LAPD Called on Me For Walking Around Topless by Irate Neighbor

Anyways, in this goodie but oldie (well, not that old, circa 2014 last month, actually, two months ago!!) I had my first taste of having the po po called on me in the form of an irate neighbor of mine – who you will see in the tape – calling the police on me for **wait for it** WEARING PASTIES! Ain’t that insane! I hit the pleasure chest the day before (awesome store btw) to get em! Here is what happened:

The two officers who I met, Officer Kouvelis (who is quite cute and nice btw πŸ˜‰ I even gave him a hug :D) was very nice and cordial and advised me that I had the RIGHT to wear my damn pasties (serves that douchebag right for demanding and I don’t wear them and moralizing the whole time despite having presumably 4 kids OUT OF WEDLOCK while being a “HYPO-christian”!) Kouvelis, to my personal opinion, almost seemed like he would be OKAY if I were to go “fully topless” – sans any pasties at all and nipples free πŸ˜‰

I don’t know why such a big deal was made about them that day. All I know is that I am thankful that the cops were cool but the subsequent harassment by OTHER cops – well, that will follow soon, videos and all, including false arrests and detainment at the hands of such characters as Officer Timothy Estevez (badge no. 41400) and Sgt. Morse (badge No. 26150).

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