My Looks Done Improved After Breaking Free of Twin Flame Archon Oppression

My Looks Done Improved After Breaking Free of Twin Flame Archon Oppression

It’s crazy cause last night – in the astral – I was picking out clothes to wear for a family trip (I was in my teens). I was gonna pick this black top/short skirt ensemble with thigh boots but…. then it changed to white tank top, cowboy like boots with two big pieces of turquoise jewelry – shaped like a mirror with iron circling it – on my left knee and long turqouise colored stockings and a white cowboy boot on my right. I wore a silk turqouise colored shawl around my neck.

My mom then told me that I am coming into my spiritual powers.

After that one, I had another where squidward/ Thanh Nguyen just kept sending shit my way, saying I can’t break free from “god” which reminds me of this subliminal I got over the weekend when I started the process of breaking free……

Twin Flames Are Archon Saboteurs Meant To Keep Soulled People Down And How To Break Free of Them

Because I detached myself literally from that toxic chord, my looks have been improving and you see how I REALLY look…..

Damn they sell some big ass steaks at Smart and Final (this was $11 I think) and I look DAMN goodt eating it…..

Why the 99 Cents store selling voodoo dolls now. I’m from New Orleans I know one when I see one…..

As said in the above blog about the truth of twin flame situations there is a book you have to ask your third eye to show you that will be the mainstay that anchors the connection between you and all this bullshit and you have to send a flame to burn it and you’ll see all sorts of entities, people, events literally bursting out of it as you free it. You want it to be where there is nothing but ashes and then your job is done and you’ll feel a difference…..

I did this to the sacrificial head – both – that was in charge of my timeline, including that fake one that came along when squidward came around and let me tell you hell broke ALL LOOSE last night…..

I had entities, zombie like entities, other sacrificial heads, dark tentacled blob like creatures, tree monsters, a stalking light skinned black dude who looked like former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin (he also looked like the fucker I ‘woked on the pch awhile back) and I DEFEATED THEM ALL!

Strange thing is – a spirit looking like Chris Farley who keeps popping up in the astral I think was behind the shit and I think I think – based on my third eye (he looked human and not that bad) – the new partner who supppsed to be paired with me as he popped up last week as a truck driver looking to have sex with me (nothing happened cause I came back to).

See, that’s the thing – when you try to consummately break free of the matrix such as my cutting off the sacrificial heads these things OBSESSIVELY send shit your way to force you to “link up with” so as to hold you down.

That’s why I don’t fuck with spirit guides, “angels” who are also demons, because it’s all a ruse, a deception to keep you stuck in the matrix.

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