An Ankh Found In Mexico Proves That There Is A Link Between Ancient Egyptians And Certain Mexicans

An Ankh Found In Mexico Proves That There Is A Link Between Ancient Egyptians And Certain Mexicans

I be on to shit…..

You can see certain resemblances…..

That said, I touched on this here:

The Difference Between Hebrew, Moor and Egyptian Black Americans

I have said it before…. you got certain Mexicans who look Egyptian I swear up and down……

NOTICE that the only one to defend this post was a dude who looks like EXACTLY what I am referring to when I say certain Mexicans look ancient Egyptian…..

Also NOTE fucking ig blocked me when I tried to ask him to elaborate on the know-ledge he was trying to spill….

The rest of them racist mofos denoucing it are straight either lil short Olmec mofos but mainly it’s the fucking conquistadora WETBACK variety who whether they like it or not their Spanish blood still flows with the blood of the BLACK (mayate) kneegrow Moors who raped the Spanish women after invading it as that crazy mofo Dennis Hopper so eloquently explains here from the film, True Romance….

Dennis Hopper was referring to Italian Sicilians but it also applies to the Spanish as can be read here, to…..

Politics, my political incorrectness aside….. I’ve been noticed this but preferred to wait till it was the right tymeeee to say anything…..

That said…..

……Look, I ain’t one of these low self esteem take-a-kneegrows who wanna claim everybody black for the express purposes of wanting to justify (to myself) being with someone of another race who isn’t black but is close to white cause of fear with being with a white due to social pressure. My soul is white. I am attracted to white men. I don’t even have a sex drive really. I am focused on spiritual shit! I am also antisocial! Now, let’s continue…..

That said, a friend of mines whose third eye is open brought this up! He said he saw the Egyptian empire being dominated and hijacked by reptilians with them using human slaves to snatch gold for their ships!

Now this IS in direct correlation to what Zecharia Sitchin discovered when he decoded the Sumerian tablets…..

Finally! The powers that be admit their existence and are making it mainstream but for what agenda as they always got one…..

That said a gentleman who runs the website IN5D named Greg Prescott (a very beautiful man) alludes to ancient aliens finding it (the Egyptian empire) and planting human rulers in charge….

I just saw an excerpt that is very mad interesting in one of his articles…..

He states that the darker a person was in ancient Khemet (Egypt) the higher the frequencies they can generate from the pyramids…..

He also stated that there are pyramids in Alaska proving these beings were EVERYWHERE!

These mugs were allll over……

That said, taken from an astral projection experience I had about a year ago I was in a government symposium in the astral conducted by Colin Powell and while sitting there with my mom we were shown a projection video from a projector showing how the ancient Egyptians fled from Mars on a starship called Astuarte (which sounds a lil Aztec AND African) from the reptilians who had invaded it and then founded ancient Khemet so I have to second Mr. Prescott’s take that the reptilians founded ancient Khemet.

As me and my friend via our third eye they invaded Khemet and after usurping it replaced the original non human rulers with ones sympathetic to the reptilians.

See, the Khemetians were aliens too…..

Even the lamestream media puttin’ ya’ll foos on game…..

This soooo proves what I saw to be true!

I am of ancient Khemetian heritage:

I would say Egyptian royalty!

I even have that same hermaphroditic body type in which I have a male’s upper body with broad shoulders etc but fairly wide hips…..

It’s some type of powerful bloodline and it’s on my dad’s side which is surprisingly the same side that harbors my great great Jewish grandmother…..

Recently I was shown an astral vision where my dad had given me his wedding ring as an inheritance and it had a tapestry featuring an Egyptian god, I think Iblis, followed by a young lady, a princess being catered to which was me…. IT LOOKED ALOT LIKE THIS:


Alright…. follow me now as I go a lil deep but build up to the climax…..

There was a reddit article where a man stated that there was a hispanic man who worked at the hospital he worked at as a janitor whose eyes first changed to aquamarine then to the diamond shaped lizard pupil reptilian shapeshifters are so renowed for…..

Alright, now look at my eyes…..

Those are screenshots taken from a vid…..

– Come to think it, a white dude I meant recently who can see (due to drugs) KEPT INSISTING I HAD, AND I QUOTE “BLUE GREEN EYES” EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE BROWN (tho a light brown)…..

Here more evidence of shapeshifting…. this is just a few…..

Looka them fucking long ass talons…..

My eyes are brown…. and even there you can see different coloration not coming off of a reflection…..

Even here where my eyes are brown you can catch a shapeshift by looking at the pupils shifting into slits…..

