White People Are The Devil And How To Use The Satanic Energy Against Them

White People Are The Devil And How To Use The Satanic Energy Against Them

White people are the devil!

But I’ll teach ya’ll to use something worse to fight those demons…..

It makes sense why as a lil child I had to use force, darkness to get my way….

It all makes sense ???

White people are some evil mofos…. what kind of fucking race of “people” awake in the caves of the caucus mountains and decide to conquer and colonize the world due to a fear of white genetic annhilation due to their having inferior, defective, recessive genes…..



Their “males” – I put paranthesis cause of what I am about to say – have very little testosterone even compared to the women of other races…..


Makes sense why I – my mother and others always saw white “males” as feminine….

Makes perfect sense.

There is, just like with the wetback, something seriously wrong with them. It’s in the dna, which is why, just as is with the wetback, they are incontrovertible to change. They can not be reasoned with (DO NOT let those paleface demons into your space), which is why they need to be eliminated from existence altogether (they do not have Souls but spirits which I will explain later on)….

I have always ever since a kid hated white people. I was fortunate enough to grow up in New Orleans which is damn near alll black (the wetbacks tried to turn it into lil Messy-co and we ran them demon seeds OUT ??)…..

– Read that middle comment there.

It is why looking back despite what I faced I am happy I chose Xavier Prep over – at the time – all near white ran, crakkka ran De La Salle…..

Astral Projection Experience In Which I Saw Two Life Paths I Coulda Took

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

As one spiritualist said I may not even see it now but it was the right choice and many “dreams” have conveyed this….

And I am on the right – not the white – path!

White people are innate sneaky evil, vile, vicious, cruel, manipulative (to a reptilian degree) parasitic who enjoy leeching on to the original HUE-MAN (they call us monkies cause unlike they we are the true HUMANS – let that sink!) and forcing their way into our spaces while, out of envy, sabotaging us, making us hate ourselves, stealing our shit!

I mean, I remember the days when Vanilla Ice was a joke (low key I’m glad that brother Suge Knight punked his ass out that window and “stole” his money just as he was trying to steal our music at the time….)….

– If we ALL ✊??? woulda kept the same energy these crakkkas would NEVER steal shit from us. Never. They fear the real devil, the dragon for the melanated hue-man, that can come from forth from us – that is within me and I have let be known which I will break down later….. ???

I mean, this should not be…..

Greatest “white rapper” of all time ??‍♀️

There is even a white Crapper who is a white supremacist – legit – using OUR music to use against us…..

Looka this demon’s eyes and how black he portrays his eyes here….

There is a metaphysical basis for it…. he using OUR energy of anger and using it to enrich himself…. as they always do. Imma explain later!

How did it get to this…..


How it get to this…. ??‍♀️

That said, what the Nation of Islam says about them being made by a jealous evil mad scientist named Yakub is true……


Now, even modern day crakkka scientists are saying this – crakkka creatures were created aka “came into existence” some 2,000k years ago…..

These crakkkas are ALL-READY rearing to whitewash Africa by saying it was not originally black ??


A spiritualist told me that Africa is ruled by the crown chakra – the highest chakra in the chakra system which is a connection to the divine…..

– Think on that. That is why the e-vile crakkka wants it.

Also, according to Paul Dienach’s diary, wetbacks will take us over once crakkkas eliminate us off the planet…..

This is why you never trust white people.

Basically, according to the story – this is my summation of it – whites were created as an imperfect creation by a mad scientist named Yakub who, because from what I recall he wasn’t being as revered as he should for his accomplishments, created a creature, a creation designed to, quote “saw an unlike human being, made to attract others, who could, with the knowledge of tricks and lies, rule the original black man….” and the crakkka was born:

It is in those white pale creatures to be evil, to rule, to conquer, rape (be pedophiles) and steal or as they whyte-wash it and say…. colonize! You – just like with the wetback (the organic portal dogs who act as lapdogs for the stupidly and demonically evil white race) can’t negotiate with them.

That is why it is in them to want to force themselves in our spaces, put us down – I remember the days when they knocked us for having “kool aid colored hair” and big butts and called it ghetto. Looka now…..

Cause it’s whyte our styles are now “right”!

This is Sarah Baartman……


The way you see her being treated by these crakkkas is the SAME EXACT energy that these crakkkas and wetbacks be coming at me with – it’s an attack! It is a sexual attack, hence why I fight back with hands, rocks and ‘woke. The shit that gets thrown at me is a DIRECT attack on my blackness…. a direct attack and they know it and they hate that I know it and, unlike other kneegrows, am not aloof and not fooled…..

