They make me “racist” and angry cause that is the energy they direct towards me…..

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