The Time Sleepy Joe Biden Demonstrated His Alzheimer’s By Talking About “Corn Pop” On National TV

The Time Sleepy Joe Biden Demonstrated His Alzheimers By Talking About “Corn Pop” On National TV

I died laughing at this and you will too ☠⚰?

I downloaded it just in case the shit gets removed (we know how the lamestream media likes to hide things…. like pizzagate


The alzheimers strong with this niqqa.

That said, you got child “meddling” – lil girl walks away from his ass in the beginning with an upturned scowl on her face as pedo Joe tries to touch her – kids laughing at his ass – him saying he let kids sit on his lap and rub his hairy legs – him calling black kids “roaches” – as well as his ole racist ass saying that black people have come far in society by providing an example of a black man being his chauffeur….. all in a 14 min video!

I laughed my ass off at this!

Imma do a more extensive article on his pedo ass trying to recruit a lil girl to do porn with him with Joe Biden’s adult daughter acting as the “director”:

This a sick ass mofo bastard and his stealing the election from Trump is EVIDENCE that American sovereignty is coming to an end.

Look up the Great Reset: “No one (but the “elites”) will own anything and you will be happy”:

The Covid Destruction of Businesses Is Meant To Set Up For The Great Reset Aka Hunger Games

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