This Is Why You Shouldn’t Have A Kitchen Witch Mentality When Approaching The Spirit Realm

This a SPOOKY ass image….

Look cool huh!?

I was listening to her account of what happened to her at the hands of the police and – I mean – that shit MIRRORS what just happened to me yesterday….

Just like me, she was targeted based on a particular program that affects her heart chakra – in her case attacking black males programming and, in mine, forcing womben to bow down to men’s sexual needs and egos programming.


What are the chances of that happening….. yesterday!

Listen to the end which is most revealing….

Her life mirrors mine.

They make it hard for us Starseeds to succeed.

That’s why you CAN NOT succumb to pseudo spirituality and fall for calling on entities to manifest material gain or entrap you in it.

That is how they ensnare you and destroy you, like a spider’s web!

2Circles breaks down the astral, etheric reasons why we hate em….

That said, this why you can’t succumb to the petty traps of the demiurge:


Also, diss why you can’t keep your Soul trapped in the poisonous vices of the demiurge thru overindulgence aka addiction = gateway to allowing the demiurge and archons easier access to your soul…..


Also, it’s nice to have a handsome gangstalker to watch as well ??


I just heard a snake hiss outside my door….. and it is now UNUSUALLY mad cold in here #ReptiliansAreAround

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