The Male Gaze, Sexual Harassment and Toplessness

Just today, I was walking around L.A. topless- well, honestly, I can’t say topless as I am wearing pasties on top – and I was struck by the sound of a cat call – wolf whistle, which is highly unusual for me to get while walking around “topless” from who I presumed to be the bus driver – who I cussed out accordingly and started filming on tape, of which you can see down below (thank goodness I am no longer on Youtube and have to worry about my vids getting taken down for so called “terms of use” violations – I am free to be me and say what-ever in the FUCK I WANNA SAY, YEEEHAW….HI-YOOOO) in which I went OFF on his ass for doing that!

Because I am not a dog, a cat, a thing to be whistled at! Would he want someone yelling at or wolf whistling at his mama, treating her less than a dog would be treated, DEHUMANIZING HER LIKE THAT, LIKE I PRESUMED HE DID TO ME! I just don’t understand why guys don’t make the correlation between the whore virgin complex – I mean, between womyn they meet out on the streets AND their mothers – must BE the whore virgin complex then 🙁 Anyways, I shouted back and it got me thinking….

I started thinking back to an article I read (I will find it when I can) in which a womyn said that the female body, the female form is only meant for the male PLEASURE in our hyper patriarchist, male dominant, white male dominant society – which leaves WHY womyn have been taught over the years to cover up, that our bodies “tempt men” inherently on their own and that men can’t “help themselves” – so thus it is up to us to control them as well by covering up as much as we can – which lead me to think…

Maybe all this street harassment is designed to “maintain” the subjugating roles between male and female in our society, with the men dominating on top and the cat calls and wolf whistles being used to mark the territory of the public nature – where freedom resides; freedom to ride the bus, take a car, go to work – as being the domicile of men so that men can take way our right progress by scaring us through one cat call/ wolf whistle at a time…

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