I recall one time a crakkka who you can see here who came to sexualize me basically said that he didn’t care to hear that spiritual stuff (now he can hear my afrocentric pro black hate whitey shit lol…..)

Just as those trash ass crakkka ancestors of his used my ancestor’s natural way of dress as a rape excuse to sexually torture black female slaves and dehumanize us all.

I hate white people with a passion. They have alot to pay for.

They are the enemy of the HUE-man!

They know I don’t fuck around and they hate that I am not a good nigger servile buck but am confrontational aka what they call “niggerish” and will slay their crakkka and wetback asses in a NY sec.

Now, as per internalized racism, some blacks, the “respectable” conformed kneegrow ones will try their best to CONTAIN AS IN CON – going against yourself and TAIN as in suppressing yourself and carrying a mask of respectability by going all the way out to “earn” the crakkka’s respect by playing their game and dressing up all the way so they won’t be considered “that negro” aka the nigger…. like me.

You know what these crakkkas bow down to and respect: niggers like me. A nigger that don’t give a fuck. Calls em out. Don’t play their games. I’ll cut their asses in a NY sec even if they done helped me.

Respect is key and respect is earned from your enemy when you don’t play their game, you make them play yours while keeping them at an inferior level to you meaning you are inaccessible to them.

See, I enjoy, like a serial killer, fucking with these mofos minds and using ‘woke to control em…..

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

Word gets back to me how powerful I am…..

That comes from embracing the darkness within…..

As I said before, the asians got the dragon, we got Satan…… ???

Baba Bobby Hemmitt breaks it down here…..

I look like a witch, like a lil like the old hag don’t I – she was taught about in ancient Khemetian (Egyptian) times….. I also look like Medusa who – peep – turns men to stone…..

– Note Medusa has dreadlocks…. the dreadlocks are snakes. That should give you a thought on something…… ??????

Satan is OUR dragon. Notice when they depict “satan”, the devil he has black features, like the devil……

– Look at the features and tell me I’m lying……

It is cause the devil is our crouching tiger, hidden dragon. It is our force that we can use to conquer they asses. Think about it ?? We as black people come in different hues and shades naturally as can be seen in Africa. Yet, they call us black. Cause black is the primordial darkness from which light CAME FROM!

In the 1985 film Legend the devil character whose name is Darkness says in the trailer, “There is no light without me. I am Darkness.”

It is an energy, a force that resides within us as black people. You pull that force out and in this material realm you are indestructible.

This article here says that melanin conducts electricity…..


Think Thor ⚡

Alotta shit I have experienced is starting to make sense….

Thor Does NOT Want White Supremacist Worshipping Him

Let me explain what I mean…. there is a reason why I was “forced” into satanism……

Had to be.

That said, the devil energy – the true devil energy is one borne from hate and chaos. It is chaos magick. I know what I am talking about because when that shit takes me over I’d be running around naked, skirting (lol) societal WHITE CODE mores……

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

That said I know from experience that it is a very dark energy and it is one that can be released from deep seated trauma and the rage bourne from that trauma…..

The Haitians created egregores known as the modern day voodoo loa to free themselves from the crakkkas…..

– Whyte people, due to the royal asshurt from having black folks rock em ????‍♀️? – to this present day are so pissed that they have imposed material embargos and infiltrated and installed white controlled leaders like Papa Doc as retaliation for their butthurt…..


– Note they said they made a pact with the devil ???

That being said from my experience the satanic devil energy is an energy that demands respect because it is borne of chaos where it conveys that mofo does not care, they are not bound by societal restrictions and will do whatever it takes to bring about respect….. whatever it takes.

This is why they install crakkka christ aka cesare borgia, a rapist and murderer whom the image of “christ” is based off of, as the go to for black folks to have their righteous anger aka “sin” (sin is latin for “without” washed away)…..


That being said, the satanic energy is required to slay these mofos cause Imma tell you something….. it is the energy they been using against us……

There is a reason why – I’ll never forget – when I first came out here these crakkkas tried to “appease” me in their usual arrogant way by telling me to “be of the light” while throwing rocks at me and attacking me and then they saw I was an unforgiving mofo with these fyre ‘wokes ?????

This one had me laughing ??????

Just recently crakkkaville suffered a fire aka Sunset Mesa…..

Fuck I Got Pyrokinesis: Malibu Gets Fyre Fest ‘Woke After I Thought It

I Told Ya’ll In Malibu I Was Gonna Woolsey Fyre Fest 2.0 Dat Azz

– I remember in one of these a cop looked at me like, “Damn bitch you got power.”

