Perfect Example of How The Demiurge Operates As Seen Thru The Actions of A HypoChristian

Perfect Example of How The Demiurge Operates As Seen Thru The Actions of A HypoChristian

Before I begin, I wanna drop another wise saying I have learned thru my healing period and it is this: To the idiots last night who were harassing me – drunkenly – to get me out my minivan so you could “see” me – let me say I never cast pearls before swine.

I don’t talk to people now who I sense are beneath me – but I will fuck your ass up if you fuck with me or my shit.

Now, continuing on to the main topic at hand…..

I want you to read and watch this string of negativity coming from a conventional “christian.”

Note how she goes back and forth to proselytize against myself – who just innocently disagreed with her on a topic – and judge on transgenders yet…… there she is, parading around and embracing a song about random fucking and nakedness which for a hypochristian she is supposed to be against.

Here is her Youtube channel:

Now, this mentality I can’t stand…..

This a certified house-heaux. Bitch, get your own!

I can’t STAND codependent, needy women (and people like her in general) who wait for a man to come do for her what she could be doing on her own. It’s sad and sickening and very infuriating.

Already she giving me Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction vibes like with the killing Michael Douglas’s daughter’s pet rabbit scene if you were to leave her….

That’s that bitch allll the wayyyyy……..

Fucking trash…..

This lady is just trash to me. Pure unadulterd trash ?

She’s obnoxious, annoying, phoney, hypocritical – just the total antithesis of everything I am.

I can’t stand people like that.

I hate phony, fake deceivers.

Now, with that said, people like her are not real christians.

I am a real christian.

See, in the early (true) church you had the gnostics, like me, who, with teachers like Yashuah Ben Pendira (whose life story was stolen to create the mythos of HEY-Zeus christ [aka Krishna] aka popularly known as “jesus christ”) who, in the same vein of Buddha and Krishna, taught that the true God is within you (Sol = Soul = Sun ?) which the basterdized new testament buy-bull blatantly let you know is true by saying, “The Temple of God is within You” = Your Soul!

Then you had Arianism, which I guess talk about wide supremacy (I dunno), Marcionism, which talked about the marconi radio (again, I don’t know), and Montanism which talked about the preachings of Montana.

Now, I have spoken – ad nauseum – on the nature of the demiurge here:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Moving Closer To Defeating The Demiurge

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

This. Actually more accurately this…..

Is what the christians, muslims and all other spiritual systems like voodoo, santeria, palo mayombe war-ship when they talk on an external god.

It’s that ☝?

As John Lerma’s book explains….

A man who had a near death experience explained that, after he had come back, how he went to the Source (the true God and realm of harmony from whence our Souls come from) to going thru a tube where he mets an old grey haired man who looks like your stereotypical “god” and also like the Colonel Sanders looking Architect from The Matrix:

… which the demiurge explained that he keeps us in a state on Earth and in the 3D realm in a 66% state of negativity and 33% positivity so he can feed off of our Souls via the negative experiences (also called “loosh”) and then give us false hope via the 33% (note that number in numerology) positive experiences so we will choose to incarnate here again so it can feed off of our Souls by being entrapped in the bodies it creates to imprison our Souls, much like as conveyed in The Matrix:

This is why “christians” who war-ship that are so full of seeming hypocrisy and do shit that contradicts what they are supposed to represent (just as their buy-bull contradicts itself allll the time) because, in the vein of what they war-ship, they are influenced by it to carry out it, the demiurge’s true intentions which the guy in John Lerma’s book explains.

Report From Iron Mountain conveys this as well. Interesting read…..

Before Pizzagate: The Coverup of The Report From Iron Mountain

That being said, when I have come across esp. glassy eyed “christians” I sense possession by the demiurge in em.

This is why I am quite certain churchs are fraught wrought with possessing, evil spirits that like to control while parading as “good”, just as the biblically accurate angels article I wrote here conveys…..

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

….Why they teach you that opening your chakras is a sin and killed folks for it like during the Salem Witch Trials and Grand Inquisition…..

Because “god” wants you to remain ignorant that you are THE True God since Sol = Soul = Sun ?

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