My Experience being Female and Topless in L.A.

Here, in this video, as you shall see (and hear) here:

I walked around topless in L.A. that day 3/16/2014.

I also talked about it in another video, here:

After my experience of being arrested by what I presume to be two racist cops, Ofcrs. Morrow (badge No. 38519) and Noble (badge No. 36691).

In my experiences, not ONCE was I street harassed (I had people gawking and staring, but seeing a womyn topless in L.A. is an unusual sight indeed), not once was I TOUCHED (I usually get these reactions when I am COVERED, not when I am topless) or had any violence committed against me due to my gender for being female and topless…

Alot of the machinations in place in Arabic cultures where they tell the womyn steadfastly to “cover up” lest they be harassed (which still happens, as you can read here: ) where womyn are told to profusely COVER UP to “protect themselves” from male patriarchists stares and gazes.

My experiment, as well as the experiment of Moira Johnston in NY confirms:

YOU WILL NOT BE ATTACKED FOR BEING TOPLESS; matter of fact, it is the OPPOSITE reaction I have been getting; people avoid me out of “politeness” or, as they are taught, not to stare at a womyn’s breasts cause they are obscene.

As to why the female breasts are deemed as topless, I don’t know why, but in another article, I will articulate there more.

As for now, I can only hand you my EXPERIENCES with being topless and it was ALL GOOD cause no problems were to be had, as opposed to when I am wearing clothes, that is when all hell (sexism, racism, hoot hoot, stares, wolf whistles, break loose) goes and anything goes just being a female simply covered and not nude (at least topless 😉

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