I Gotta Watch These Strong Psychic Homeless MK Ultra Mofos Man

I Gotta Watch These Strong Psychic Homeless MK Ultra Mofos Man

You gotta watch these people cause they be on an agenda…..


I first saw it here:


– Trying to talk to me, sexually, tho he a fucking christian, controlled by some demiurge shit!

And he was – tho later and not captured on video – did some dumb fucked shit when I was trying to feed him and he knew he was guilty:


I recall walking past him and feeling my skirt in between my legs and the distinct feeling of a thumb going up my skirt which makes me wonder did he use my skirt to stick his finger or whatever up there?

When confronting him and I said I know folks try to take advantage when I go drunk he says, “Well, that is to be expected!”

Honest I woulda felt a hand I think as the distance between my legs was, I mean, next to each other.

Now, the other day, when talking to him – only time with him would I hear something knocking on my car, no joke and, again, you can hear me and I think him as well mention it!

That said – I wonder if he employed psychokinesis to pull this?

I think of this because, once when talking with a white dude not from here (he was cute), he was in some MK Ultra program and was forced into it by his parents when he was small in the midwest which you can hear here:


I think this him later on denying it:


That said, as with the mk ultra program, they put him on strong doses of lsd as a lil boy which gave him strong psychic abilities.

I bring it up to say – this guy was standing a good 3 feet away from me. There was no spit coming from my mouth. Next thing I saw appear a glob of SPIT on my breast.

Coulda been the deal with the other joker os what I am trying to get at!

That’s why I keep my distance from non blacks! On my instagram I am QUICK TO BLOCK crakkkas and wetbacks and others who are non black ??

Black Men Are The ONLY Real Race of Men Cause Other Fake Races of Men Have To Beat Women To Make Themselves Feel Stronger

As I said there – the only folks who will have your back will be your own people, just like my mother used to say.

I don’t deal with other races…..

Looka these crakkkas here (I had to cuss two of em out)…..

This mofo here I wanted to beat his ass like how dare you feel entitled to my body. I wanted to hurt him.

– I think this the same bitch who works at Youtube who got my channel deleted:

Mofo Claiming To Be Fired Worker From Google Takes My Youtube Channel Down

….Do I look like niggatry aka spiritree to these mofos…..

Speaking of witch lol ??‍♀️……

I warn you petty bitches with a kitchen witch mentality the trap you are all falling into…..

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Have A Kitchen Witch Mentality When Approaching The Spirit Realm

Ya’ll are giving in to what the demiurge wanta by creating these binds that will bind you (not me cause I am escaping this mofo) to this realm and keep you in a low vibratory state cause the demiurge loves war and other Soulled folks fighting each other and it preys on the most emotionally weak to count on to keep them mired in a muck of pettiness instead of focusing on Self ans healing inner (karmic) wounds so you can break free of this matrix ??

That being said these fucking crakkkas fucking trip me out. The only people who donate to me are black people. These fucking lonely ass crakkkas sincerely project on me and think I “need” a friend cause their needy asses “need” a friend.

Ya’ll go make friends with them crakkkas!

That said I peep whenever a black person is strong and esp. spiritually powerful these crakkkaroaches gravitate to me like cockroaches do in Louisiana to light and just “gotta be around you” like fucking Enrique Iglesias in that song I liked from the 90s, “Wanna Be With You.”


I’m a loner, not lonely! Unless you done donated and shit or unless you wanna talk business, don’t fucking contact me! I notice that esp. with crakkkas they feel this overwhelming “need” to wanna push themselves in your fucking space. Leave people the fuck alone and be your own friend. Here their asses on my blocked list:

Make friends with they asses and shit…..

Another weird mofo is this Jonathan Hall who likes to follow my instagrams whenever I got a new one set up. Ya’ll go follow him lol:

He one of them fat nasty ugly old lecherous ass crakkka creatures that be lecherously following me cause he one of them ugly old old school ass crakkkas who think IT’S skin colour can earn me looking like that fucking creature from Little Monsters:

That ain’t a man, that’s a fucking creature!

That said, there is an old mafia saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”

I can smell a rat from a mile away…. stay the fuck back or else…..

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