I Finally Rescued My Brother From The Demon Reptilian Holding Him Hostage

I Finally Rescued My Brother From The Demon Reptilian Holding Him Hostage

– Whoa, squidward got the reptilian eyes…..

I could kick myself in the ass because I now realise (realEYES) that, because I got into satanism at a young age to rectify what I felt was a mistake (I wanted DESPERATELY to go back in time and change the high school I attended)…..

This resulted in an entity that has followed me all my life, an ugly shapeshifting entity that in it’s original form looks like squidward (going back to 2016 a Seer described this thing to a T, saying it was a demon of destruction):

I first encountered it at age 15 when, not knowing what I was doing, did a ritual to “summon satan” in which I then had an extremely vivid “dream” – I think out of body experience – in which there was a being following me in the den of my childhood home.

I was petrified to look back and see how it look.

Ever since this thing has wreaked havoc in my life – causing what I thought was the kundalini awakening but was really this thing’s first attempt at possession in which it was causing me to feel emotions that weren’t mine, accept other’s negative emotions into me, and orchestrating events designed to undermine me – such as the chemistry teacher, also a purported satanist, to tell me to “drop the English accent” which broke my connection to my inner self, which was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back in a long line of bullying by students and teachers alike which I talked about here.

What she said should not have affected me the way it did!

That said, this long protracted battle against this entity that was waging war thru and in my inner body resulted in many lost opportunities, broken friendships, bad luck and alot, alot of trauma.


After the shaman had rescued my brother from the underworld which you can hear here:

….I had this very same manipulative entity, operating in me, lead me to where my brother was after having induced a drunk urge within me and grabbing my brother and bringing him to his realm where entities, lost Souls where tearing him apart, as described here:

Archon Attacks And Could My Brother Have Been Turned Into A Reptilian

Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

I’ll never forget waking up and hearing half a body squirming on the roof of my van one morning and feeling helpless to do anything…..

That said, the other night, I had a “dream” or as I call astral vision as they are too vivid to be dreams.

Too real.

That said, it seemed I had moved into a funeral home in the La Felìz area of L.A. I remember seeing the street Broadway and Tchoupitoulas Street, a street in New Orleans which is where I’m from.

I also recall being near the Iberville Projects, a project neighborhood in New Orleans.

I recall while there I saw someone named Pinky who I know in waking life who warned me as per the rules to “not stay up when the lights go out” and something about “if I hear knocks or see a ghost don’t interact.”

There was a guy who worked in embalming who looked like the lead singer from the early 00’s band Disturbed and I saw the owner, I think an older white man.

I then recall having sex with an old college classmate named Nathan – who was a psyche major who had a crush on me – whom I had a baby girl with (I’ve heard of folks having ghost kids in the astral).

That said, I recall walking thru an area that was an EXACT REPLICA of the old dining room we had – complete with a conquistadora and all. I saw thru the black mirror this ugly entity that has been harassing me all my life. It changed from it’s original squidward form – translucent almost pale vericosed vein’d skin and pop out eyes – into this translucent, pale version of Eddie Munster looking werewolf creature (I’ve seen those ALOT in my astral visions lately). It was in the old cupboard whose glass had changed to black. I asked what is going on with my brother and I saw a cigarette head, his form kept changing.

I then threw this demon to the ground. It was wearing a suit. It yelped, “Why do you hate me so much.”

It is the hissing entity I finally realize I had been hearing all along.

I awoke and notice folks coming closer to me, which I don’t like. My back no longer felt “heavy” as if I was dragging something on it. They call it “a witch on your back.”

It then reattached. Before I felt like my TRUE old self as I did before that chemistry teacher said what she said, my White Self as I have stated here:

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

I felt whole. I felt like me again. I felt happy.

That shit then took it away by reattaching to my back.

Last night – I saw in my cards I would defeat it for once and for all and rescue my baby brother out the hellhole he was trapped in.

I then prayed on to my rainbow quartz crystals my intentions……

Weird how the second one doesn’t have the streak coming out unlike when I set my fingers out…..

That said, I saw thru my third eye – after I had finally removed it from out of me (it was the VERY THING causing the throat chakra constriction I thought came from that chemistry teacher saying “drop the English accent”) – my brother and me LEAVING this thing’s body while it pulled in other Souls back into it.

It reminds me of the Freddy Krueger scene where Freddy had all those Souls bursting out of him at the end:

It’s sad what I see in them realms…..

I now realize that motherfucker created the alternate consciousness that had me rejecting ME and hating ME!

Now I – and my brother – are finally free.

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