Head of LA County Public Works Security Hangs Up When Telling Him About Rape By Employees

Head of LA County Public Works Security Hangs Up When Telling Him About Rape By Employees

His name is Fabian De La Rosa of the Human Resources department and here is his number 626-556-3344…..

When I let his ass know thru text that I was gonna drop his phone number unless shit gets done he tried calling back…

The first lady I made contact with there wasn’t even involved and her – the emotion in her voice – sends me chills…..

It’s pissing me off what’s happening with this case and me and my friend both knew there was someone on the inside hindering it and dropping dimes on inside moves detectives could be making…..

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

I been noticing they been placing this black CHP who’s an asshole – I could tell – over there to protect em….

Here he was a coupla weeks ago. His name is Hines…..

And another time…..

Then recently last week this fake ass khazar hymie jew tries to attack me cause I went over there to get a better view to see if one of those dudes was one of the dudes in the attack pictured below….

Turns out it wasn’t. And here the fake jew working for public works making a grand appearance…..

This looks like and might be the brother who tried to help me that day….. I use a cellphone to see from a distance cause my vision ain’t all that great…..

And this car here WITNESSED what happened. Imma get their license plate next time I see em….

Imma keep trying. I feel like shit on the spiritual plane – out of spite and jealousy – is hindering shit each time I wanna put this info out there.

I can’t let people get away with shit.

Say, if any of you out there got tape of the incident please contact me at [email protected] Thanks ✌🏻

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