Madonna and Her Bandage Draped Dress

Isn’t this a damn shame:

I'm not complaining or shaming and censoring, too!
I’m not complaining or shaming and censoring, too!

Well, Madonna wanted to go in this “outfit”: what is so obscene about the breasts, you say! Why is it that Anne Wintour of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art decides that this is “obscene”? Yes, I am quite certain for a gala of that calibre (one that takes precedence with rick folk, especially the rich and the snooty) walking in with ANY sort of bare chest – even male – would be “offensive”, dare say? However, in this case, it was unanimously and paciferously slammed for her being female and baring breast: why?


That is the question I ask whenever I see stuff like this in the media! Why the censoring of her breasts WHEN IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE SHOWN: Case in point, No. #1 below:


Donnie Walhberg Topless 1


The DailyMail.Uk did not make a big deal about Donnie Walhberg’s chest here: Donnie Walhberg featured in Daily Mail UK Shirtless or here:

Donnie Walhberg Topless 2
Why aren’t they censoring HIS nipples??

Why aren’t the censoring HIS CHEST?? His nipples!? The attitude may lay in age old centuries Eurocentric ideals and morals about the femail form and the female body, the tempestuous mode of shame that surrounds the age old myth of the whore vs the madonna, the unlcean, unpurified womyn who “shows” her titties instead of, as opposed to the one who “hides” them like a good womyn should, as they do in other indo Eurocentric societies such as India or Iran where thy slut shame and taunt womyn, even through law, just as they do here: that if womyn don’t wear a bra, if they don’t wear something to cover up their titties (or as in the case of Saudi Arabia or Iran where womyn can’t even DRIVE), if they don’t cover themselves up, then they are open to the tempestuous whims of any lurking man who wants them. Meanwhile, the so called “uncivilized” Africans live in peace with the breasts and the open body (until unpurified by white HYPOCHRISTIAN society):



Why is that?

Here is why it is what it is:

We live in a society in which teaches that, in order for a womyn to avoid RAPE!!! She must cover up at all costs: she must NOT evince her whole body so as she does, she is deserving of RAPE!! This is the type of mentality with take up in our eurocentric society that is obsessed with the covering and shaming of breasts: the very ones that gave ALL of us LIFE!


Why is that? Well, the query is to uniquely deep to ponder here, but, in the meantime, take a look at this and other startling images by madonna, the queen of trailblazing and an Euroecentric sister (in spirit) of mine for all the open doors she made for womyn sexually, which goes at the heart of (and hit at the heart of the patriarchy), which is a consolidated effort to suppress femail sexual whims for men’s reproductive benefit, a la femail genital mutilation:


Madonna Rock the Boat
One of my favs of Madonna here


Here is one of her racy outfits that would be considered tame by today's standards: Lady Gaga Anyone?
Here is one of her racy outfits that would be considered tame by today’s standards: Lady Gaga Anyone?
I LOVE this outfit, but the one with golden jewels on t(was it golden jewels) ROCK!!
I LOVE this outfit, but the one with golden jewels on it (was it golden jewels) ROCK!!


Here is my fav again:

Madonna Rock the Boat

Wish I could afford it (that outfit that is, lol!!!)


And here is genital female mutilation, not so easy on the eyes, huh?

female genital mutilation


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