Just Because I Go Shirtless Does Not Give You The Right To Sexually Harass

Just Because I Go Shirtless Does Not Give You The Right To Sexually Harass

This a fucking shame how women and girls in their culture are fucking treated. Always pissed me off and saddens me…..

I remember when I first started the female shirtless activism they were THE FIRST to get on board cause of how bad they “men” treat them….

That’s why I honest have nothing against them. Their “men” on the other hand…..

I remember one dude said he’d beat his sister for walking shirtless as I do…..

I stand for the womben and girls.

I do what I do for them.

– I am good looking handsome mofo. They call me the vato for a reason and I take great pride in that.

Not no fucking men. The other day some jackass who mistook my shirtless activism for male misogynist titlation had the nerve to keep repeating – like a broken record – how women get jealous (nevermind it is men who hate that I do no gender conform and mainly wetbacks who I get into it with who I had to fight).

That is why I PIMP the living FUCK outta males when they think I am on some sexuslizing bullshit when I do what I do

Males: Do not come up to me on your bullshit or come up to me period cause I will knock your ass out (reason why I lift weights ??‍♀️) and snatch that phone out your hand you take a picture of me with and break it like I did this fool here:


I am bitter towards these males cause these mofos really fucking think that cause I am female – and black – I am supposed to let them victimize me and take advantage and treat me like I am worthless like this asshole here…..

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

I have to be antagonistic towards males for reason. They stand down when they know you will fight back.

Only way to deal with em in the world. I break down how they all are innate predators here. No exceptions. All.

Men Are Innate Predators

I’ll never forget an older sist⭐ told me that mofos in large part hate my ass cause I tell the truth unfiltered and mofos can’t handle it!

There is a method to my madness. There is a reason why I am openly hostile (and quick to curse and assault) any leering mofo stepping into my space, trying to assault me via sexual harassment…..

I do what I do cause of this….



So that I can effect THIS to protect myself…..

Thru fear comes respect and, as a womban – as I will explain later – this seems to be the only route to effect respect from men. Black magic ‘woke helps too ??‍♀️??

I remember one morning a powerful latina (✊?✊? Asè) told her nasty ass husband to back the fuck up when he bypassed 5 open parking spaces to be near my car while going to the food truck – which was only 5 spaces away.

To that, I say Asè ✊?✊? I wish more women were like that.

I try to use my blog to inspire more women to be like that, be like me,instead of being these, as my mom would call it “mealey mouth bitches”, pick me ??‍♀️ morally uprighteous, indignant bitches who try to portray that whole, “See, I ain’t like her (Raven) who walk with her titties out and deserves rape and sexual harassment. It’ll never happen to me cause I am a good girl (that is an example of internalized misogyny).” Oh yeah, mofo…..

This innocent womban was merely changing her clothes and this asshole demon seed comes along to interrupt, bringing his camera…..

Notice the bastard, like this wetback here, gets hyperdefensive when called out on IT’S (this basturd ain’t human cause of what he did) shit!

No, baby girl, this shouldn’t have to be…..

There is a reason why I am militant: militant against males “picking me up” (that’s how they asses compromise strong womyn like me ??), this is why I get sadistic pleasure out of huniliating THE. FUCK outta their asses when they come up to me and try to “ask me out.” Most women are so beat by the patriarchy they fear being assertive out of fear of being labeled “crazy and disagreeable.” Na ah! Not me! I revel in those things cause it brings respect thru fear from males as that is all they understand…. and respect.

It was my younger brother Kristen who was known to bring friends home. It was me who was called “the people repellent” by my family and people, teachers, and administrators at school…..

And I take great pride in it to this day…..


And, before I go into my sermon, let me give you mofos who wanna challenge me a “word of warning”, mistakenly thinking (against your own best interest that cause I am female I am malleable cause you think we are “emotional” – it is really males who are emotional with their high ass testosterone hence why they don’t carry kids)…..

Don’t do that to yourself…..