Damn right I do. And I use it too ????? LOOOL

Anyways, now they preach that new (c)age “be of the light” bullshit to keep us further from seeing the light on what they asses really are and having an insurrection on they asses like we did in Haiti…..

Glad the muslims and other dark skinned people are taking back Europe just as they colonized and dominated us. It’s called payback!


That being said that is why they wanna manipulate you into only war-shipping goodness and staying the phoney light of HEY-Zeus cause it keeps you from what they have achieved bu using OUR own energy: the devil energy.

As I said before, the devil energy is bourne from when someone good gets treated dismally bad to the point where they “lose it” and “turn bad.”

It is why many empaths turn to sociopaths ?….

How To Become A Psychopathic Empath

It’s something to do with closing your heart chakra but not all the way or redirected it via re-organizing your energy body so that all the negative emotions of trauma go somewhere else so it can’t conflict with your inner peace by keeping your main body stable and untouched. That way you can still “feel” intuitively but nothing can get into you like thru your sacral chakra so that no one can hurt you….. Satanism did something to make my energy body like that hence why I can be stoic in the face of conflict rather than a confused heap of an emotional mess…..

Now….. white people, knowing they are genetically inferior, set out to conquer and subjugate due to fear….. Those crakkkas set out to conquer us and others to assauage the trauma of white genetic annhilation.

So this hateful anger was used to drive up innovation, create things for the sole purpose of conquering.

In their societies if they weren’t conquering their own (this is how fucked up they are and India got their caste system straight from them) they gotta go after others, hence how “manifest destiny” was born…..

I also wanna mention – strong emotions like hate can be transmuted into spiritual powers like telekinesis, telepathy etc cause they operate from the central nervous system and just as adrenochrome is said to derive from highly emotionally touched blood – like during our periods when we become chaotic and lose control emotionally – heightened emotions – esp. when bottled up – can contributing to a blasting of the opening of your chakras and thus higher spiritual awareness…..

That’s why I say do not let the anger they hoist upon – in you – consume you. Instead, use it to get back at them, consume them….

What I am saying regarding how they lack of respect for those who kiss they ass reminds me of a recent incident I noted in which there was a brother across the street playing, “We all should get along” after the very night I snubbed some wetbacks ???? while talking with him…..

I could hear the chatter in the background thru white noise in which they were laughing and making fun as if to say, direct, “Stupidass naive nigger has fallen for our tricks and is right where they want him to be.”

They don’t like my ass but they respect – and fear – me cause I know what’s up about them and call them out.

As I do with crakkkas.

That being said the way you conquer crakkkas is by refusing to let them into your personal space bar none.

See this…..

This Why I Keep Crakkkas And Non Blacks Off My Page

If You Are NOT Black, Stay Off My Social Media

There is a method to my madness. I don’t argue with em….

When you are arguing with a person you are creating a way for them to get into you and change your mind about them so they can deceive you.

As with the old adage goes with vampires never let wetbacks and crakkkas into your energy space like that….. ever.

Know what they are – inwardly, outwardly – so you can both innerstand and overstand what they are all about but…. never let them in your close personal intimate space cause that is where the shitshow starts.

They will reveal their true colors and drop the pretext and test ya by saying negative things about blacks to see how far they can go with you……

Same with wetbacks! I can’t tell ya how jealous those mofos are. When I have let my guard down around them one half wetback who sexually assaulted me was saying blacks are whiners and complainers after telling a story about how Texas cops OPENLY call them wetbacks and I merely chimed in and said that they need to start complaining like us…..

Another gave me a jump and felt free to knock Black Lives Matter. I wore my ICE shirt so it was all good ?

They are not our friends: non blacks are not our friends and it is cause we are not just the original human but the true humans = HUE-MAN and the story goes deep which you can read here…..

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

Why The World Hates Black People

They will use many methods to violate our space. One is the nice person approach where they try to disarm you with a smile – in the same way they gave smallpox blankets to us, the original indians, to wipe us out and used a false peace treaty – after the polynesians busted they asses – to steal New Zealand AND Hawaii……

Another thing, watch out for when they “smile” at you. I love when they do that cause then it sadistically gives me the ability to tear them down and wipe that smile off they face, I don’t care how sincere (I sound like a serial killer lol ??). They play the game of “good white, bad white” to keep you mentally chained in their system. If you have ran into “bad whites”, the “good” crakkkas will come rushing in to white knight to keep you stuck in their programming of whyte (false) light and peace and love to keep from having that satanic kundalini energy in us from righteously bursting forth…..

Now I notice these other mofos get violent when we don’t let them into our personal spaces (to steal our energy) like this wetback here…..