NOW I will also preface this by saying what I am about to say next……

When I have been caught in that weird ass energetic tug of war as I have talked about here where I inadvertently absorb other folks’ energies…..

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do



Also, when talking to their organic portals they are VERY awoke and alert!

Like me as well I peep these groups tend to be poor tho they got a lot of shit working for em that should help them make it in the material world…..

And just like me they get plagued via what are really psychic attacks in the form of addictions to really what are low vibratory material things like drinking (in my case mainly) and sex to an unprecedented degree which no other groups get attacked with as discussed here:

The Mexicans South Americans and Central Americans Are Under A Reptilian Curse

I warn ya’ll about that Quetzalcoatl mofo…. he’s not your friend……

Them mofo reptilians are NONE OF HUMANITY’S FRIENDS…..


WHY idiots gotta think that everything non human is a fucking reptilian! That’s a fucking roach, a sea roach to be exact (lobster):

Alright I was scouring for a picture showing how there were reptilians in practically EVERY CULT-URE but I can’t seem to find it…..

These dudes here REALLY look like Lauryn Hill and it’s been said I look like her and we all look like this $1 mil year old alien found on this ancient ancient ancient spacecraft…..

Lauryn Hill is SOOOO beauty-FULL! She looks alien too, otherworldly!

Here is the beautifull alien lady on the $1 mil year old spaceship:

Now why the fuck these crakkkas had to do sis like that….. I’m free the nipple (fuck that white people shit I don’t do group thinking) but we know these crakkkas ain’t opened her shirt for no free the nipple…..

Nasty mofos…..

Then they had to go crakkka-rize her…..

You can go read about that Apollo 20 mission here:

Here are more examples of Nubians here…..

Actress Grace Jones (there is a Mexican lady who runs the 99 Cents store who look JUST LIKE HER with smooth and darker skin tone):

She another beauty-FULL black womban!

Here’s more…..

LOL this explains why alkie-hole (alchemy) gets ahold of me…..

Ole girl even looks like me…..

Now I want you all to look at these garbs worn by Egyptian bedouins who are one of the descendant groups of the ancient Khemetians (Egyptians)…..

She is a light skinned Egyptian and she even look Mexican…. ?

Looka what the traditional garb for Mexican women is…..

The Mexican lady in black is wearing a STRAIGHT AFRIKAN DASHIKI FROM THE MOTHERLAND…..

Say, WHY TF they only show cosplay costume when you search dashiki and not real Africans wearing em….


Alright – here is my take….. Egyptians were the first human beings to come to this planet while being followed by the reptilians.

That explains why ole girl here in the 1 mil year old spaceship (Astuarte) look like an AFRIKAN EGYPTIAN but got red skin – as Native Americans are said to have who have features very similar – and interestingly so – to us…..

Watch this video by Science Insider where he explains if we live on Mars our skin will turn red:

Both them people look black, afro and all huh…..

Here the article since Youtube loves taking truth down:

Looka the ancient Khemetians skin color:

That said, I sense that at some point the Egyptian empire fell to the reps (reptilians) and, succumbing to defeat, we let them oust us!

They used our energy, our pyramids to go and create satellite colonies while importing Khemetians overseas as slave labour……

Hence the Aztecs and the Mayans….. (as well as other parts of the world like the Khmer empire and other zones they dominated)……

To this day they continue the teeth modifications to look like their reptilian slave owners…..

Look at her hair – that is African styled hair….. And she look black, their princess….

Really, Egyptian……

Looka this original Aztec motif, tapestry….. Looka who at the top……

That said, they colonised and made slave human headquarters in many parts of the world where they ruled, with New Orleans being one of em…..

We even got ancient figurines that look like the Khemetian sphinx……

That is why we got the Washitaw indians…..

This fucking Milli Vanilli girl you know it’s true…..

Looka that…. they taking the same stance as the Aztecs in Apocalypto…..

Damn I can put the pieces of a puzzle together….

Another thing, I have heard folks say Lil Wayne looks like Pharoah Ahkenaten…..

Actually Juwanna Man star Miguel A. Núñez Jr. looks like him…..

I brought it up cause I’ve heard RACIST IDIOTS say I look like him (really Lauren Hill) and Lil Wayne’s from New Orleans.

Looking back, as a child my dad did not nickname me “the dirty Mexican” for nothing…..

It all makes sense…..

I wanna add…. a while back two reptilian groups: a brown colored turtle one and a brown colored iguana one (they REALLY be on my ass) who I guess created the Rothschild bloodline came to me to say that I am related to em as I describe here…..


And guess what, they said their names were the D’voreh and the T’chaumpilas (something) which is how Aztec names are spelled…..

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