My Article Calling Crakkkas Evil Yesterday Was Such A Threat They Took My Youtube Channel Down


I take it to mean that when the honkkkies are dissatisfied, I am on the right (war)path.

Hurrah Asè ✊???

Honkkkies can kiss my black ass. Good that you literally kick your ass now just for being you.

That being said, cause white folks own the system – making them a lil more dangerous then the wetback – it is understandable – and expected – for these literal pale demons to use their power in an unfair system tilted alllll the way in their favour to knock us down.

That is why it is important not to rely on their mediums via which to channel our thoughts = energy through.

They get off on knowing that when we use their mediums they can curb and control what we say cause as the Nation of Islam has told with the “story” of Yakub domination and not getting along until subjugating a group is in their nature…..

Let me show you how e-vile white “people” are and the type of rapist creatures that call themselves drawn to black womben (to feed off of our energy and rape us as they did our ancestors)……

This is a literal demon. Honestly I sense NOTHING but evil off those mofo – just pure sociopath, mixed with white male entitlement, no respect for blacks lives or esp black women (I sense that he seeks to dominate and humiliate us and uses sexual relations with us to do this).

This is why, like with here – I HAVE TO throw shit at people…..

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

If I don’t, they will see me as easy prey because I am black and female and not as valued in society because of it.

Another observation I wanna make is I find that people of other races wanna use me as a sycophant for THEIR voices but don’t wanna hear my righteous cries when I call out their bullshit of what they have done to me to cause me my pain.

This is why I got this up here:

I’m so cute with my lil ICE shirt ??

That said these mofos who laugh when I write blogs like this…..

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

Know shit gets real and I don’t apologise for what I fucking say cause their treatment of me shows what I speak as the truth….. and I’ll continue dropping truths on both these wetbacks and crakkkas ??

Now they are gonna take the “crazy crackhead black girl who has her titties” – who they dehumanise on the regular using words – seriously.

And I am not to be bargained with. I do not want no “good whites”, no good wetbacks, none of them coming up to me cause you ain’t gonna like what happens next if you do.

Calling their asses out and being vocal about them is one way I find to keep yourself inaccessible to their predatory hands….


Back to that crakkka. His name is Michael White or Franz Solo has he goes by for his bullshit “muSHIT” channel…..

Here is his pic my black magick sist⭐rs to hit….

– I already sent something his way ????‍♀️?

Here is a comment he left on another video……

That apology – like I want one from any of these demons – is vacuous ass fuck! The thing I read from it is is….. “I am sorry that you are cutting us crakkkas off from having any chance of having access to your pussy (before I made my thoughts known) so please take this dry ass apology – made on the fake “sincere” terms of the superior white man – so that you can return to our deception and back under our control.”

Imma talk about these crakkkas and wetbacks wanting to leech on sexually – then wanting to beat up on black women when we don’t give in like we are men while lusting after our black wombanhood.

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