Rapist Still Working At Public Works March 29 2022

Rapist Still Working At Public Works March 29 2022

Man, I’m frustrated and don’t know what the fuck to do…..

Head of LA County Public Works Security Hangs Up When Telling Him About Rape By Employees

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

I remember this mofo came out the work truck, grabbed me by the neck with his arm looped around it, licked my ear, felt me up, then put two fingers into his mouth and put it in my vagina then yelled at the black guy, “Do you have a condom?”

I don’t let shit go……

Glad that, unlike him, I kept my hands to myself 🤜🏻👊🏻

I just heard him mention, “Imma fuck her up.” Please, bitch, come over on company time. PLEASE!

I’m frustrated. Something gotta be done and the cops won’t do shit:

When I told the detective – the same one I heard in jail mentioned here who said that “he wanted me gone” and to do a “release and catch” on me – that the guy is here he sent a gentlemen who deals with mental health and homelessness to address me…..

The crazy thing is – I SAW this shit coming…..

Gangstalkers Who Use Witchcraft To Attack You

As described in there, about a day ago, I had an astral vision as I call them where I was walking down the street but it was in a cityscape. A mexican dude who was a construction worker deliberately with his penis sticking out. I grabbed him and held him down so cops would come. His construction worker friends then came and surrounded me and told me to “let him go” while defending him. I recall trying to find my cellphone in the scuffle but couldn’t. Later on my cellphone – and keys – were returned to me in one of those itemized bags cops return to prisoners when they are released (that was symbolic for my getting arrested).

A favourite tarot card reader of mine predicted this early this morning:

I recall in the astral vision going to my mother, attornies and everyone laughing at me, rejecting me.

It was a very terrible experience to deal with in the “dream world.”

That said I recall going to sleep in my childhood bed, and just, being emotionally sunk in deep by all the rejection. Then I felt an invisible presence right next to my bed. I was saying, “I want to avenge what was done to me.” I then felt this entity try to attach to the back of my neck and I said I don’t and did not give permission to make a deal with you.

That said, I was feeling GREAT early this morning up until I saw him, reminding me of the weaknesses and the many times I, in a weakened, vulnerable state got attacked. It kills me. It fucks with my head. It fucks with my Soul. It fucks with me spiritually.

But, also as I did in the vision I gotta remember that there is a very evil, malevolent force that conspired to create this situation so it could come back. One that I already JUST had gotten rid of…..

A Curse Has Finally Been Lifted

I already felt a whirring on my crown chakra where that thing used to sit, creating chaos in my life and pretending to be the “helper” that would pull me out.

My cards even “accidentally” came out like this when I moved my leg in my van:

This mofo – that “king of cups” – the invisible demon as seen through my astral vision conspired this event to be.

That is the one (think about it, “king of cups” 🍷) that had me mired stuck in a morass of drinking urges, which led to situations like this so that I will be too traumatised – repeatedly traumatised – to heal and to ascend:

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

This is the same one who – after adjusting my hearing towards the ether – said, “I hate her cause she got too much light in her” in this rickety voice and then saying, “I am gonna always follow her…..”

Folks via tarot cards been saying that an entity has been following me that’s jealous and is seeking to destroy and undermine me at every turn.

This is why I teach that you can’t just look at mundane physical factors but you have to look into the spirit realm to see what is really going on.

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