Fruit Vendor On Landside of PCH Takes Pics Videos of Me And Young Girls And Shows To Male Clients

Fruit Vendor On Landside of PCH Takes Pics Videos of Me And Young Girls And Shows To Male Clients

****Update**** Just today this mofo posted his sign – ordinarily it’s by the rv next to me – wayyyy past me so he can make it look like he innocent but I know wtf is up and he didn’t have that mofo by there yesterday – plus it is a bad spot to gain visibility to acquire customers…..


Caught this mofo walking away just as I peeped him walking around my fucking minivan…..


I have caught this mofo on a coupla occassions taking pics and vids of me and other young girls at the beach – in some cases like young kids, like teens – and then showing them off to male clients who go to his fruit vendor thing, which is the main basis behind why I have gone off on him in the past like here…..

Beaner Bag ILLEGAL Fruit Seller Talks Shit About Me Then Gaslights When I Confront

I really don’t like this mofo. He strikes me as the type of person who is the type of sexual predator who he hunts who he perceives to be weaker than him. He will then indignantly and aggressively gaslight them by acting like they are wrong and then have the nerve to get upset when they call him out! And that reeally pisses me off. He figures since folks call me “crazy” that gives him carte blanche to do whatever he wants but I am crazy like a fucking fox and that is the part of “crazy” people don’t get when they deal with me.

I wish I could do more but the courts got my hands tied. I hope someone else can step to the plate. As you can hear in the video he spat at me (I didn’t feel anything on me) but you can hear a spat sound come from out of his mouth).

People like this need to be confronted. In my opinion worse. I have seen him pull out his cellphone then start showing pics to clients with one guy cupping his hands as if he were holding breasts indicating his showing pictures of myself and other young ladies, and young girls out here. This mofo is a sexual pervert and predator and his microexpressions as can be seen in the vod give away that and that he is a liar who will indignantly lie when confronted cause to him being a sexual predator is right!

This a sick mofo who needs to be taken off the streets and hopefully out of this world.

As a rape survivor and a very strong womban who has dealt with a lot of male entitlement and bullshit from them – and fights back – this really gets to me. How dare he chooses me to prey on or any other female out there. Women and girls also should be able to dress how we want – even get naked – and not get sexually harassed by men. I ain’t down with slut shaming and thus rape culture.

Something needs to be done about him. This really pisses me off to no end…..

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