White Girl With Powerful Feminine Reptilian Attachments Attracts Low Vibratory Energies To The Beach

White Girl With Powerful Feminine Reptilian Attachments Attracts Low Vibratory Energies To The Beach

As you can hear in this video here…..


When I passed by her vehicle IT STUNK! It was a phantom smell of dog shit. The Syrian brothers living in there keep their shit up! I don’t recall any dogs being in there. Bad phantom smells is a sign of an evil entity being around!

That very day, I felt a reptilian try to attach to me which you can hear here (you nay see shit if you are a Seer or high on LSD or DMT):


Now – look! We know I keep it real! I got shit chasing my ass – mainly reptilians – with a fine tooth comb (it’s been getting better cause I been healing and cutting off chords with toxic mofos) and I been honest about it. Here my latest dealings….

How The Baphomet Acts As A Matrix Architect To Keep Souls Oppressed

Fighting The Sephiroth Tree Parasitic Entity Attachment And What The All Seeing Eye REALLY Is

That said, as Eve Lorgen on her site evelorgen.com puts it, you gotta watch out for these reptilians and reptilian controlled folks in “peace and lurve and lite” new (c)age spheres!


I was trying to find more articles on this but alot of shit been greatly purged off of Google’s search engines that be telling truths……

That said, I knew this mofo was a corny ass fake of the reptilian controlled variety when, after dealing with a bout of archon induced alcoholism this bitch – who stopped me as I was passing by her car – said, “Oh all entities are extensions of you!

That is a reptilian way of blaming you and keep you from healing by passing the buck on you so you won’t focus on removing the energetic archon implants they be placing on you of which this is a great example:

Fighting The Sephiroth Tree Parasitic Entity Attachment And What The All Seeing Eye REALLY Is

– That’s why folks like myself be doing them eye shapeshifts due to those archon implants…..

That said I knew this mofo had weird energy on her and so thus she attract weird shit like when, while she was around, white snobby ass crakkka liberals were coming around, fucking with me, which was the catalyst for this:

I Hate White Liberals


I ain’t never seen this bitch around. She look like she done done every drug under the sun. I dubbed her Alanis Morissette (isn’t it ironic):


I remember waking up one fucking morning after 1 day of that heaux being around and feeling DRAINED – LIKE NO FUCKING ENERGY!


Aside from snobby ass “liberal” crakkkas this bitch was attracted la eme, gangmember mofos…..

The other night I had to play the 6k hz to run some mugz out:


That said, when that controlled reptilian heaux left, I felt a wave of difference!


Beach was cleaner, energy was better, whole nine yards…. no weird ass mofos coming here……

That said, I am fortunate to actually have the chakra system in which I got a third eye to see thru. Many organic portal fortune telling readers rely on spirits to guide em. I don’t need dat shit!

That said, I saw thru my third eye why I was weary of her. She got a reptilian – a female with a bronchiosaurus head – controlling (I am being made to feel tired as I write this)! I saw her, the girl, smirk a sneaky smirk while the reptilian stood behind her!

That’s why – see, I ain’t fooled by this shit:



That nigga she with who got a white van is a pervert. He the type of mofo to ask if you need “help” with your yoga poses and inappropriately touch you on your crotch then claim he didn’t do it while getting loud and indignant.

I caught that heaux staring at me earlier – one point on the beach while staring at me he says, “I ain’t staring at you tho you are staring at me (projection)!”

At one point when passing by him I heard him say, “Put on a shirt” and when I stopped and said, “WTF you said?” He folded by like a bitch boy and said in a demure, almost weeping voice, “Nothing.”

That said, she doing spells with that yoga shit, acting as a vessel for that bronchiosaurus headed female reptilian that is controlling/influencing her.

That ain’t even the icing on the cake!

Mofo got the nerve to have a dreamcatcher!

Alright, this heaux chose to sleep next to me in her car last night. I SWEAR TO THE HIGHEST HILT OF TRUTH ?? MY BLACK ASS KEPT HEARING WHAT SOUNDED LIKE A FUCKING DRONE! I SWEAR UP AND MOTHERFUCKING DOOOWN ?? I get out my car (while she still there) and hear it! Only when she left I no longer heard it!

My intuition be on point.

I’ve talked about these homeless mofos being used to spy and monitor starseeds and other folks who are here to make a real difference in the world by getting them to attach and them compromise ya (that’s why that heaux wanted to be my friend). I touched on it here:

I Gotta Watch These Strong Psychic Homeless MK Ultra Mofos Man

I think they thought since she (meaning me) is acting all el dyko she’ll go for a controlled female organic portal who mimics that behaviour, too!

Nah bitch! No heaux!

I’m too clever for they ass and I be calling em OUT!

They even got a orbit that I saw astrally is an amphibious alien controlled alien orb designed to abduct and program these homeless mofos around here which I saw astrally back in 2018, Independence Day:


Them school bus mofos who used to be around here were on some shit (I saw they tried but, of course, could not recruit me and later I had my visions about them confirmed by another person)! I’ve seen that ALOT but I’ve slayed em all cause my natural personality which veers towards being independent, antisocial, mean and hostile as a mofo, and a loner to boot makes that impossible.

I don’t like when mofos try to impose themselves on me. I take it as an affront to me and will treat it as such!

We know I don’t play……


My intuition my friend and it be on point…. Always! ??

That said, you gotta watch these mofos! Not all enemies come with teeth gritting! Some come with a smile. You better watch your ass cause Imma drop ya ass! Fuck your feelings!

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