If I don’t get ya with physical hands I’ll lay spiritual hands thru my own version of black magic I call ‘woke where, as I have seen thru my own eyes, heard from others, has taken lives, sent folks straight to hell…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

I sent one guy who called himself “pursuing me” straight to a mental hospital, had him sering demons, etc.


You can read the rest of my great ‘woke accomplishments here…..

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

I am a woman of my word. I mean what I say. Don’t fuck with me.

That being said, this shit here – I read this last night where a beautiful young lady mery became a target of a cartel simply cause of her looks……


Look! Imma break it down right now. I won’t make this about “wetback, wetback” cause, tho. some cult-ures are worse than others – it happens in EVERY cult-ure: male disrespect of the female aspect of the human species due to womb envy.

This comment here gleaned from an instagram post inadvertently (to the writer’s own chagrin) exposes this…..

As I have said before ad nauseum……

Missy Misdemeanor Ellitot No Man GLOW Proves Men Are NATURAL Energy Vampires

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

Men envy the fact that we got power over creation and thus power over life and death!

Why do you think Santa Muerte is portrayed as female?

During my lsd trip it was shown that women represent both life and death, meaning we are the true Creators:

Acid Trip Shows The Truth About Saturn And Divine Feminine Energy And Wetbacks Stealing The Collective Energy of Blacks Thru Spiritual Deal

It now makes a HELLUVA lot of sense why going back years ago I had visions of being Abaddon, the angel of death and destruction (destruction to the patriarchy and the demiurge):

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

Spiritual Confirmation That I Am Abaddon

It makes perfect sense why I am quick to kill aka abort unwanted fetuses and quickly eat their Souls as I just so did here…..

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

I am actually liberating ya’ll asses…..

I am actually here to free you mofos from this matrix system and that is why I let no man, nobody get in my way and will send your ass straight to hell if you try.

That being said, women the world all over get terrorized for merely being women. We can’t walk out in public without overly thinking if we will get sexually harassed for what we wear or not. I remember back in the old days when I used to wear the make up and weave and blue contacts having incidents upon incidents of attacks – mainly from niggers at the time – for being “exotic looking” at the time (I feel for women who do naturally look like that). I think I now understand why Mexican men can be openly hostile towards black men as I will never forget – deep in the throes of my shirtless rights (I ain’t using the term “topless” as it insinuates a sexual agenda behind why I go shirtless) I painted the breasts of a young latina who was with her boyfriend at the time and some old black ass mayate nigga stood up and started sexually harassing her and yelling that, “If she don’t wanna be harassed she shouldn’t be like that.”

That and another instance where an old mayate, who had the nerve to get aggressively upset when I rejected him by cursing his ass out (yeah, I did it), said, “Well, at least you ain’t gay” when I said I preferred white males.

Women should not have to be pick me’s to avoid sexual violence and culturally normalised misogyny. Womben have the right to go shirtless without mofos thinking we are doing it for them.

Every morning I hear from some of those dumb-dumbs at that food truck gesturing their hands like they are cupping breasts while saying, “I don’t understand why she like that (my openly hostile – and righteously so – reaction) cause she go ‘topless’ – their word not mine.”

It’s cause of your thinking that I am openly hostile and will continue to do so until you learn your lesson.

Men need to learn to respect their Creator. Your Creator is not some creepy white haired man in the sky (known as the demiurge):

Your Creator is your Mother and that is what needs to be taught.

Disrespect for women launches other issues of discrimination like racism (disdain for black men out of fear of loss of white genetic annhilation from white women getting on with black men as explained here)…..

One thing I HATE THE MOST is when males try to use our bodies for their political agendas – for instance the pro life bullshit when they are pushing their anti-nwo (new world order), anti-illuminati shit such as stating that medical technological advancements designed to make life easier for us such as the incubators that will allow women to create babies without having to endure the horrors and traumas of childbirth from which numerous women died from just this last century – all becayse they say it is not natural and is not from “god” the demiurge ??

There was an instagram post on this site here named wokesheep https://www.instagram.com/wokesheeps/ and they were talking about baby incubators which will be used to take the burden of hardship – and risk of death – off of womben from pregnancy and childbirth and these vociferous assholes were voraciously defending the untold loss of life (used to be 50% back in the early 20th century before medical advances) of womben dying in childbirth because their MALE god (the demiurge) said it was ordained.