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

This is the wetback demon creature trying to siphon my energy – which I refused – leading up to that incident – he had been trying to get me in his car and then would call me crackhead when I refused…..

That’s why I started saying wetback wetback wetback. It puts them in their place and let’s those demon seeds know where they stand with me. They respect me cause of it.

You have to maintain that level of dischord with them – all non blacks and esp. wetbacks and crakkkas cause these mofos are sadistically so thirsty for OUR energy that they will fight us to get it.

They will also call you “crazy” and “mentally ill” when you are on to them cause they don’t expect you to be keen on to their shit as they – as I have discussed in yesterday’s blog – got us pegged as stupid and naive and dumb – the place they want us to stay in.

Also, if all else fails – after provoking you they will call the po-lease as this crakkka bitch here did after antagonizing black Popeyes employees…..

I can’t stand those fucking cave apes. Cave demons….

If we – as they say – dance – we’ll dance ???? ????

Keep their asses away with hostility. I have a natural anti-social personality. It allows for their shit not to get into me and for me to be able to say what I been saying cause I am not really tied to shit or restrained by other people’s opinions or energies and that is what scares them the most…..

You have to keep an antagonistic stance with all these motherfuckers. It makes folks respect you.

That is what the satanic melanated energy – our “dragon” energy – in blacks does to us.

Now that I think about it, when I became a satanist is when crakkka MALES and wetback MALES wanted to fight me…..

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

Dude Tries To Attack Me For Being Topless THEN Calms Down

Imma tell ya something about them….. black folks need to stop that people of color shit……

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Wetbacks, and these others hate and envy our asses. Always did. They descend from another bloodline which was a corruption of the ancient Egyptian dna stolen from our ancestors – the original HUE-MANS from Mars – to create a false race of organic humanoid robots who will without thought and unapologetically and unthinkingly do the will of the reptilians – now whites – without question otherwise known as the wetback….

South Americans And Mexicans Are Organic Robotoids Created By The Draco Reptilians To Be Worker Bees

This is why they make great hard workers but not smart workers ??

I’d be beating a dead stale horse if I were to go into greater detail but just read these articles…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

This guy here breaks down how the reptilian “god” that tried to control him had links to the ancient Aztecs and Mayans = wetbacks ??

This article breaks down practically how they are organic portals created from our dna which was stolen by the reptilians hence why when I have interacted with them they have a “dead” “void” energy about them – like a reptilian energy mixed with a lil bit of HUE-MAN……

An Ankh Found In Mexico Proves That There Is A Link Between Ancient Egyptians And Certain Mexicans

John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

I believe the reptilians stole the pyramids from the ancient Khemetians and they used it to build colonies all around the world – just like whites.

That said, let me talk on the spiritual derivation of the crakkka.

Crakkkas – like the wetback – don’t have Souls but they got spirits.

As Baba Bobby Hemmitt said a roach got a spirit, just as crakkkas and wetbacks do……

That said, we black people have Souls…..

Most of these other mofos don’t which is why they are caught in materialistic trappings and want us to follow along (to comprise you and steal your Soul for them reptilians – I’ll explain)…..

I remember awhile back a new (c)age (c)rapper spoke of how he wouldn’t wanna be like jesus over some new (c)age (c)rapper cause Jesus was filthy and dirty and had no money……

Again I don’t care for Crakkka Christ but the thinking behind that shows how black people are willing to sell their Soul for material Earthly whyte folk trinkets: their true glory!

That said, Credo Mutwa broke down how the reptilians divided the human race into genders after we – again – sold our Souls and natural powers for their technological bullshit.


They stripped us of our natural powers of telekinesis, telepathy – being able to live in commune with the land for enslavement by them in the form of controlling our society, causing harm to the planet, and creating divisions between our genders….. who does that remind you of……

White folks create problems wherever they go ??

Here is my observation: I said this a long time ago – white people were created by something evil – if not Yakub perhaps the reptilians – to keep the TRUE HUE-MAN preoccupied and focused on material pursuits and not spiritual ascension which is why they pull them false light teachings on ya’ll while practicing OUR ancient mystery school occult spirituality which focused on duality.

You use the devil to protect your light from them.

As Baba Bobby Hemmitt said these inhuman, NON HUE-MAN white creatures do not have a Soul. They are not capable of understanding the hurt they cause cause they have no compassion cause empathy is not in them.

Remember that when you deal with those demons and use your satanic kundalini to destroy them.

As an aside – I peep when I came into my satanic powers, a blackness coming from the kundalini would envelop me.

White people were the original things I hated for a reason ???

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