Projection Coming From Serial Rapist Niggers LAPD Officer Melvin Tisdale And Mark Jackson

Projection Coming From Serial Rapist Niggers LAPD Officer Melvin Tisdale And Mark Jackson

I’m not your fucking mother (his real name is Melvin Tisdale):

This is an LAPD officer who works out of the SWAT Central aka “Skid Row” division named Melvin Tisdale.

I covered his nigger ass before…..

Exposing Undercover LAPD Skid Row Cop R LI AKA Melvin Tisdale AKA R LI As A Sexual Predator

This takes the cake here based on what I saw in the astral…

LAPD Officer R LI PIMPS Drug Addict Women To White Dudes Then Steals Their Money And More I Saw In The Astral

That said, as covered in here…..

Fighting Off Sexually Predatory Energy Vampires From Accessing My Energy

I TRIED sending messages to their chief Michel Moore but yet, they got sent back:

Here they are getting sent back (they fucking blocking me emails which they aren’t supposed to do):


That said, contact antifa here at: and let them know that LAPD is DELIBERATELY AND WILLINGLY harboring a misogynistic timebomb in Melvin Tisdale:

Contact Central Division once you are done contacting Antifa at:

213-486-6606 (ask to speak to a watch commander) and you can contact their two Captains, Scott Harrelson @ [email protected] and Brent McGuyre @ [email protected]

This mofo needs to be shot and killed in the line of duty.

Based on what he told me years ago while talking with me over the phone (he reached out to me while I was staying in the shelter cause of course misogynists like to prey on what they presume and ASSume are vulnerable females) that his wife divorced him so now he harbors terrible ill will towards females. These are things he told me over the phone and he tried to use my situation to get close and stuff but I am too smart for that.

So now he has taken to cyberstalking me and another very intelligent but easily dismissed as crazy (fuck it, she is) womban named Jamila Briscoe aka “High Priestess Jamila” on Youtube.

That email you saw here is scary.

His email is [email protected] – seems like he stole the concept of the number 22 being a lucky number from watching me…..

That email is full of misdirected anger, hate, slut shaming, an extreme hatred for womben who are strong who refuse to fit into the neat lil boxes his simple minded ass (I sense an inferiority complex in him). He is a dangerous individual who should not be on the streets much less have a gun and badge and authority.

That shit is just scary.

Another mofo I been grappling with is this weirdo named Mark Jackson. He was the one who sent me this video here in which obviously he sat in the bushes and watched a young prostitute possibly get raped by a cop here:

This another one I STRONGLY sense is a REAL serial rapist. When I told him that his ma raped him and quite possibly pimped him out to dudes to be fucked so his mama can keep a “man in the house”…. he stopped responding…..

Notice that when I told him what his ma did to him, he stopped responding….

I have a saying: keep your hell ? to yourself! DO NOT take your issues you have had with others out on innocent people who have not done anything to you. That is a punk move. All I have done to these people is live my life, be myself and had the unfortunate mishap (since I am a public figure) to run afoul of their obsessive eye and tendency to weakly project their issues and energies unfairly out on others….

I don’t deserve this:

I’m not your fucking mother, I’m not your fucking wife (since I don’t care for niggers it’ll never happen anyways ??). Jokes aside – like with the crakkkas in the article before this – this a form albeit a more toxic one of people who don’t want nor care for intruding in my space but, in their case – in the fashion of true narcissists aka narcs – wanna use me as an emotional trashcan for all their failures, all their issues and that is completely unfair!

I don’t deserve this. No one does. I am not here to help you with your issues. I am not the one who caused your issues – instead of going within these assholes project and blame everyone else for their woes hence why Melvin’s ex wife ran from him, why that Mark Jackson dude can not be with a woman on normal terms.


That said leave me the fuck alone. I am a loner. I don’t wanna be bothered. I don’t like to be bothered. Take you two energy vampire asses and get the fuck up the street or better yet, kill ya’ll selves. The world would be better!

Esp. in light of what I saw Melvin Tisdale as a PIECE OF SHIT “police officer” is doing here:

LAPD Officer R LI PIMPS Drug Addict Women To White Dudes Then Steals Their Money And More I Saw In The Astral

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