Pumping Iron And Pimping Non Blaq Niqqas

Pumping Iron And Pimping Non Blaq Niqqas

UPDATE: All today mofos been trying to test me but FLEE when they see me lol ??


My aura so strong ?? I made a wetbuck cry awwwww ??


LOL ??

I had to make an exception cause he was just to creepy…..


I don’t like feeling like prey. I felt like a deer caught in headlights – prey – when he did that!

See, when I was a kid – one of my favorite (and my dad’s) tv shows was “America’s Most Wanted” in which awful criminals were featured!

Looka this wetback lol…..

That said, as a small child – I remember watching an episode where they had an innocent young woman who out of nowhere got kidnapped by some sleazebags, was placed in the back of her trunk in her own car – a camaro (same first car my mother owned). They tied this child to a tree, raped her, and left that child for dead. That episode stuck with me!

From that point on I vowed never to be a victim!

I took taekwondo classes and beefed myself up to go into fights involving my brothers to defend em (I am naturally a mild mannered person and it takes ALOT to bring the beast out – which is why I am naturally vindictive)!

That being said – in light of the darkness I was subject to in my adult life – I am out of it. As I said here:

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

And here:

Why I Enjoy Intimidating Men

I am free ?

I am free to be me! I can NOT get over how other folks’ energies can infect you just by associating with em!

I have always been a bossy, mean, non sexual (that’s why I HATE when mofos get my topless activism misconstrued for sex – I’ll punch you in your face for that shit) motherfucker and I revel in it…..

My mother’s a mean bossy mofo and so is my older brother, Kerry!

We just have that trait to throw our weight around.

If my lil baby brother Bryan wasn’t learning disabled – lordt he used to chase us around the rooms at the age of 2 with a butcher knife if we pissed him off but he was a sweet little baby in public – he woulda been a vicious motherfucker too.

The beast is out. It feels so good to have nothing chaining me anymore.

Hear ??? pimping these crakkkas and wetbacks! You are not of my ilk so you DEF HAVE NO RIGHT LEERING AT ME, ESP. YOU WETBACKS WHO I HAVE A COUPLA SWORDS (FUCK A TOOTHPICK) TO PICK! I DON’T LIKE YA’LL! Fuck you if you don’t like that!


That’s right! If you aren’t black, stay back cause I decreed it! ????‍♀️?

That said, this pervert right here – I peeped the day before he parked next to me and the minute he saw me come out my car wearing a shirt he took off so I knew what he was trying to do – parked next to me, again, in hopes of seeing me topless.

Fat ass crakkka heaux (ole Harvey Weinstein looking mofo) got more than IT bargained for – fat ass literal pig:


I slapped that shit right out his hand. I honest felt that if I were to punch him in the face – he woulda had his cheeks busted and a few of his teeth coming out….. It just came out and I could feel my strenght…..


I’m getting so strong I can throw this rock in the air like it ain’t shit and it feels weightless now.


– After working out yesterday my calfs feel like solid bricks I swear…..

That being said, I got a bone to pick with non black men – mainly crakkkas and wetbacks – and it’s totally justified! I am a student of human nature. I sit and I study people. I understand mofos better than they understand themselves…. esp. the herd mentality.

That said, given what I have said here:

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

And here:

People Got To STOP Putting Black Women Into The Category Of The Super Strong Black Woman Terminatrix

And esp. here:

Black Men Are The ONLY Real Race of Men Cause Other Fake Races of Men Have To Beat Women To Make Themselves Feel Stronger

Black people in general – both male and female – are envied for our strenghts, physically, mentally and spiritually – but these same envious mofos like to impose themselves in our spaces for their selfish agendas.

Here is a study confirming it:


That said, my intuition is Queen ? I am never wrong. I am always right!

That said, as I said in the first vid, if I sense something is wrong, I call it out! I work out so I can handle myself if things get rough.

Black men have always treated me with respect – never wanted anything! Crakkkas and wetbacks on the other hand, even if they do something “for” you, it is always cause they want something from you be it your Soul, energy, whatever. They give us Earthly trinkets for things that are worth more than mere paper aka money as I have explained here in these two blogs:

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

Why I Enjoy Intimidating Men

That said that is why I am on the warpath with crakkkas and wetbacks (I can hear them fucking WETBACK BEANERS calling me “vato” and “hombre” CAUSE I AM TOO STRONG FOR EM – STAY IN YOUR OWN FUCKING LANE WITH YOUR OWN FUCKING WOMEN). I have been used and abused by em so I have every right to take out my anger, aggressions on em – all of em – and that’s what I will do!

That said – let me leave this here:


They have this crakkka mofo who is in a hatchback similar to this (but this is not it – this an suv but the back lights and color are similar if not the same) who has been stalking me – doing all them dumbass u turns wherever I’m at – to see where I’m at (I peep that mofo get out reeeal quick)!


I don’t play that shit with no crakkkas. I see your ass coming around again, pulling that shit, Imma chase you down and crack your skull. I may get some brothers involved.

I don’t work out for nothing!

Let me catch you pulling that bullshit again.

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