Now Imma leave ya’ll by saying this. I am bitter motherfucker for a reason and I will stay that way. I just learned from a real good friend (I feel like I have known him all my life and he appreciated I was the only one to stop when he needed a jump) told me of how this lil white girl who goes shirtless at Zuma Beach is treated wayyyyy different than how I am treated: human.

I Finally Freed Myself From Beelzebub Then Fight Ensues

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

– I heard dat ‘woke ‘wokeing on him.

I’m mean for a reason and will continue to be. It is a fucking shame. I have heard people who have talked about me within ear shot shit about then smile in my face opey while expecting me to be stupid – that really grinds my gears – and just go “ah ha” with their deception when I call them out….. I have heard mofos call me a crackhead, this and that – cause I am black – esp. them damn wetbacks (I can’t stand them and break down what they are here)…..

There is a reason why I STAY lashing out, attacking, threatening, ‘wokeing (esp. that – I love it – even for the most meager bullshit ??). I got a great ‘wokeing story coming up…..

I attack mofos. It is called self defense. The other day when drunk I got sexually assaulted (gave old dude a 1 2 4 piece. I don’t play that shit ????). Even mayates don’t treat me right and I saw it that day when that girl went topless here…..


I have said it once before and I will say it again it has always been the way of the world for me to gain mere basic human respect by being a mean mofo and dominating.

I remember as a kid I would get teachers in trouble just to instill fear so I can get respect cause I knew folks would not respect me if I didn’t do it.

It is a crime I am misunderstood and a bigger crime that when I fight back – to defend myself – I am seen as wrong like with yesterday…..

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

This is why I lash out and will continue to attack with rocks, knives, ‘woke you try to take pictures or even approach me about my shirtless activism as I did this couple here….



That’s why I ‘woked that dark cop cause he needs to know. Here he is telling a dude on a youtube channel low key how demons are attacking him now ??

People legit expect me to allow them to victimize me is what I sense and this is why I am antagonistic towards my antagonists, even if they don’t realise they are antagonising.

Not my problem. However you make yourself my problem I will make an example out of you.

That said, in light of thay revelation, Imma get worse, 10x worse.

As I said before, my only way in the world is to be vicious towards people. I sense they know I am “different” on a deeper level and attempt to make themselves feel better by putting me down or trying to dominate me in some way, like calling me crazy when I drop some deep shit and then, like this silverback gorilla ape who I later on ‘woked ✊?? #reptiliansquad

Stalked By A Silverback Ape Named Angeline Alexis

Get pissed off and fucking damn near stalk me for years (up until I ‘woked ✊? ha) just cause I called her out.

I had a mofo who sexually assaulted me recently (who I gave the 1 2 3 4 piece combo to ??) say I shouldn’t go shirtless. Wouldn’t say that about that white girl here who I also heard goes hoeing (yet I bet she ain’t called a hoe like I even though I also get projected upon an image of being masculine – which is placed upon all black women ??‍♀️). It is fucking fucked up and a shame and why I am bitter and got every right to be cause I am treated unfairly and unequal treatment gets to me, makes me rightfully bitter and right to lash out:


Mofos literally come up to me with open hostility in a sexual manner cause they virtually feel entitled to wanna dominate, out of envy, unwarranted fucking fear and intimidation. I’ll never forget when I was a lil child I was told by a black teacher to tone down my energy cause it intimidates them.

Fuck you ??

I used to apologise, erroneously, to people just for being me. Fuck that shit. That is why I live my life unapologetic and no longer apologising. It is said the best life lived is with no regrets ??…..

That is why I close my heart chakra and don’t apologise for being me. Imma talk on that whole sexual assault thing tomorrow.

Peace ?? ??✌? ?? For me.

And don’t park direct behind me – or anywhere – to leer cause Imma stomp ya ??‍♀️?? and your loved ones.

Have a good day.

And peace to Aileen Wuornos.


She did the right thing. I am thinking of doing the same…..

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